Limited edition Minecraft Xbox One S bundle now available

Microsoft's latest limited edition Xbox One S bundle is now available, and it's a love letter to Minecraft fans. Initially revealed at Microsoft's Gamescom showcase, the special Xbox One S is decked out with plenty of blocky Minecraft flourishes, as well as a special treat for anyone who decides to stand the console vertically.

The most notable part of the console is the voxel textured brown and green color scheme that makes it look like one of Minecraft's in-game grass blocks when standing vertically. In the console's bottom side is where things get interesting, with a see-through panel lined with the game's "redstone." Snaking up and down the translucent panel, the redstone lines are made of foil that shines when bathed in light. While the redstone will remain hidden if the console is sitting horizontally, it's a little treat for anyone who stands the console up vertically.

Hands-on with the Minecraft Xbox One S Limited Edition Bundle

The console also comes with a special controller that comes styled like one of Minecraft's iconic "Creeper" mobs. Digital codes for both Minecraft and the Redstone expansion pack are also included.

The Minecraft limited edition bundle is available now for $399.

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