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LG unveils new All-In-One UltraWide PC – monitors have never looked so awkwardly wide

Today at IFA 2013 in Berlin, Germany, LG announced a brand new UltraWide All-In-One PC known as the V960. The unit features a 21:9 aspect ratio monitor powered by an NVidia GeForce FT 640M GPU and backed by Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system.

The gigantic 29-inch machine includes a built in TV Tuner, so you can switch between working on the next great American novel and your favorite episode of Honey Boo Boo. If multitasking is more your avenue, you can take advantage of the unit’s picture in picture mode to get work done while watching TV. The unit will ship with an LG brand keyboard and mouse to "provide an immediate out-of-box experience".

As Microsoft’s latest operating system is geared at applications scrolling in a horizontal direction – the unit may not be as weird to use as it appears. If you’ve always wanted dual monitors, but never wanted the bezel break in the center, you might also be in luck with LG’s V960.

Source: LG via The Verge

  • It's beautiful. Just not all that functional. Would be great for movies, though.
  • Would be functional in my book. I'd like it without the tuner, though. No need for it in my house.
  • What movies do you know that are mastered in 21:9 ?
  • Would it be that you would watch a 16:9 TV or movie and also have a document up the same time...split screen?
  • Obviously the movie you watch would be formatted to fit the screen, and even so it wouldn't go to each side.
    My question is, is that the camera and mix on the bottom of the screen? If so, that seems a little too low.
  • Any 1080p movie plays perfectly with this aspect ratio without those annoying black borders on the top and bottom. I have been using the AOC Q2963PM with the same aspect ratio and it has been great for playing games and watching movies :D
  • Exactly.
  • Actually, 21:9 is almost 2.35 (2.33 to be exact) aspect ratio wich is widely used among theatrical films. A good share of modern feature films were released in that format...
  • Needs to be curved.
  • That would be cool.
  • Exactly what i was thinking. When you have two or more monitors typically the ones to the side are angled towards you. Also without a curve, when you start getting way off to the side the viewing angle will be quite shallow which on most monitors means a poorer picture. To keep the monitor pointing directly at the user it needs a curve.
  • Sweet. Tv turner included.
  • I won't buy LG electronics
  • We use them for our TVs and Blu Ray players and washer and drier, plus our first Windows Phones were LGs. We have really liked the brand and their stuff has worked well and have been priced competitively.
  • All our old phones were LG, and a few other electronics. They always had really good customer support though :P
    Now its all Vizio and Nokia....haha.
  • These are actually perfect for gaming... I'm thinking of grabbing an ultra wide for FFXIV ARR.
  • +1
  • Wow... That's... Ummm, what's the word?.. Ummm... WIDE!
  • That thing looks incredibly awkward. A very clumsy way to integrate a PC and a monitor. Ugh... I bet even Acer would have done a better job here.
  • Think of it as a 2 monitor configuration, except it's all on one screen. I say it is very functional if you are the kind of guy for whom dual monitors are vital.
  • Thatsss.. Wiiiiiide.. Minion wiiiiiiiiide...
  • Keep making TVs, Refrigerators and toasters. Just like Emerson trying to make TVs and they make toasters. Major fail. Same feelings with Samsung and Sony making laptops. Fail. Don't get me started with Toshiba and Mitsubishi
  • 99% of flat screen TVs I see on the side of the road are Toshiba or Mitsubishi. Lol. Yet ppl buy them. Google is ur friend. Do ur research before u think saving money is always a good idea.
  • Google is ur friend?? More like enemy...
    try Bing!
  • DOH! sorry WPC BING is obviously what I meant. Can't bash me for a habit.
  • Have you used any of Sony's new laptops? They are very nice. Nothing wrong with companies branching out and trying new things (MS with Xbox is a good example)
  • LG - Life's Good
  • It actually stands for "Lucky-Goldstar" two companies that merged in the 50's.
  • it's beautiful. it's like two old style screens side by side, without the bar inbetween.
    i want that. with touch.
  • Not to pimp the product but the 2-way  split and 4-way split have uses.
    Customer support, programming, multi devices, Digital Audio Workstations, etc.

  • But why would you want a 2560x1080 with no more vertical room than a 1920x1080 panel? If you're going to go big do it right with 2560x1440. Like the Dell XPS 2710.
  • Pricing????
  • Wow, I kind of really want this...
  • *clears desk,throws money at screen
  • Can you hook an Xbox One to it?
  • Great for gaming, also really great for windows 8.1 multitasking. I like this.
  • You know what's better? 2560x1440. 2560x1080 is too short. 
  • Hey LG lets do what Toshiba did and go ultra wide oh wait you did great now lets pretend we did it first
  • Are people buying these 2560x1080 monitors? Please don't. That'll give the manufactures too many bad ideas. 2560x1440 is better and 2560x1600 is better yet.
  • Wide they do that *badum tssss*
  • That looks pretty nice
  • They should have a touchscreen version if this is marketed for Windows 8.
  • Touchscreen?
  • Its awesome for excel spread sheets, I like it. Thanks for the tip.
  • Is it touch screen?
  • As a profesional photographer, I could totally use this.  I use dual screens to have my toolbars on one screen while working on the other.  This kind of aspect ratio could allow me to use one screen instead of two.  The benefit of a single screen intead of dual would be awesome.  With no split down the middle, I can put my working space centered on the screen, Photoshop toolbars on the right side, and email and crap on the left side.  Dual screen forces you to be biased towards the left or right.  
    Although I'm not too enthused about the resolution (should have minimum 1440 vertical pixels) I am quite positive about the aspect ratio.  
  • I think this is perfect!  I would like to use two side by side; i know it sounds crazy but for work purposes there are times i want 5 or more items displayed at one time.  Less jumping between program means more effeciency!
  • I use the Dell U2913WM at work. It is a 29" ultrawide and I love it. It is the equivalent of two 17" monitors side by side, without the annoying line down the middle. Great for spreadsheets, seeing all the columns in Outlook, etc. Also with 8.1, you can snap apps 50/50 on the screen this works great because you can have your desktop on one side. My only complaint is that it isn't touch and it isn't the equivalent of two 20" monitors. All of our desktops currently have dual monitors. This allows us to provide the real estate and functionality of two monitors without the footprint of two monitors.
  • Have you looked at the not shitty-vertical-resolution 27" monitors?
  • Graphics are meh. The newer ones, like the 750s are better.
  • I likey
  • Let's pray that it actually has the option to disable scaling.
    Otherwise, many tasks will be even more hilariously impossible than on ordinary widescreens.
    I had to spend multiple days to find the option to disable scaling for my notebook, because it was hidden in the onboard driver settings menu instead of Nvidia settings.
  • 16:9 for life
  • Would love to try this with cakewalk sonar x2. Tons of room for sliders.
  • "the unit may not be as weird to use as it appears"
    Why would this machine be considered weird? It's different, yes, but not weird.  We're already more or less used to widescreen televisions and various individuals with the cash, like myself, have something like the Dell U2913WM (2560x1080).
  • Too wide for me... I like the old squareish models from 2005. Change is good I guess.
  • Honey boo boo and great American novel in the same sentence!? My eyes!!!
  • Would be amazing for app development!
  • And how much is this. About 10k maybe...