ID@Xbox: Lifeless Planet and Schrödinger's Cat land on Xbox One

Stage 2 Studios is bringing Lifeless Planet to the ID@Xbox party. Lifeless Planet is a third person action adventure game, with an emphasis on mystery and intrigue.

Team 17 has partnered up with Italic Pig to bring Schrödinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark to Xbox One. As the title suggests, Schrödinger's Cat is a puzzle platformer all about quantum mechanics.

Lifeless Planet

Lifeless Planet is an action adventure with puzzle elements. You play as an American astronaut, tasked to charter potentially habitable worlds in a one-way mission. The planet described in the title, reportedly teeming with life, turns out to be a barren waste land - at least for the most part. Littered throughout are Russian settlements, sporting Soviet-era trappings - raising all sorts of questions. Is the mission a hoax? Does light speed travel result in bending reality? All these questions and more await answering in Lifeless Planet, which takes cues from sci-fi classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris.

Key features:

  • Explore 20 unique and atmospheric environments on a vast and treacherous planet.
  • Follow a mysterious young woman as she guides you past dangerous terrain and deadly life-forms.
  • Investigate the startling discovery of an abandoned Russian town.
  • Experience an exciting and intriguing story through rich graphics and cinematic cut-scenes.

Buy Lifeless Planet on the Xbox Store (£15.99 / $19.99) (opens in new tab)

Schrödinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark

Raiders of the Lost Quark is a frenetic puzzle-platformer all about quantum physics, developed by Italic Pig and published by indie outfit Team 17. Schrödinger's Cat has been drafted in to find out what went wrong at the Particle Zoo, a physics theme park that seems like it was more trouble than it was worth. All sorts of sub atomic particles are now run amok, creating all sorts of entropic chaos. Its up to you to battle the wayward quanta, and find out exactly how they escaped.

Key features:

  • 7 frustrating environments!
  • 9 overly chatty and annoying characters!
  • 11 Particle-Based Baddies!
  • 14 Quark Combos!
  • Nonsensical task-based gameplay!
  • A satisfying climax that only clever people will be able to enjoy properly!

Buy Schrödinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark on the Xbox Store (£7.19 / $9.99) (opens in new tab)

As a fan of old school sci-fi flicks I find Lifeless Planet to be particularly intriguing. Raiders of the Lost Quark should be a good outing for fans of puzzle platformers as well. Perhaps my backlog isn't be so huge in another quantum reality.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Gonna have to get Lifeless Planet. Looks way too interesting not to.
  • Agreed. I like the mystery. Though I do find $20 too much for an indie game. Maybe when it gets discounted
  • No one cares how much you would or would not pay for some indie-hipster-skinny jeans games. Thanks for the commenting on a native advertisement.
  • Hmm so because he doesn't play COD he's some kind of hipster? I've likely been gaming since before the best part of you ran down your fathers leg and I can easily say indie games are far more entertainment for the money you pay for them. So go troll elswhere.
  • What is it that you're trying to say precisely? As a passionate gamer, I do have to say that $20 (1/3 of a game) is still too much for an unproven indie game. Games can be good but in the end you invest with your money first. If a credible source tells me that something is too expensive, then I will decide not to invest. Simple.
    You might say no one cares but you cared enough to post a comment. Have a nice day.
  • I paid the whatever it cost in English money. Not regretting it so far. In fact I just missed lunch because I lost track of time playing it.
  • Glad to hear you're enjoying the game. I'll grab it on its first discount or if we're lucky enough, it might get the Games with Gold treatment. Have fun!
  • We get it, $20 is clearly too much for you to spend. That's fine. However chastising others for paying full price for something they will enjoy is stupid. You should be thanking people who are willing to pay the asking price. Without them a lot of items would not be available.
  • Does anyone read comments here or do you all have selective vision? There's a difference between something being too expensive for ME or too expensive for ITSELF! If I believe a game is worthy of the amount it is charged for, I will buy it whether it is $20, $25, $30 or $60. On this occasion, I just don't believe the game justifies its price tag and someone else confirmed that.
    That said, this community is slowly becoming toxic. Stop being aggravated and stop aggravating others out of nowhere.. If I can't state my opinion which I'm trying to present in a civilized and objective manner, then what the fuck am I doing here and where are we going as a community?
    This is not directed solely at you but anyone who shares the same views. You should not have replied to me unless you had something to say about the game.
  • You seem upset.
  • Don't buy it for $20. It really isn't worth the price.
  • Yes, interesting
  • Want id@xbox games for PC too. Pwetty pweease
  • It's already been announced. Id@Xbox is coming to Windows 10, PC and phone.
  • And Surface Hub?
  • Lifeless planet sounds cool, but I rather read a book about it than play a game
  • Schrödinger's cat!
  • +
  • Stop releasing games. I'll have to sell my mother.
  • You must have little taste in games. There are more types of games then first person shooters or whichever you play.  I enjoy the change in pace of an afordible id game vrs playing 100 for the top game and all addons. Bring on more games... The more the better this is what xbox needs to compeate with the others.
  • Guess you missed Zappela's joke. He/She was implying that there are too many good games coming out and will have to sell his/her mother to be able to afford them all. Has nothing to do with taste or the FPS genre.
  • I was hoping Schrodinger's Cat would tell me whether or not there's a dead cat in my Xbox.
  • There is
  • or is there?
  • It's both, so I guess my comment should've been "yes" but I wasn't fully awake lol.