The Linksys Atlas Pro Wi-Fi 6 mesh network system is on sale for $180 today

Linksys Atlas Pro Mesh Wifi
Linksys Atlas Pro Mesh Wifi (Image credit: Best Buy)

You can find a 3-pack of the Linksys Atlas Pro AX5300 Wi-Fi 6 mesh networking system down to a low price of $179.99 at Best Buy today. That's a huge discount and $320 off according to Best Buy. While this particular model is unique to Best Buy, which can make price comparison difficult, there are other versions like this one at B&H still going for around $500. It's hard to beat this price on a 3-pack like this that can truly cover your whole house and works with pretty much any internet. Grab it while you can though because there's no telling how long the deal will last.

Linksys Atlas Pro Wi-Fi 6 mesh system | $320 off

Linksys Atlas Pro Wi-Fi 6 mesh system | $320 off

Not only can you make sure your entire house is covered in Wi-Fi, but you can also make sure that Wi-Fi is as fast as you can handle since it is Wi-Fi 6. The system supports more than 30 devices per router, too.

Mesh Wi-Fi is so good. It's just great at covering every bit of your home. No one likes those random weak spots around the house or even dead zones because the router just can't reach that far. The three nodes you initially get with this mesh networking system are enough to not only cover your home in Wi-Fi but also include outdoor smart home gear and things like that. Even if it's not enough, because you live in a mansion the size of Texas or something, you can add more nodes later to keep extending the size.

You'll get Wi-Fi speeds up to 5.4 Gbps with six-stream connectivity using the Atlas Pro. It even gives you access to the 160MHz channels on the 5GHz band, which are some of the least congested and therefore offer some of the strongest connectivity around. With DPS tech you get access to even more channels, which your router can use to help you avoid interference.

The system is super easy to set up and control, too. All you need is the free Linksys app on your smartphone. It can walk you through everything you need to know, and long after you've set up the network you can use the app to manage it. Access your settings from anywhere, priotize which devices need the best Wi-Fi, and more all within the app itself.

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