Keep an eye out with 30% off Eufy's SoloCam E20 security camera

Eufy Solocam E20
Eufy Solocam E20

The Eufy Security SoloCam E20 outdoor security camera is down to $69.99 at Amazon. In order to get it that low you need to clip the $10 off on-page coupon, then use the code EUFY8130 during checkout. That will take a total of $30 off the price, which is a crazy good deal if you consider the camera has only been around for about a month or so. It's still going for $100 at other retailers like Walmart.

Not everyone needs a million cameras all connected to some home base that you can coordinate like you're a NASA engineer. Sometimes you just need one security camera to watch over a blind spot or keep an eye on the shed in the backyard or something like that. That's where the SoloCam E20 comes in. It's not part of some larger 20-piece kit. It's just a camera that's wire free and capable of going just about anywhere.

With the SoloCam E20 you get 1080p video recording so everything is crystal clear. It's also smart enough to send you alerts when it detects stuff. The built-in A.I. can be alerted by people and let you know, and it's smart enough to tell the difference between a cat and a human or a piece of litter blowing in the wind.

This is a decent enough indoor camera, but you can also use it outdoors if you want. For one thing, being completely wireless means it doesn't need to be placed near an outlet. It's also IP65 rated, which means it won't be damaged by rain or dust or anything like that.

John Levite
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