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LG's massive new 38-inch curved PC monitor is made for work and play

LG has announced the 38UC99 curved monitor, bearing a massive 38-inch 21:9 display that offers benefits for PC users at home and at the workplace.

LG stated:

Offering unrivaled screen real-estate, model 38UC99 is ideal for tasks that require attention to details. In addition to its roomy design, this monitor's advanced IPS UltraWide QHD+ (3840 x 1600) resolution and wide color gamut covering 99 percent of the sRGB color space make the 38UC99 a natural choice for anyone who takes visual performance seriously. The monitor boasts crystal clear immersive picture quality alongside a number of convenience enhancing features, creating an unparalleled user experience. These factors make the 38UC99 the perfect workstation monitor for visual content creators, data crunchers and other multitasking professionals.

In addition to the huge display, the LG 38UC99 monitor will also come with a USB Type-C port for both data transfers and smartphones/tablet charging. In addition, it will have two built-in 10W speakers with Bluetooth support. LG will begin selling the huge monitor in September for the premium price of $1,500.

  • Wondering how would be the experience, if I'm close to display I've to move my head not only my eyes
  • Hmm.yeah. But then again, only as much as when using two screens I guess. Maybe even less since it's curved
  • Imagine racing or first person shooter games that would support this resolution! How about watching an un-cropped cinemascope movie! This monitor seems right around that screen ratio.
  • ha! good point. I didn't think of the 'play' part.
  • I recently purchased one of Dell's 34" UltraSharp ultrawide monitors to replace a pair of 24" monitors running at 1920x1200 each. The 34" seemed huge for about a day, after which anything smaller started looking really small. Using the Windows-Arrow combinations, it really makes it easy to snap two windows left and right and effectively get the same realestate I had on the two 24" monitors. At 3440x1440, the snapped windows are just slightly narrower than they would have been on the two monitors, but they're slightly taller. Overall, the screen has just a bit more total pixels. 4.6 billion for two 1920x1200 displays vs 4.95 billion on the 3440x1440, plus there's no border separating them. It works great for my development work (Visual Studio and other windows) and great for games. It took a bit of getting used to, and I'm going to have to upgrade my video card soon for better gaming framerates, but all in all, I'm not missing the dual monitor setup at all. Plus I still have the old monitors if I want to set them up to flank the big one for a three monitor display! On another note, I really like the LG 38", but I can get two of the Dells for less money than one of the LGs.
  • I'm kind of in the same boat I use dual ProArt 24" monitors at 1920 X 1200 and have been considering going to single monitor wide solution. Can you tell your losing the extra 14" inches of screen content or does having no borders make up for it?
  • You're not losing content going to the wide screen. 1920 x 2 = 3840 pixels wide for the two monitors, and the 34" wide screen is 3440 pixels. You're really only losing 400 pixels of width, however, the height is 1440 vs 1200 on the old monitors, so you gain 240 pixels in height. The LG discussed above is even bigger pixel-wise. So, the 34" wide screen actually has more displayable area, it's just slightly narrower and slightly taller. The LG is bigger all around. Also remember the 34", 38" and 24" are diagonal measurements of the screens, so it's not 48" vs 34".
  • Cool thanks for the info I think this is the route I'm going....borders be gone! :)
  • $1500 is quite hefty
  • For people with specific requirements, maybe like Forex trader, may think it is a better solution than having three screens.
  • I'll get two and dual monitor them....
  • More expensive than my computer D:
  • this one can replace my all three monitors!!!
  • I think I'll hang on to my ancient 32" Dell 3007WFP through the winter.  It keeps me warm.
  • Is that Ghent (image on the monitor)? :-)
  • Only $1500, just what I need for the bathroom :-/
  • If I don't need the intense color clarity for graphics design, why should I get this over a 4k TV the same size and way cheaper? Spreadsheets, let's say. Legit question not troll.