28 essential keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Edge that you should know

You seemed to like the 21 best keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10, so here are a few more shortcuts that you should know. This time, we share 28 keyboard shortcuts that can be very handy when using Microsoft Edge. These shortcuts can help you browse the web more efficiently on Microsoft's latest OS. Give them a try and let us know which shortcuts you'll be using.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Ctrl + DAdd current site to favorites or reading list
Ctrl + EOpen a search query in the address bar
Ctrl + FFind on page
Ctrl + HOpen history pane
Ctrl + IOpen favorites pane
Ctrl + JOpen downloads pane
Ctrl + KDuplicate tab
Ctrl + L or F4 or Alt + DSelect the address bar
Ctrl + NOpen a new window
Ctrl + PPrint the current page
Ctrl + R or F5Refresh the page
Ctrl + TOpen a new tab
Ctrl + WClose current tab
Ctrl + Shift + POpen a new InPrivate Browsing window
Ctrl + Shift + REnter reading view
Ctrl +1, 2, 3,…, 8Switch to a specific tab number
Ctrl + 9Switch to the last tab
Ctrl + plus (+)Zoom in (25%)
Ctrl + minus (-)Zoom out (25%)
Ctrl + 0Reset zoom level
Backspace or Alt + Left arrowGo back
Alt + Right arrowGo forward
EscStop loading the page
Ctrl + clickOpen link in a new tab
Ctrl + TabSwitch to the next tab
Ctrl + Shift + TabSwitch to the previous tab
Ctrl + Shift + clickOpen link in a new tab and switch to the tab
Alt + Shift + clickOpen link in a new window

While we can perform all of these actions with the mouse, trackpad, or touchscreen, there may be situations when using the keyboard shortcuts might be faster. Will you be using any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • I need more memory for these...like brain memory, not the computer kind. It's all filled with useless Lumia models.
  • I just need Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Had to look that up in this handy guide. I'm back. Response is L O L.
  • You forgot ctrl+shift+T which will re-open last "closed" tab... Very handy if you accidentally closed a tab.
  • Hahahahaha
  • I wish they would add the right click context option to launch an In-Private window from the taskbar icon like you could/can with IE.
  • Well I would love a inprivate link directly on the desktop or start menu. This way I dont need to open a browser to open inprivate browsing. I often use this for work in accounts that are cookie related. for example I could access to Outlook.com accounts at the same time on the same PC.. Well or .. what ever Mark is talking about :P
  • Ctrl+ shift+P = Inprivate browsing= Pornhub
  • Are you guys going to do a keyboard shortcuts article for Office? I think that'd be really helpful as well.
  • What about removing core app permanently from windows 10.
  • You could always download more RAM.
  • Nothing to worry, these are pretty much standard keyboard shortcuts for browsers. You learn for one, you learn for all.
  • Most of these are the same keyboard shortcuts on Mozilla Firefox and Maxthon
  • If that helps, at least half of those already existed for Internet Explorer. Including Ctrl+Shift+P :-)
  • All of those existed for IE.
  • All in IE, and they forgot one of my most used, ctrl+enter - adds "www." and ".com" to whatever you are typing in the address bar, and than goes to that page
  • Actually it added www. .(windows reagon like for me its .dk)
  • What's this "mouse" thing you speak of?
  • We definitely need an article for this.
  • How in the world did you miss [Alt] + [Home] for Home Page? I wouldn't have minded if it was 29 keyboard shortcuts, odd numbers are okay guys.
  • Also don't forget [Ctrl] + [F4] to close the current tab (actually it's [Fn] + [Ctrl] + [F4] for me because of Toshiba Function Key).
  • You should change the function key settings in the BIOS. Usually you have a trigger there. ON my Lenovo I think I even had a trigger to switch FN keys with Ctrl because Lenovo was bright enough to swap those around
  • Can't figure out how to make a web page shortcut to desktop. Is there a keyboard shortcut for that function on Microsoft Edge? In IE it was as simple as right clicking the web page and then clicking the shortcut option.
  • Hate the Backspace shortcut. Sometimes I fill out a form then accidentally press the backspace button would go back to previous page.
  • The best browser navigation is opera mouse gestures.
    I knew most of them, but open new private window will come in handy.
  • YOU GUYS FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!!! Ctrl + Shift + T: Reopen recently closed Tab. It even remembers the whole page history of that specific tab. You can go previous page or forward page depending on how you left the tab when you closed it. And if you press the shortkey again you will open an even older tab you closed in that session!
  • Yeah, this one is very essential. Especially that Edge doesn't have a feature to have Reopening Closed Tabs and Session.
  • Ctrl + L or F4 or Alt + D
    Select the address bar F6 works fine too. 
  • And these shortcuts made me realize we don't have a view full screen mode on Edge.
  • Yeah, its quite sad at they didn't make it at launch. I hope that immersive browsing experience from Modern IE will come true on Microsoft Edge. I really like those from Modern IE, save space especially on tablets and laptops.
  • 2017 and still no full screen option. TBH, that's garbage and a back breaker. Might go back to Chrome. Clearly Microsoft don't care about Edge.
  • I don't like how In Private viewing opens up in desktop. And I can't figure out how to split screen anymore. Groove music on the right and my desktop on the left. I kinda miss a lot of stuff in Win8.1
  • Ctrl + Shift + P (InPrivate mode) for me either on Edge or Chrome, what can I do?
  • It works for me on Edge. Chrome doesn't have "InPrivate" mode, they have the incognito mode. They decided to use N instead of P (I guess it makes sense being that you're opening a new window). So it's CTRL+SHIFT+N (they should of called it SHHHH mode and then the shortcut would make more sense) FireFox calls it "Private" mode and they also use CTRL+SHIFT+P, I guess Google is the odd one out here
  • Well F5 is still in there, most lovely!
  • Ctrl+F5 has traditionaly been refresh page with no cache, useful for development work.
  • Is it my impression but if you have scrolled down a site on one tab and view another site on a different tab..and then decidi to go back to the original tab...that page goes back to the top again on its own... Anyone noticed that..?
  • Middle click -> open link in new tab
    Shift+Middle click -> open link in new window​
  • wow, this I didn't know.
  • Ack he beat me to it
  • So far the main shortcut I use with Edge is ALT+F4 followed by START + chrome... Too many issues and lots of missing features (even simple things like right click and save as, which many websites including some of Microsoft's instruct you to do when downloading files)   Edit: Can't even hit enter in this text edit box without Edge showing it's far from ready
  • Please add back the Ctrl+left click on the Edge icon in the task bar to open a new instance of the browser. IE, Chrome and just about every other app works this way. Cant remotely understand why this was left out.
  • sorry , I dont think Windows Central can add that to Edge :) 
  • I believe CTRL + Shift + N moves current tab into new window (if you have multiple tabs opened).
  • Win+G To start game recording from Xbox app. You can record any game.
  • CTRL + Shift + = Opens a new Modus in SAP We were talking about random shortcuts right?
  • Middle Mouse Button (Wheel) = Open link in new tab. Quicker than using the Keyboard :P
  • Please....someone help me how can i buy apps from store.. ? Everytime when i want to buy an app i got error that says..." Change the country or region.." I live in Tanzania smewhere in African country.
  • Check your language and region. Some apps might not be available in your region as well so you cant buy that.
  • Is anyone else completely lacking normal right-click functions ("Save Link As", "Copy Link Location", etc)? I get a disembodied list of mostly useless functions instead of a normal list right where my pointer is, or no list at all, and it's making me swap back to a working browser all the time just to do normal things like sending a friend a gif. Also I can't hit Enter in this comment box to start a new line; it jumps to the start of the comment instead, so a comment with paragraphs would not be possible for me on this site! I'm starting to think I should uninstall Edge and reinstall from the Store - what do people think?      
  • I always use many of them so yeah, I so over time I may memorize them.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + L : Paste and Go.
  • Thanks for this :)
  • Methinks they're all the same as in IE11.