Make Windows 10 UWP games for just $15 with the latest Humble Bundle deal

The latest Humble Bundle collection of software under its "pay what you want" model is for GameMaker, which offers tools for anyone to make games. The bundle deal includes the Windows 10 UWP export module for GameMaker for people who pay $15 or more.

YoYo Games, the creators of GameMaker, have loaded up this Humble Bundle deal with well over $1,000 worth of games and software tools that can be yours for just $15. Here's what's included with that price:

  • GameMaker: Studio Professional
  • Android Export
  • iOS Export
  • UWP Export
  • HTML5 Export
  • 12 Games
  • A .gmz file per game containing the original source code!

Be aware that the Windows 10 UWP export tool currently supports making games on PC only. Support for Windows 10 Mobile, HoloLens and the Xbox One will be added in future updates. As with all Humble Bundle deals, you can choose the option to donate part of your purchase to charity. In the GameMaker bundle, they have selected Doctors Without Borders as its charity, or you can send the money to a second charity of your choice. There's also the option to tip the Humble Bundle team themselves.

Thanks to Dave for the tip!

Check out the Humble GameMaker Bundle

John Callaham