Load your Xbox One with a bundle of 10 indie games for $20

Indie game fans on Xbox One, rejoice: a new bundle deal is serving up plenty of solid indie titles on the cheap. Through March 9, developer Curve Digital is offering 10 indie games for only $20 with the Instant Indie Hits bundle (opens in new tab) (via Engadget).

Here's a quick look at all of the games included:

  • The Swapper
  • Action Henk
  • Stealth Inc. 2: Game of Clones
  • Nova-111
  • Hue
  • OlliOlli
  • Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure
  • 10 Second Ninja X
  • Thomas Was Alone
  • The Swindle

All told, each game bought individually would run over $100, so this is a solid deal for indie fans. And sure, some of the games are on the older side, but they've all received solid reviews and are worth checking out at this price. If you're interested, you can grab this bundle on the Xbox Store now and settle in for a weekend of indie fun.

See at the Xbox Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Does anyone know if these games are any good?
  • Wondering the same thing. Seems like a solid deal as long as at least most are good.
  • It's a bit subjective really, For me, I like Stealth Inc and ollie ollie, played them on my brothers Xbox, so just for those two it's worth it. It's basically buy 2, get 8 free. If you give each game an hour and find you like 2 or more then it's still money well spent. Just go watch a couple of YouTube videos on them all and see what you think.
  • I enjoy The Swapper, and Action Henk looks like a lot of fun. Same as the other guy though, for 20 bucks you can't really go wrong.
  • The same to me. I have to say "Thomas was alone" itself is worth 10$, so for the other 10 you're getting 9 games on top. I will most definitely hop on that wagon, even if i purchased one of those already.
  • Instabuy for me, you can't really go wrong with this deal. I mean how 'bad' can the games possibly be?? And they look like really neat platformers imho.
  • intresting :D
  • 2nd thought. it would be nice if it gave me digital codes when i purchased it. incase i had the game so i could give one of the games to a friend. 
  • That's actually a really cool idea. Although it just dawned on me that someone could potentially abuse the system and wait until the bundle finishes and then on sell the codes.