Let the robots do the cleaning with this iRobot Roomba i6 vacuum on sale for $380

Irobot Roomba I
Irobot Roomba I

Grab the iRobot Roomba i6 robot vacuum on sale for $379.99 during a Best Buy deal of the day. This robot vacuum normally goes for as much as $550 at Best Buy, and similar models can go for much much more at other retailers. Of course this price will disappear at the end of the day, so you'll want to grab it while you can.

iRobot Roomba i6 robot vacuum | $170 off

<a href="https://shop-links.co/link/?exclusive=1&publisher_slug=future&article_name=wp-d-n-89656&u1=UUwpUdUnU89656&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bestbuy.com%2Fsite%2Firobot-roomba-i6-6150-wi-fi-connected-robot-vacuum-light-silver%2F6477037.p%3FskuId%3D6477037" data-link-merchant="shop-links.co""> iRobot Roomba i6 robot vacuum | $170 off

The Roomba can clean in a way that's unique to you by learning your habits and suggesting a schedule. It designs a routine around the layout of your home, and it even works well with pets.

Let this robot vacuum free up your time. The iRobot Roomba i6 is a really smart appliance that can essentially take care of the cleaning and itself without much involvement from you. For one thing, it has a three-stage cleaning system that works to get up even deep dirt layered in carpet. It also has a lot more power-lifting suction than older Roomba models.

The technology inside this Roomba gives it the ability to learn the layout of your home and create its own Smart Maps, which enable navigation and let it clean as efficiently as possible. You can also set up Keep Out Zones virtually that help keep the Roomba away from off-limits areas like the dog's area or a kid's room with toys strewn about.

There are a lot of smart features available with the i6 as well. For one thing, it works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so you can control it with a simple voice command. Ask it to clean under the kitchen table or pick a specific room since it knows the difference. It's also smart enough to charge its own battery.

If it's in the middle of the job and running low, it will return to its station, charge up, and pick up where it left off. Plus, the best feature is that the Roomba i6 is compatible with iRobot's Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal base, which means it can empty its own bin. Basically once you've set the schedule you don't need to monitor the Roomba until that bag is full, which could be up to a month.

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