Manuganu 2 jumps into Windows Phone and Android one month after iOS release

If you enjoyed playing Manuganu, a fun 3D platform game we've reviewed last year, then you're going to love the sequel. Manuganu 2 brings back many features from the original, but adds new ways of getting around. You run, jump, roll, fly, and swim to the end of each level while dodging obstacles and enemies. It has been available on iOS for about a month, and has just been released for Windows Phone and Android devices.

We've installed it on our Nokia Lumia 930. Head past the break to watch some gameplay on video.

There's no separate section for tutorial, but the first few levels explain the game mechanics. The main character, Manuganu, is endlessly running and you have to press the action button on the right to make him jump, fly, or swim, depending on the level. It's very easy to control. On the left side of the screen is a halt button. Use this button to make Manuganu stop immediately. It's useful for dodging enemies or avoiding getting crushed by obstacles, but you can't hold this button too long if you want to earn stars.

Manuganu 2 has 40 levels available with four boss levels. At the end of each level you can earn up to three stars depending on items you've collected and the amount of time it took to finish the level. Try to collect all the items along the stages to win extra awards. There are alternative paths to choose from so you may want to try levels more than once to see if you've missed anything.

Manuganu 2 costs 99 cents from the Windows Phone Store, but there's also a free trial available if you don't feel like spending any money. We really like this game. It has the right amount of difficulty. It's not too easy or too frustratingly difficult. The graphics also look great. Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

Thanks for the tip, Mohamed A.!

512mb supported

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Oh Gosh!! Why not publish here in Brazil?!?!
  • What! Again?
  • Because Gamescom is in Germany, and Germany 7-1. Hahaha even though Gamescom has nothing to do with this
  • I wonder what the problem is? Why don't apps and games get published in Brazil? Don't make sense.
  • May be because of the certification process......
  • Wow talk about ignorance.
  • WP store hate Brazil
  • It's one of the frustration that I often get with windows phone. Regional segmentation in the windows store.
  • Most probably because here is the very worst process to release anything.
  • Errado. Há quase dois anos aceitam PEGI e ESRB aqui. Praticamente todos os devs que publicam aqui usam. E da para conseguir um desses certificados instantaneamente pela web...
  • De qualquer maneira, é um esforço a mais que ele precisa fazer. Só aqui, Russia e em alguns outros paises que é essa merda.
  • Burocracia cara ! Em outros países eles aceitam a certificação americana/internacional Aqui não   Mas vc pode mudar a região do seu telefone para Estados Unidos. Não sei no 8.0, mas no 8.1 dá de certeza
  • Errado. Há quase dois anos aceitam PEGI e ESRB aqui. Praticamente todos os devs que publicam aqui usam.
  • It's a spoof of rayman jungle run
  • Finally apps start to Release faster ob wp store but still too slow
  • Mohamed A, scores one!
  • on android
  • Lag on android
  • Good for them.
  • Makes sense. Free with ads I am guessing. With Android, you make a lot of money with ads. Android is not known for its paid apps.
  • I love to pay for almost very game &apps in WP.
    Feels like doing charity
  • If you give it freely then its called charity.. It's their hard work you are buying.. So how can you call it charity.. :P
  • Because only WP users pay.
    Tell how much moli player cost in and how much in Android? We are doing charity because we are paying for free app
  • Android users are "paying" with their personal information. I'd rather pay $1 and not have ads :-)
  • it costs the whole experience. there's no such thing as free; there's ad-supported which completely ruins apps imho
  • Means they have choice pay or not pay. Devs welcome both type of users WP users don't have choice
  • Mobile nation apps are completely free for all OS except WP. Told ya we are doing charity
  • Looks like rayman game in disguise... :p
  • Great video/review of the app. 
  • A turkish app!
  • Dev is Turkish prouded :)
  • so smooth gameplay! Wish Microsoft was better at optimizing their software for gaming.. A lot of stuttering and lag in very many games, like Pako that is almost unplayable on my Lumia 930 (and that's not beacuse of the Snapdragon 800)
  • Pako works amazingly on my Lumia 930
  • Recorded a video showing the stuttering: Watch in full resolution on a pc for 60fps playback
  • Pako premium runs smooth as butter on my 1520. Never stuttered once...
  • Rayman is better
  • Why no clash of clan on wp8.1??
  • Mark, you are just trying to get more clicks by putting your cute dog in the pic and video. ;)
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  • I bought ManuGanu 1 and 2 blindfolded on WPC's recomendation entirely. Number 1 looks cool (I took a look at WPC's video presentation of it). Version 2 can only be better - right? Anyway, I like to support developers that charge 1 USD for a good game. That much I can afford. And this game did not want to access my contacts, and my photos and my location and my wife... :) And, BTW, Sweden here. Why is Brazil not getting this game?  :)
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  • Here we sit watching Microsoft kill Xbox Live day by day.... It's not Microsoft you say ? Nah, when a big dev, or even a mid size one is trying to create a game or upload a game to the marketplace, Microsoft should be PUSHING xbox live on games that might deserve it....or even know of the option...  SO, if anyone, is killing it, it's Microsoft..... Shooting themselves in the foot.... #SaveXboxWP... Still, no xbox, no buy....Yea, I have cut down on buying a lot of games now...oh, well...
  • I'd like to get this... and pay by cash,
  •     The game looks really good. I just wish that Microsoft would buy a handful of Indie developers and just have them make games for WP8, W8 and the One with achievements of course.