Logitech's super responsive G604 wireless mouse has dropped to $60 today

G604 Lightspeed Logitech Mouse
G604 Lightspeed Logitech Mouse

Logitech mice regularly dominate our lists of the best mice around, and there's a good reason for that. If you want a quality mouse with incredible wireless connectivity, the Logitech G604 wireless gmaing mouse is down to $60.18 at Amazon. This deal matches the lowest price we've seen in the last six months. You'd have to go back to last year's Black Friday sales to find a price this good. The G604 normally sells for around $95 or more, so you're saving a huge chunk of change today.

The G604 is equipped with Logitech's 16K Hero sensor, which helps boost tracking and precision. It's totally adjustable, too, so you can change the DPI based on the game you're playing or whatever work you might be up to. You can even set the scroll wheel to switch between a ratcheted scroll and a hyper fast one so you can get more precision that way. With the Logitech G Hub software you can do even more with the scroll wheel, adding a key binding to it. The software is also used for all 15 of the mouse's programmable buttons, including the six thumb buttons.

This is a wireless mouse, but it has some unique features to make it seem as good as a wired one. There is a Bluetooth option, which is much easier to use and lets you pair with your devices quickly and easily. However, if you're really going to be getting into a video game or need a certain level of precision and accuracy, try the other wireless connection setting. Take advantage of Logitech's LightSpeed tech that provides a 1ms ultra-fast response time, making the delay normally experienced with a wireless connection non-existent.

Despite being wireless, you don't have to worry much about the battery life. One AA battery can make this mouse last for up to 240 hours (about a week and a half), and that's when using LightSpeed mode. If you're using Bluetooth, it'll last for up to 5.5 months. That's a crazy amount of time either way, and if you're preserving the mouse by turning it off when it's not in use, it'll last even longer.

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