"Plantronics Voyager" is a name that dates back a long time, back before true wireless earbuds were a thing and Bluetooth headsets became all the rage and then just as quickly became reviled. Then they were redeemed in the eyes of the world thanks to AirPods and similar such devices. Tech is weird. The Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth headset is the most recent in a long line of great products, and today it's down to $82.15. That's just a few bucks above the lowest price we've ever seen and a huge discount from the $105 price it was going for in late August.

Plantronics Voyager

Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth headset

If you spend a lot of time on the phone, and you do so in noisy environments, then this is a headset you need. The Bluetooth headset gives you the flexibility to move around and take care of other things, and the technology in this one makes sure that your voice is the only audio the other side hears.

The Voyager 5200 is one of the most popular Bluetooth headsets around and for good reason. It is designed for the type of person who spends a whole lot of time on the phone but could get so much more done if their hands were free for other tasks. It's not even necessarily something you need to use on the go, but think about how much more typing and processing you could do on the computer if you didn't have to hold a smartphone or office phone to handle your business.

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The Bluetooth audio quality depends on three mics, Digital Signal Processing, and wind canceling technology. It essentially eliminates all background noise, so the only thing the person on the other line hears is your beautiful voice. No wind, no office chatter, no subways roaring down the tunnel.

The Voyager 5200 has a battery life that can go for up to seven hours of talk time. Plus, the Bluetooth connection can let you roam up to 98 feet away.

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