Microsoft reopens beta testing for Edge on iOS

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What you need to know

  • Beta testing for Microsoft Edge on iOS is open again for new participants.
  • The Microsoft Edge beta on iOS was closed until fairly recently.
  • Microsoft said that it would open up beta testing as it moved to the release of a unified code version of Edge.

If you have an iOS device and have been green with envy over the new Edge Canary on Android, your wait is over. Beta testing for Microsoft Edge on iOS is open again to new participants. The beta has been closed to new sign-ups for some time but recently reopened (thanks for the tip Bart!)

We aren't sure of the exact date that beta testing for Edge on iOS reopened, but Microsoft said it would open the app to testers as it moved to the release of a unified code version. The unified code version of Edge on Android is now in Canary testing, and it appears that Microsoft is taking similar steps on iOS.

Unifying the code between the different versions of Edge streamlines the development process. It should also result in a better browser with more features on mobile devices.

In my brief early testing with Edge Canary on Android, I've been blown away by the speed of the browser. Bringing the Android version in line with Edge on the desktop brought dramatically faster speeds and several new features. Hopefully, doing so on iOS will yield similar results.

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  • Well, that was easy. It replaced the current version instead on installing a separate app as it does with Outlook. Remembered everything including the open tabs which allowed me to come right back here to comment. Let’s see how it goes.