Microsoft details changes in October Surface Book firmware updates

Microsoft recently released a fresh batch of firmware and UEFI updates for October, and now we have more detail on what those updates contain. While the full changelog wasn't available when the updates were released, Microsoft has updated its Surface Book update history (opens in new tab) (via Neowin) page with the full details.

Here's a look at the list of changes included in the October 28 batch of firmware updates for the Surface Book:

  • Microsoft driver update for Surface Embedded Controller Firmware - v90.1277.256.0 adds support for upcoming product release.
  • Microsoft driver update for Surface System Aggregator Firmware - v90.1335.257.0 adds support for upcoming product release.
  • Microsoft driver update for Surface UEFI - Surface UEFI - v90.1327.770.0 adds support for upcoming product release.
  • Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. driver update for Marvell AVASTAR Bluetooth Radio Adapter - v15.68.9046.79 adds support for upcoming product release.
  • Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. driver update for Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC Network Controller - v15.68.9046.79 adds support for upcoming product release.
  • NVIDIA driver update for NVIDIA GeForce GPU - v21.21.13.6936 improves pen performance in some applications.
  • Microsoft driver update for Surface Base Firmware Update - v2.0.97.0 improves keyboard reliability when the device resumes operation from sleep.
  • Microsoft driver update for Surface DTX - v1.3.542.0 improves clipboard and keyboard interoperability.

Curiously, there are several entries that refer to adding support for an "upcoming product release." It's likely — but unconfirmed — that these updates refer to support for the Surface Dial accessory that was announced alongside the Surface Studio. Otherwise, the updates pack the usual performance improvements.

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  • Any news on why these updates didn't come to the Surface Pro 4?
  • I'm sure SP4 wll get firmware updates soon.
  • What about surface pro 3...
  • I installed these the other day -- I'd been having a lot of issues with my keyboard not working right (or at all in some cases) after resume from hibernation or sleep. Thus far, *knocks on wood*, these updates seem to have improved on/fixed that issue.
  • Had the same issues as well as phantom touch after resume. Would also get device install did not complete error after every new preview update. Seems to be fixed now. Time will tell.
  • Maybe a bad installation
  • What's a bad installation? I had no issues with these updates, in fact, I said they appear to have fixed my previous keyboard issues on the Surface Book (which, apparently I wasn't alone in, as even Thurrot noted that they'd been having keyboard issues as well).
  • And... I'm loosing any hope they going to release new firmwares to my L950... running hot as hell and when it charges I'm pretty sure is possible to cook an egg on it. I don't see XL owners complying about this, maybe the liquid cooling system works better ... oh well
  • That's the fast charge in action when charging. It's normal.   Mine doesn't run hot when in normal use, though. Nothing beyond normal. I'm on the slow ring.
  • The liquid cooling in the L950 XL actually does a marvelous job most of the time.
  • Updated mine, no more YouTube glitches in Edge!!! Videos run super well now.   Hopefully that's the end of that bug.
  • Just posted to the forum about this, but I'm seeing a 40%+ increase in battery life on my Surface Book after this update, now about 7-8 hours.
  • It's more likely that these updates support the Performance Base in case someone ever tries to swap the base units.
  • I doubt this very highly -- I think its far more likely that these are to support the upcoming software changes and the Surface Dial, since the first gen SBs are supposed to work with the new device.
  • C'mon, you've used the "Ch-ch-ch-changes" line like a dozen times by now. It was funny at first, but maybe it's time to try something different?