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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is rolling out support for its live transcription feature in Microsoft Teams.
  • The feature works during the meeting and creates a transcript for afterward.
  • Transcriptions are marked with speaker attribution to make meetings easier to follow.

Live transcription support is rolling out to Microsoft Teams this month. The feature first appeared on the Microsoft 365 roadmap last year but is now marked as rolling out on the roadmap (via OnMSFT). The feature is supported on Microsoft Teams on the desktop and should finish rolling out soon.

The live transcription feature for Teams works in real-time and also creates a transcript after meetings finish. It has speaker attribution as well, so you can easily tell which person said any comment.

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The Microsoft 365 roadmap reads:

Microsoft Teams: Live Transcription with speaker attribution

Live transcripts provide another way to follow along with what has been said and who said it. After a meeting, the transcript file is automatically saved in the chat tab for that meeting.

The feature should come in handy in several situations, including reviewing meetings and following along during a meeting when you can't listen to it. It also improves the accessibility of meetings for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

A similar feature, marked in the roadmap as "Transcription for 1:1 Calls," is also rolling out this month. That feature doesn't seem to support live transcriptions, but does create a text version of calls after they're finished.

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