Lenovo unveils new Thinkpad products at CES 2015

Lenovo has today announced a series of new Windows 8.1 products for its Thinkpad line at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. The range topper is this, the Thinkpad X1 Carbon which is one of the lightest 14-inch Ultrabooks in the world, built partly to celebrate 100 million Thinkpad products sold in Lenovo's 22 year history with the line.

The X1 Carbon will start at $1249, boasts a new precision keyboard, a Carbon Fiber cover, a FHD or WQHD display option, 256GB and 512GB PCIe SSD drives and 4G LTE options with Intel's 5th generation Core i processors underneath.

Besides the X1, Lenovo is also announcing a bunch of other Thinkpad laptops at different spec and price points. New additions to the L, W and T series will be available – as with the Thinkpad X1 – beginning in February. All will be running the latest 5th Generation Intel Core i processors.

The unveils don't end there, either. Lenovo has also introduced the Thinkpad Stack, a series of stackable add-ons that include a 1TB USB 3.0 hard drive, a wireless access point, a Bluetooth speaker and a power bank. All are detachable and with the pogo pin design can transfer data between them, too. Prices start at $49.99 for the power bank rising to $199.99 for the wireless access point and hard drive.

We'll be spending some better time with all of the new Thinkpad products later on this week live from Las Vegas, so stay tuned for that. For now, check out the full press release below.

Lenovo Unveils Latest ThinkPad X1 Carbon to Celebrate One Hundred Millionth ThinkPad

After twenty two years and one hundred million units, Lenovo unleashes newest ThinkPad Portfolio Introducing gorgeous ThinkVision X24 monitor and ThinkPad Stack mix and match accessories

LAS VEGAS – January 4, 2015: PC computing leader Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) today announced, at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show, the cutting edge ThinkPad 2015 product portfolio. Featuring the latest generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon, the world's lightest 14 inch performance ultrabook, the iconic brand celebrates one hundred million units shipped and continues to build on its unique heritage enjoyed by loyal and passionate fans around the world. Lenovo wants to take this opportunity to thank all users of ThinkPad over the past two decades.

"Since the original ThinkPad 700, ThinkPad engineers have continued to drive innovation by making each new ThinkPad better than the last. Reaching 100 million units sold proves they are succeeding," said Yuanqing Yang, chairman and CEO, Lenovo. "When we acquired IBM's PC business, we made a promise to not just protect the ThinkPad franchise, but to make it even better, even stronger. Today, ThinkPad continues to be one of the most respected brands in the industry fueling Lenovo's rise to number 1 in WW PCs. Now, even as Lenovo expands into mobile devices, servers and ecosystem and cloud computing, ThinkPad will remain at the core of our strategy and the heart of our business. It is an honor to continue to bring this legendary brand to our customers, and I look forward to many more ThinkPad milestones to come."

Lenovo also introduces the ThinkVision X24 bringing gorgeous ultra-thin IPS panel technology to the computing workspace and ThinkPad Stack offers mix and match interlocking accessories to maximize productivity and minimize clutter.

Lenovo's Best Business Ultrabook gets even Better

The third generation state-of-the-art X1 Carbon continues the tradition of ThinkPad brand equity. The lightest 14" performance Ultrabook in the world features new options like a super bright FHD display for the best viewing experience and a PCIe solid state drive for up to 80% faster storage performance than standard SSDs.

The newest X1 Carbon is also the most mobile ever, with even longer battery life and still weighing under 2.9 pounds with a durable and rugged carbon-forged chassis. Coupled with 5th Generation Intel® CoreTM processors and a whole suite of accessories to optimize the experience, the X1 Carbon permeates the ThinkPad heritage and continues to inspire relentless innovation.

Definitive Business Standards

The updated ThinkPad portfolio for 2015 highlights expanded business-class features and builds on the legacy of ThinkPad DNA. Thin and light, with awesome battery life to maximize mobility and bright and clear displays up to 3K resolution for optimum viewing pleasure and ergonomic comfort.

A complete set of ports and connections to make viewing, sharing and transferring data simple and effective. Featuring 5th Generation Intel® CoreTM processors, the new ThinkPad X, T, L and E series continue the brand focus on trusted quality.

ThinkVision X24 Innovative, elegant and with a gorgeous borderless screen, the 7.5mm thin ThinkVision X24 would be the centerpiece of any desk space. Featuring a next generation Neo Blade 23.8 inch panel, the X24 also includes a unique pre-coated metal surface technology in place of a traditional rear cover enhancing the premium design.

The ThinkVision X24 is not just form over function. The IPS panel highlights include Full HD resolution with a wide 178 degree viewing angle and DisplayPort or HDMI digital connectivity. The stylish and sturdy chrome stand is tilt- adjustable for ergonomic viewing complete a superlative display experience, both in performance and design experience.

ThinkPad Stack

Through an interlocking design, common accessories become extraordinary. More portable, fewer cables, and extra features mean ThinkPad Stack accessories are made for mobility. Through a magnetized interlocking design multiple Stack accessories take up less space and store more cleanly than traditional options. Pogo pin technology also allows each accessory to work better together.  The 10,000 mAh Power Bank keep phones and tablets powered up on long trips, the one terabyte USB 3.0 Hard Drive offers huge expansion on the road, the Wireless Access Point ensures a strong and stable Wi-Fi environment while travelling and the Bluetooth Speaker pairs seamlessly with ThinkPad systems to extend audio playback.

Pricing and Availability

Models of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon start at $1249 and will be available from January 2015. Models of the ThinkPad X250 start at $1149 and will be available from February 2015. The ThinkVision X24 starts at $249 and will be available from April 2015. ThinkPad Stack accessories will be available from mid-April 2015, with ThinkPad Stack Bluetooth Speaker at $89.99, ThinkPad Stack 10000mAh Power Bank at $49.99, ThinkPad Wireless Access Point /1TB Hard Drive Kit at $199.99. The 2015 ThinkPad portfolio also includes: Models of the ThinkPad T450s and T450 start at $1099 and $849 respectively and will be available February 2015. Models of the ThinkPad T550 start at $999 and will be available from February 2015. Models of the ThinkPad E450 and E550 start at $599 and will be available from February 2015. Models of the ThinkPad L450 start at $699 and will be available from February 2015

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