LG's new UltraGear monitor will take your game to the next level

LG first announced the existence of its new 34GK950G 34-inch gaming monitor late last year, but we haven't seen a whole lot more information on it since then. Now we know everything there is to know as LG plans to officially unveil it during IFA 2018 in Berlin. We now know, for instance, that it will be called UltraGear, as opposed to other monitors called UltraWide or UltraFine.

The screen will feature a 3440x1440 pixel resolution, 21:9 aspect ratio, and "Nano" IPS technology for enhanced picture quality. It will have Nvidia's G-Sync technology to reduce screen tearing and come with a 100Hz refresh rate natively that can be overclocked to 120Hz.

The monitor does not have an official price or release date yet, but at CEBIT 2018, another European tech show, it was revealed to be priced around the equivalent of $1,400 and set to be released in October. Those facts could still change, however. If you can't wait that long, LG has some pretty excellent 34-inch displays out there already that also won't cost you nearly as much.

John Levite
Deals Editor

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