Microsoft heavily discounts the Xbox One, starts from just £179.99

Microsoft is currently running quite the promotion on its official store in the UK. The company has slashed the pricing of the Xbox One, which now starts from just £179.99 (opens in new tab). While the more powerful Xbox One S is already available, not to mention Project Scorpio is on the horizon, it's a massive discount that should be taken advantage of by those who simply want the console experience at an affordable price.

The Gears of War, Quantum Break and Name Your Game bundles start from £179.99, alongside standalone consoles. These bundles also include a free game or two, depending on which you choose. The Elite console, Kinect, and The Division or Rainbow Six Siege packages will set you back £199.99, which is still an incredible price for the console. This promotion is running until December 2, while stocks last.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Got a new for 222£ in india. With halo mcc
  • Still no sign of official launch of Xbox one s in India.
  • Just noticed the even better deal of an Xbox One with Kinect for £199..................
  • Elite at £199? Worth it for the controller.
  • Exactly. I think people underestimate the speed the SSHD can deliver too. I have one and its great for games like fallout where the loading times are quite long. It's most definitely the best deal there.
  • Does that actually make a difference with the hybrid drive? Or is it also 7200RPM?
  • Be surprised if they altered the nonssd bit. The sad in the Elite is just for the OS. An external 7200rpm drive would likely be better.
  • And still not available for Macedonia!
  • Bought elite bundle yesterday, arrived today....that pad is amazing! I thought I'd sell it and use old one, but there's no going back