Microsoft Editor updated with new features, coming to Edge and Outlook

Microsoft Editor Word
Microsoft Editor Word (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Editor is getting new features, including premium functionality part of Microsoft 365.
  • Will be available inside Word and Outlook online, in addition to the Microsoft Word desktop app.
  • It's also coming to Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome as part of the Office extension.

Microsoft Editor is getting a major update with new features and enhancements inside Microsoft Word, and is expanding to Outlook and Microsoft Edge (and Google Chrome) via the Office extension. Microsoft Editor is a Grammarly-like competitor that provides grammar, punctuation, and sentence suggestions as you type. The feature is free if you're using a web browser and Office online, with paid enhancements available via the new Microsoft 365 subscription.

The new Microsoft Editor enables users to be better writers by underlining words and phrases with suggestions that could enhance their writing. Inside Word, the Editor will analyze your writing and check for plagiarism, protecting you from any issues and helping you be more original in your writing. It'll also help you correctly cite content if necessary, great for students writing reports and papers.

Microsoft 365 subscribers will get enhanced clarity, conciseness, formality, and inclusive writing suggestions when creating documents, emails, and writing on the web. It's nice that the tool is free for basic functionality. I've been using it inside Microsoft Edge to write this very article, and the word suggestions are super nice to have inside the browser if you're not already using Grammarly.

Microsoft Editor is already available in Word, and is coming to Word online and Outlook. It's also available now for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome via the Office extension, which you can download here. (opens in new tab)

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Interesting. I love Grammarly but I find it doesn' t work for a lot of places where it would be nice. Wonder if MS will be able to address that owning the stack.
  • I’m questioning if it can beat Grammarly....
  • I use ProWritingAid. Which is a Grammerly competitor. It gets weird from time to time. I also use mainly Google Docs, Sheets, etc. I am wondering how well this feature will work. Typing this as ProWritingAid is constantly warning me about using "passive verbs" and readability issues. It may be worth it for just the OneDrive capacity and having everything all in one place.
  • "Typing this as ProWritingAid is constantly warning me about using 'passive verbs' and readability issues." I suspect MS Editor is going to do the same thing. But IMO that's a good thing, at least on average. Simple, clear writing is hard to master.
  • I constantly fight to write the news in an active voice. It's quite difficult at times.