Windows 11 Notification ActionSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has a bug bash to help find issues with Windows 11.
  • Insiders can earn achievements by completing tasks, such as customizing the Start menu.
  • After the bug bash is over, achievements will appear in the Feedback Hub.

The Windows Insider Program isn't just about trying out new features before they're released. That's a benefit of being an Insider, but the main purpose of the program is for Microsoft to receive feedback on its operating systems, including the new Windows 11.

To get specific feedback, Microsoft has a bug bash with questions in the Feedback Hub. These help Microsoft see how the OS responds to a set of actions, such as customizing the Start menu or enrolling a fingerprint with Windows Hello.

Many of the quests are for actions you likely have already done if you're testing Windows 11, including snapping windows on your desktop or updating your settings. Other quests, such as installing a progressive web app on Microsoft Edge or testing out the new tablet rotation animation, might be things that aren't part of people's normal workflow.

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Windows 11 Bug BashSource: Windows Central

After the bug bash is complete, you'll earn achievements based on the quests that you've completed. You can participate in Microsoft's bug bash through the Feedback Hub if you're already running Windows 11. If you aren't, you can follow our guide on how to get the first public preview build of Windows 11.

Windows Insider BadgesSource: Windows Central

Bug bashes and achievements aren't new to the Windows Insider Program. I don't do quests that often, but I have some badges like "Founding Member," which I obtained by enrolling in the Insider Program within its first year. They're a nice way to show off how active you are as an Insider.