Microsoft will reportedly bring Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to iOS via a browser-based app in 2021

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What you need to know

  • Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, previously known as xCloud, recently released on Android devices.
  • The service is not currently available on iOS due to Apple's App Store policies.
  • According to Business Insider, Microsoft is planning to bring Cloud Gaming to iOS via a browser-based app.
  • This is similar to the approach taken by Amazon's Luna.

While Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate launched on Android devices back in September, Microsoft and Apple were not able to reach an agreement over bringing the service to iOS. According to a report from Business Insider, Microsoft is planning to bring Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to iOS via a browser-based app in 2021.

Per Business Insider, Xbox head Phil Spencer told Microsoft employees that "We absolutely will end up on iOS with Game Pass" and that the company is exploring bringing cloud gaming through browsers to iPad and iPhone.

The main issue with Microsoft's Cloud Gaming not being available on iOS has come down to restrictive App Store policies which require reviewing every game in the service on an individual basis. This doesn't apply to applications launched through a web browser, such as Amazon's Luna.

Xbox Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate currently provides access to over 150 games, with an influx of titles from EA sure to arrive in the months to come with EA Play joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on November 10. If the service does become available on iOS next year, the next iPhone could end up being one of the best phones for Xbox game streaming.

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  • I feel so sorry for those poor iOS users who will be exposed to xCloud without the protection of Apple reviewing the games available on XGP for them. How could an Apple user who has chosen to pay an XGP subscription possibly know whether the games offered will be of a standard they want to play without Apple telling them so?
  • Ha
  • I used to work for Apple and I just quit one day because I couldn't figure out WTF was wrong with them. Seriously, everything in the company is just like that.
  • Not a big fan of these tech companies thinking they know what people want. Let the people decide.
  • When are they going to add the capability to the windows app?
  • This is what I need now!
  • The Verge said 2021 for PC as well, hopefully that means the native app.
  • Still sucks to own an Apple product. People will cheer this and think everything is great, and keep being good sheep with a shiny expensive toy.
  • Saw one comment in the Verge which suggests that MS should build a stripped down web browser named "xColud Browser" or something similar. It would be able to load any website and and such, but stripped down of any other "extra" features, and optimised for xCloud. The address bar can be hidden out of general view, can have a permanent tab for the xColud site and prominent button which always goes to that tab. Even if the browser isn't allowed to be optimised for just one specific site, it could give MS placement for xColud within the App Store at least. 🤭 Is there any Apple rule stopping MS from doing such a thing? 🤔
  • Isn't that just a web app? Or i guess if it is an "app" in their store they can apply their policies.