Microsoft is reportedly working on new budget Surface tablet with Windows 10

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Microsoft's non-pro line of Surface tablets hasn't been updated with newer models since 2014, when the Surface 3 launched with an Intel ATOM processor and Windows 8.1. According to a new report from Bloomberg, however, Microsoft may finally be planning to update its budget Surface line with a new 10-inch tablet in the second half of this year.

The report claims the new tablet will be priced around $400 to compete with the iPad, and will also feature softer corners, again similar to the design of the current iPad. What's more, these new tablets will feature USB-C connectivity instead of Micro-USB, something the Surface 3 featured instead of Microsoft's proprietary charging port.

What's interesting here is the report claims these tablets will ship with Intel processors, and not an ARM chip as so many assumed Microsoft would opt for in a new non-pro Surface device. As always, there will also be 64GB or 128GB variants, along with an LTE model for cellular connectivity too.

Of course, along with a new Surface come updated accessories, and the updated 10-inch form factor will see updates to the Surface keyboards, stylus, and mouse at this size. Like the Surface 3, the new 10-inch device won't come bundled with any accessories, with said accessories being priced lower than the current offerings.

I had heard several weeks ago that Microsoft was indeed prototyping a new 10-inch Surface internally, but my sources had suggested at the time that said hardware would be powered by an ARM processor. Bloomberg's report claims a new 10-inch Surface will be powered by Intel instead. It seems odd that Microsoft would try so hard to push ARM on partners but opt for an Intel processor in its low-end Surface line instead. I assume there's a reason behind going with Intel, however.

Mary-Jo Foley reports that Microsoft may opt for an Intel M-based chip, which would be much preferred over an Intel ATOM one. This will give the new Surface enough power to do daily tasks and light productivity work in Microsoft Office. Of course, you won't want to buy this device to do things like video editing of gaming. Microsoft's 10-inch Surface line have never been for that kind of task.

Regardless, many have been hoping Microsoft would release a new non-pro Surface at some point, as this line of Surface devices are far more affordable and approachable to the masses. A $400 Surface might draw in new audiences that previously weren't interested due to the high-price of Surface products usually. Selling a cheap Surface is a dangerous game, however, as it's probably unwise for Microsoft to try and undercut its partners when it comes to Windows hardware.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I don't think they should worry about the undercutting partners. Instead, just like the original surface, they should set a new standard of budget, quality tablets for other developers to emulate.
  • Are their partners even still making tablets? I mean, other than the really cheap tablets from China (and RCA).
  • Uh, yeah. LOTS of them.
  • They certainly aren't selling if that is true. Microsoft is like 0.3% of the tablet market.
  • yes, but they make up 90% of 2-1 Market. but in the USA it is 16% of Market
  • Also there's a lot of people who don't just go buy the newest latest gadget and throw money in the wind for kicks, when people get a good tool, they keep it for a long while. I am still using my Surface Pro 2, because good quality hardware is 1) not inexpensive and 2) will perform great for a long time. I am just now becoming in need of a new tablet. So if people are out buy a new android or ipad every year I have to question if the hardware was really that bad or if they have just been conditioned to throw money away every year. Honestly I am hoping to see a tablet worth buying, it needs to be priced realistically and run full windows good enough to get work done as well as be able to be used for presentations and sketching. Microsoft has the resources to develop a tablet that can outperform all the competition and beat them on price point too. They are just going to have to take steps to gain ground on the competition which may mean they are going to have to scrap their old business model of not listening to "Average Joe" consumers. In the past they listened more to Enterprise and Commercial companies who have no loyalty to anyone or anything. And Apple and Android spent time trash talking Microsoft to the average user until we are where we are today. Kinda like VHS verses Beta, Beta had a better product but VHS did a better job Marketing their product and the next thing you know Beta was gone. Microsoft has not hit the point of no return yet, but if they aren't careful they can lose even more ground. Microsoft pay attention and get it together and give us a product that will help us to get what we need done... done. I have no interest in a tablet that will behave like a phone that cant even make a call. I need a tablet that allows me the same level of control as my desktop, something I can code on and get work done, can make presentations on and then something I can entertain myself on like browsing , email and games. Old school users who actually use the computer and know what a command prompt is for don't want to see computers continue to be turned into tools for the mindless. Sorry, that turned up some unxpected pent up frustrations, lol.
  • 2 in 1s are not tablets, they are laptops, they have attached keyboards. Tablets don't have attached keyboards and can be used without the keyboard. Honestly, I don't think any device running Windows can be considered a tablet. Windows just isn't a tablet OS.
  • So can a phone not be a calculator because it doesn't have physical buttons? I'm typing this on a Surface Pro 4 without a keyboard attached.
  • That experience is terrible. The on-screen keyboard has become much better on Windows, but it still isn't very good. Windows 10 still isn't very touch friendly and their are almost no good touch based apps. It is a laptop with a removable keyboard. It isn't a tablet with a optional keyboard.
  • To me a touch keyboard on anything larger than 8 inches is not a good experience. Ipad's included.
  • They certainly shouldn't worry about partners-- there are no more quality, small Windows tablets. But I disagree about "budget"; Surface should remain a premium, aspirational product line.
  • It's not necessarily the cost to the end user that means "premium". Solid build quality, good screen and a Core M CPU would do the trick for a lot of people, myself included. There simply isn't anything useful at this price range; all you get is cheap crap. "Differentiation" can be achieved in a lot of ways. For Surface, it's the design and build quality. With mid-range level internals you still get to be different.
  • iPad isn't cheap crap and it is less than $400.
  • lol $609 of the 10'' Tablet lol lol
  • That is the "Pro" version. iPad starts at $329.
  • iOS isn't a full blown desktop OS. It is severely limited.
  • That being said, Windows 10 is a full blown laptop and severely limited in being used as a tablet too. I have both an ipad and a dell 2 in 1, the dell as a tablet is not good because of lack of "tablety" software, just as the ipad is not good at being a desktop replacement because of lack of "desktopy" software on it. It goes both ways. Microsoft needs developers to step up and provide official "app/software" for tablets if they want to be used as tablets.
  • Yeah, which is needed. We have several Chinese OEMs making small Windows tablets, they're okay but not great. Most don't even support pen, and not at all on 8-inches tablets that I saw. What I wished is they make an 8-inch Surface tablet with Pen, and having pen alone would make a difference especially when its the same experience as any other Surface. Better if they can make use of ARM SoC for longer battery life and lighter device. On 8-inches, you don't really need to always run those Win32 apps. Lastly 8-inch Surface would set a standard for small tablets, especially when Microsoft Store offers eBooks but there is no flagship device that is best suited for reading. 12 inches or even 10 inches is still way too big and bulky, they are better suited for digital painting though. Though if they want to make it crazier, make it two-screens like what Courier supposed to be.
  • With this rumor of a 10" Surface tablet, Andromeda will fill the 8" tablet slot.
  • Yes yes yes
  • Yep
  • This is way overdue. I do hope it will be arm with multi-day battery life though. Let's hope for a surface event to show this off as well as hub 2 and foldable pocket pc. That would rock and make a nice splash for MS that is needed in the hardware space.
  • Depends on what Intel processor they're planning on releasing with this. The Apple offering absolutely crushes the current Snapdragon/Intel processors in that segment when it comes to performance. A $400 Surface would only be on par (sub-par in most cases) with some of the laptops for performance, though the Surface might be slightly premium looking.
  • Intel's current stable of chips doesn't include a suitable candidate. Perhaps they could water down a Core m3 to hit the power level (watts) but it would under perform. Maybe they will go with a brand new, previously unannounced, Intel 10nm chip; that's probably the best possibility for a viable product. Otherwise it will end up being excessively hot and or slow. Although the last time MS went with an unproven Intel product it didn't work out so well.
  • I find this suspect...
    The Surface 3 uses the ATOM X7 8700, which according to Intel's website, is still the 'best' ATOM they offer. Further, most reporting I've seen indicates Intel is abandoning the very low power end of their line-up (with the exception of special IoT chips).
    So unless, Intel has something unannounced that they've kept a tight lid on, there are no better ATOM processors for Microsoft to use.
    Going with the Snapdragon 845 seems far more likely IMO.
  • They could use the Gemini lake Pentium n5000 for example, preforms well and has 6w tdp (4.8 sdp).
    The china tablets use these chipsets to but they use the cheaper n4100, also good soc. some geekbench scores (cpu side):
    Pentium n5000:
    Intel core m3 7y30: On the gpu side i think the difference is way bigger. Grated both consume more then an atom. That said a snap 845 would be nice, should be better then the intel soc's for uwp (arm) apps but not for w32 apps.
  • A 6W 10" device will be too hot and it will be to slow in SDP mode. These chips are the underwhelming step-child of Atom or the Son of Atom serial killer.
  • WoA dead? Why wouldn't they be using WoA for such a device?
  • by saying WoA you mean ARM SOC or WIndows 10? Windows 10 on ARM is just Windows 10 SKU for device using ARM SOC
  • Of course I am wondering why they wouldn't be using ARM if it is so great. If they aren't using ARM for this device, that cannot be a good sign for WoA.
  • needs to be much faster than the surface 3.
  • Exactly... My Surface 3 is great, but if it had just a little more marbles it would be terrific. Just a little more power for the price. I don't think any device with Surface branding should ever hang, crash, or reboot, just because it's slightly underpowered.
    On another note, I would hate to see rounder corners on any Surface devices, less than a Surface Dilldo.
  • Lol Rodney...I'm flabbergasted. I don't think your comment will survive lmao
  • At least the name Surface Dilldo is better than Rodney’s “Surface Scribe.”
  • Everyone knows its Surface Journal
  • But then wouldn't it need a vibrator motor? You know for... notifications...
  • Just beef up the haptic motor
  • My Surface devices do all that, but not due to being underpowered. The firmware just kinda sucks.
  • If Atom had more marbles it would be a Core m3. Although speedier disk in a Surface 3 would have made it better it's too late to bring out an Atom or Son of Atom device even with better disk. That window of opportunity is closed and in the past. This will need a game changing snappy new low power SoC, something currently unannounced by Intel. Round 😮
  • Having used a Core m3 for the last year and a half, I would totally get this device if it equals the performance. But I'm not holding my breath...
  • As an S3 owner: If there was ever a case for always connected, always on, it would be this form factor.
  • Absolutely, I'd get one of those. I love my 2017 SP and my wife loves her SP4, but our two NextBook 10 tablets that we have as backup devices just aren't able to hack it anymore. So, these new devices would be welcome.
  • I'd also like to replace my Nextbook. I got it for $99 to use for 2 weeks, and 2 years later it's still the only laptop-ish thing I have for quick remote recordings. Would be okay if it weren't for the wonky keyboard connection.
  • Amazed they will actually use USB-C. I never thought I'd see the day Microsoft would come to its senses on this. Is years late, but I guess better than never. I think going Intel is the right thing, way too limitations with ARM. It's not ready for prime time with Windows. Storage options are pretty disappointing though, should be 256GB. The big issue is, this tablet will be pretty useless since there are still no apps available in the Microsoft Store. Not sure what I could even do with it at this point.
  • Browser, YouTube, Netflix, Office... What more do you need for a tablet? :-)
  • I'd like to play my mobile games that I have on my iPhone. I'd like to have the Alexa app. I'd like to have Ubiquiti app. None of my most used apps are available on Windows. Using Edge is a poor experience on a touch first device. I just don't see this working for most people.
  • Try using Facebook game cube
  • I actually find touch functions on Edge to be quite good.
  • Figured they would begin moving to USB C when they implemented it in the Surface Book 2...
  • What if it has a memory card slot like the SP?
  • Why would you be limited to the store unless it comes with 10S and you don't unlock it. Even WoA supports x86 even if it is said to be very slow.
  • USB-C is overdue. But the S3 did have Microusb.
  • Good luck. W10 has a nightmarishly bad touch keyboard, so until they fix that this tablet thing has no chances.
  • When you say "touch keyboard" are you talking about the external touch keyboard? Yeah, that thing suck (but was innovative). Just get a type cover. If you are talking about the on-screen one, it works just fine.
  • Touch keyboard usually means the keyboard that shows on the screen, for that matter Windows 10 onscreen keyboard sucks, Windows 8/8.1 was way better keyboard
  • Install the latest security update KB4100347
  • Its the Booklet.
  • Good name
  • I feel like I read somewhere, or maybe I heard it in a podcast, that Microsoft was really pushing ARM until the reviews of the HP Envy x2 started coming out. All of the underpowered, laggy performance scared them off. Intel needs to develop a new Y-series chip for them to use that would allow for similar LTE connectivity and battery life performance. Because a device with "8-hour" battery life with 4-5 hours real world performance is DoA in a 2018/19 tablet.
  • Who was making that comment? Do you have a link?
  • I think every reviewer took that Envy as a bad joke. Design wise is a good one, but seriously :))) starting price of $999 for a crippled device? Hasn't HP learned from their first mistake with the X3 phone? that no one is that stupid.
  • At last, I can afford a Surface!
  • Greatness. They are the best devices. Get you one... Nevertheless, at $400 you could've had a used Surface 3-4 a long time ago.
  • Zac, when this device is unveiled you should run a comparison article asking if it's better to buy this 10" Surface, or a used SP3-4. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • The SP isn't a tablet though. If this is actually going to be a tablet, it won't be running normal Windows 10.
  • You're like a 10fps cancer.
  • Bahh ha ha ha...thats funny right there...I don't care who you are! +1 raytiger.
  • With Donald Trump's decisions and Qualcomm cutting down, I think it's maje sense that Microsoft going away with Intel instead of Qualcomm ARM chips.
  • Not using a ARM is a mistake in a 10" tablet that wants to compete with the iPad. For a device this small the low power consumption and instant on is a must, and i doubt that for 400$ people are expecting insane performance, what they want is being able to use it as tablet (something that Intel CPUs can't do) is more important than to use it for professional applications.
  • WoA unfortunately is garbage right now... Microsoft hoped it would be ready sooner... we would of seen a Surface 4 type device by now. So, now they can't wait on any possible false promises from Qualcomm and are going with what they know works. Their education market has taken a hit for waiting this long. It is now or never.
  • I assume you do not have a WoA device. Otherwise you would not spill such a crap. It can be laggy under emulation sometimes but is generally fast, snappy and responsive under native SW. Thats far from being garbage.
    And there never have been any false promises from Qualcomm with respect to WOA
  • Reviews haven't been so kind and Microsoft hasn't exactly been sticking up for the platform. They have actually been back pedalling. Not using WoA for this doesn't bode well for the future of WoA.
  • It's smarter to drop the price of old surfaces like sp4, sp3, sp2017 closer to $400 price range (699+-) and just bring out a new surface pro for 2018/2019.
  • This configuration as an entry-level Surface device sounds great to me. Entry-level devices are all about affordability.
  • Having also ms hw not just sw is so different. And That, is in many countries more of Affordable price for students.
    Not to mention in many cases brands outs some specs/performance in mid range that even flagships owners can envy.
    Taking on ipads may be interesting, as they are also camera focused, would be weird to compare them with some of specs being inferior, hopefully that will change in their pricy surfaces too.
  • How about a 10 inch Surface Pro...?
    Reviving the original Surface Pro line...
  • What I am reading this new Surface will be Surface Pro.
  • Surface Pro isn't a tablet though. It sounds like this will be more of a pure tablet, not a laptop with a detachable keyboard. If it just a 10" Surface Pro and keyboard running normal Windows, then *yawn*. It has to be running Windows Core and be a good experience running all touch.
  • The tablet will be running the Windows 10 Surface Pro OS. That is what I have been reading.
  • Then it isn't really a tablet, at least not a good one. Mediocre touch interfaces and no touch apps will mean it will just be another laptop.
  • I was just going to post that. how about a nice powerful surface pro 10 inch version. I would be down for that.
  • Me too... the smaller the better...unfortunately the smaller also means the more expensive!
  • The report I read mentioned a 4 hr reduction in battery life. If so that's concerning. Not sure how the newer Surfaces are fairing on bat run time, but I haven't been impressed with my S4 Pro M3 bat run time. Also I thought MS's stance was the Surface is not meant to compete against the iPad. I would think the rumored Andromeda device would be better suited in this role. Perhaps the release of this Andromeda device is a lot further off than MS was initially planning, we the users were hoping; or maybe not at all....
  • Nope. This sounds like a reheated Surface 3-- a product I own and enjoy, but one that was under-powered (even with 4GB) and didn't sell well. Make it a smaller Surface Pro LTE (~10" 3:2 hi-dpi screen, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage) with either an i5 running W10 Pro or an SD845 running W10 on ARM. Trying to compete at the low end is a terrible idea, unless Microsoft is content to make this a loss leader to push MS 365 services. I'd rather they stay at the high end.
  • What is stopping them from having both Intel and an ARM? I think they could have both options. This would be a good test case, if you could test them for Cost/performance bench marks/connectivity/battery. Let the market chose, More competition can only be better for us.I don't see how Intel can just sit back and let a large part of the market just be taken up by QUALCOMM/AMD. Intel needs to step it up, it looks as though other chip MFGs have been. I think we will see something new from Intel too.
  • The ARM version would give them a bad name though. It isn't doing well as is, continueing to use it would not be a smart move.
  • I still love my Surface 3 and use it pretty much every day. I think it's great that they're finally coming out with a replacement. I use it mostly for consumption, but it's awesome to have a full Windows PC in a small, light, inexpensive form factor in the event that I have to remotely access a server, edit a document, etc.
  • Microsoft "may" be working on an Intel powered 10-inch Surface with two SKU's (64gb and 128gb) with an additional LTE SKU along with updated accessories to be sold separately, listing the device at $400 to be released in the third or fourth quarter of 2018. That's quite a bit of specifics for a maybe. Ever get the feeling some "reports" are just a way to get free feedback from a test market? Anyhoo, I'd definitely buy this ;)
  • I'm disheartened that they would walk from WoA so quickly. This does not bode well for the Surface notPhone.
    This form factor is screaming for the benefits of multi-day battery and always on LTE connectivity.
  • Why caring about undercutting partners. Microsoft must first cares about themselves and later make partners to fuzz sometimes, we the end users must be the concern. Well nice deal if only it'll ever see the day market. I'd rather go for if out. There is ni need for me to ho for high end tablets, but for lower ends.
  • They really aren't. When Microsoft makes a device, it is a "Reference Model" They expect all their OEMs to follow suite and make competing products. As long as MS gets their cut for the OS on each copy, they are happy.
  • I already have a cheap surface clone called the Acer Switch 3 using the Intel N4200 CPU. The metal horse-shoe kick stand is better than the Surface 'flap'. The N4200 is faster than any Atom CPU. It was about $400 and came with a keyboard and N-trig pen.
  • This is really good news. Now Microsoft needs two things to ensure its success: 1) a good tablet O/S (think Windows 8.1) 2) the ability to actually market a consumer product. I know they have had amazing success with Surface with revenue almost a quarter of what Apple had in iPad sales in the last quarter, oh wait, that's not very successful. I'll probably buy one and hope they'll figure out a tablet O/S.
  • This is great news! I've always wanted Windows on a tablet that I can take with me on the go, at an affordable price, and this sounds good to me!
  • They already had the Surface 3 that runs regular apps and cost < $500.
  • I don't go on hear say when it comes to Microsoft. I'll just wait and see
  • I'm not seeing much information on stylus support, but I would hope this tablet would offer great Surface Pen support. A 10-inch device with stylus support would be a great competitor for the new iPad with Pencil support, which starts much lower than $400. And personally, I'd be happy to see it released as a WoA device, even if it isn't as powerful as an Intel system. They need to show first-party support for ARM.
  • What I have been reading, are that accessories will be sold separately, including Surface Pen.
  • Will the new tablet be able to use the Surface Pen? Even an 8" tablet would be useful for taking notes.
    But then if the Surface Phone/Courier/Andromeda/Whatever appears . . . .
  • What I have been reading, is that accessories will be sold separately, including Surface Pen.
  • And, will they will call it the "Surface 3 S"?
  • Given reports of lacking performance in Arm based tablets (surprising no one), I don't find Intel a surprise at all, except that I'd think AMD would offer more bang for the buck.
  • Why not just make and/or release a phone.
  • Simple. They don't have a phone sized experience that can compete. They are too far behind to ever be successful unless they have something completely mind blowing.
  • What you just stated is what losers say. I remember when people thought Apple was dead. Thanks to Microsoft Apple raised from the dead and look at them now. Microsoft's current regime might not have the spine or wherewithal to focus long enough to come up with a winning strategy but eventually it might just happen.
  • Apple had a mind blowing product. Did you not read my comment? If Microsoft is just going to make more of the same crap, then they shouldn't bother. They need something revolutionary, something that probably isn't running Windows. Apple certainly didn't put OSX on the iPhone.
  • They tried that, didn't work out so well...
  • My Surface Pro 2 is in daily use; actually, I just upgraded it to W10v1803 (no issues). Heck, I still use my RT. I have had no interest at all in the 12 inch Surface models. None. That's a laptop form factor IMHO (yes, my current "main" laptop is a 12 inch display). As the battery on the Surface is obviously aging, finding a suitable replacement has had me a bit worried. But a new 10 inch Surface? And in the $400 range? That piques my interest. I look forward to the review.
  • Brdavis9, I would still use my RT devices too if they were not Shatty Asus devices. Both touchscreens failed on them. I am going to try to replace the screens on them. I would use it as a general tablet for camping etc, since they are small, have a great battery life, and decent keyboard. See what happens when I get a new screen installed.
  • This is going to be DoA unless it's as thin and portable and easy to hold like an iPad, very long battery life, and with awesome pen support. I'm a long time Surface 3 user; not to mention Microsoft fanboy, but with the current Windows 10's tablet mode, I would walk away. Also, with the iPad 2018 starting at $329, it's a no brainer to go for Apple. It's sad to see Microsoft falling behind and always behind the curve in the consumer market. I miss my Windows Phone 7 Series device that was so fluid and lag free and my Windows 8 with awesome tablet centric OS. I've moved on, from the lack of apps on mobile and the lack of available tablet running Windows in the market. I think it's a dead end here for Microsoft.
  • That is the thing. If Microsoft wants to compete with Apple, they need a great experience at a lower price. No one is going to pay more for inferior hardware and software. If they want to compete with iPad, they need to make it like $199.
  • lol no what is need a 10 Tablet with pen and LTE Sale 299.99. it Use Windows 10 S
  • probably not because they are idiots and soon the cheaper iPads, with great capabilities I must admit, will be all over the place. If they dare to make a lousy Qualcomm tablet they will be shooting themselves on the foot, and tarnish the Surface brand (which is dying a slow death anyway). Not to mention that iPads are by far the best investment anyone can make. Both the iPad 2 and the New iPad (3) I had bought back then are alive and kicking offering a solid experience with apps and games. The Windows 8 Tablet I had bought (at the same pricepoint as my iPad) died 2 years after I bought it, and another I bought later was obsolete in 1 year when Windows 10 came out and it was slower than a torturing death. .
  • Let's hope this comes with a fall update that features a refreshed tablet mode... Fingers crossed...
  • I heard that there are 10nm Intel processors in some units for sale. I also heard they do not include a GPU. Could they finagle a new 10 nm Intel processor with a discrete GPU? How much less power would a 10 nm Intel chip consume?
  • Great! I still love - and use - my Surface 3. And would be happy to not have to add it to my pile of "no longer in production" MS products: Surface RT, Band, phone, etc.
  • Lol. I have the same minus the Surface RT.
  • cool new it is a Really Awesome that Surface Team going to Take on iPod and Kindle Fire.
  • Kindle fire? REALLY? MS is going to release a 60 dollar surface? Come on, KJW, get realistic with your comments.
  • Lol yes ome can lol
  • Thats not the surface team. That is OEM. two totally different things. The surface team is not worried about the kindle fire at all. There are already cheap w10 tablets available for that anyways.
  • yeh, sure. There are fairies at the bottom of my garden too.
  • WoA is DoA
  • Not a big fan of "budget" Surface devices. The Surface line should stick to showcasing the platform. Let the OEMs knockoff their designs to provide budget machines. 10.1 inch device, yeah super cool! And about time! But no ARM instant on/all day battery life... no LTE... sub-par processor... no included keyboard (education focused devices must have a keyboard)... it's going to be really hard to compete with iPads or even Chromebooks. Include a really good keyboard cover in the color of your choice, and a pen, all for $399 and now its worth a second look. But then... you basically have the Asus T102HA!
  • I've been looking for a Surface 3 replacement for the past year and a half, and while the Surface Book, Pro 4, and newest pro are faster and more capable with upgraded specs, they are also a lot more expensive. Just like MSFT has continued the Surface Pro line, they should continue a Surface line as well. I was looking for a tablet for my 13 yr old to school, and while there are a lot of OEM's who are putting out low budget tablets, they don't come close to the Surface 3. Lenovo, Acer, Dell, all are slow and though many come with keyboards, they are not as responsive, and don't get me started about the pens. I believe this will be a success or MSFT.
  • It's not going to be Intel. My money is on Zac's original sources.
  • The Store doesn't really seem to fill up and no competing browsers in the store because they'd be forced to use the Edge engine makes using only store apps impossible.
    If they want an ARM Windows to compete, it should have Android support and Play Store access... Unless they make x86 emulation fast.
  • x86 doesn't make up for the lack of touch apps.
  • After reading more than a few of the boat load of articles that popped up everywhere instantly on this subject, I'm convinced that MS feels forced to do this to compete with the $329 iPad which is aimed primarily at Education (priced at $299 for Schools). If the sector they are trying to compete in is truly Education they absolutely must focus on the Keyboard. Option A) they should go with a smaller version of the Surface Laptop form factor but one with a 360 foldable hinge on it. The 360 hinge and touchscreen would make it stand out from Chromebook, and allow for tent and presentation modes. Option B) Go ahead and price it at $399 but throw in a free keyboard and wireless mouse as part of Educational pricing. $49 keyboard for everyone else. If Education is your target, the Surface branding makes sense there.
  • I wish they will release an 8 inch Surface tablet with Pen. Call it Surface Mini or better Call it Surface Note (because of the pen). We are lacking any great 8 inch Windows tablet in the market, there is no flagship and Surface needs to step in and make one for the category. There are Chinese OEMs, but they are okay but not great. Microsoft Store has eBooks but we are lacking flagship small tablets. 10 inch tablets are still too big for reading, let alone their weight and bulkiness, this is why 8 inches were better for this. Even for taking notes, an 8 inch is similar in size of a regular notebook. Yeah we may have this Andromeda Device coming soon, but isn't that of a size of a pocket notebook instead, when folded should be the same size of a smartphone, more like a phablet? So having an 8-inch device would fill the gap, a proper small tablet. I wouldn't mind if having an ARM SoC instead, actually, that would be more suited since it brings better battery runtime, lighter and slimmer device.
  • I think Andromeda will fill the 8" Surface tablet slot.
  • I was someone who would've bought a Surface Mini before it was canceled. So sign me up for an new 10" model, especially at this price point. If it works with the pen I already have, that would be great! Even better if it worked with the same keyboard as Surface Pro too! If it also shipped with Windows S and "Always Connected," I think it would be pretty lean and mean since pretty much all of my current Surface Pro apps come from the Store anyway.
  • Yeah, I'm not interested in an Intel powered tablet. Don't need x86/Win32 apps on a tablet. I got a PC for that. I'd rather have an ARM powered tabled running Andromeda with phone support.
  • Around 400$? Sign me up! I love my SP4 but the size isn't always needed, but somehow I not keen to get an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. I need a pen support for sure.
  • If it's going to compete with other 10" tablets it's going to need a massively improved Tablet Mode. This also sounds like a 10.1" device not a 10.8" device which takes it out of the small productivity device category because any keyboard smaller than the 10.8 keyboard is just too small (the whole reason Apple increased the size of the iPad Pros) and that means it has to function exceptionally as a tablet without a keyboard. If it's not on par with the iPad and Samsung Galaxy S3 it will just be a flash in the pan.
  • Inking on my SP is pretty good. I think MSFT put in a chip on the edge of the screen to facilitate the inking capabilities. If MSFT made 100s of changes to various parts between SP4 and SP, then why couldn't MSFT incorporate these changes or take another iteration to simplify into a new Surface Device. Call it Surface. Ideally, MSFT really just wants to have a pad 8.5 by 11 inches with a pen that acts just like a pen and pad of paper. The utility of a pad of paper and a pencil is far higher than any computer you can buy for most common everyday tasks.
  • How about they actually make it a dedicated tablet with actual tablet OS instead of a half baked "mode" on top of a desktop OS?
  • Like Windows 10 S? That would take me out as a potential customer. I'm looking for a small portable device that can run the one x86 program that I use and has a detachable keyboard. Also, great battery life.
  • Abit time. Surface 3 I bought for my mum years ago still going great. Better than my surface pro (2017) in recognizing my old laser printer, I gave up trying to get my pro to pick up the printer so I just use the s3 to print. Pathetic really.
  • It seems there is a 10nm Core m that showed up on some benchmark testing sites. This would be a potential candidate for an Intel powered 10" tablet.
    Core m3-8114Y, 4.5W TDP, Intel UHD graphics, LPDDR4 support, Real SSD (please don't cripple this device with a cheap storage solution like eMMC). It still won't be as thin or light as the iPad.
  • I'm a big fan of the aging surface 3. Especially I like the size since I find the 12' of the surface pro too big and somewhat clumsy. This why I preferred it back then over the more expensive pro device. I only wished it has a stronger processor than Atom i7. Can I expect that my 10' surface 3 docking station, which I really like to work together with the new 10' device?
  • why dont they fix the screen bleed first before they make a cheaper one
  • Because it's okay if this one has screen bleed. Because it's the cheaper version. /s
  • Another FAIL. Mediocre touch UI, mediocre touch UX and no tablet optimized apps...:)) again, what would make this a tablet? besides MS naming and fanboys' delusional desperation.
  • Yeah yeah for Microsoft they finally got some Business Savvy. folks not everyone can go into
    any Microsoft Physical or Online store & pay 500 dollars plus for a PC Tablet. this price
    is affordable to to enough new buyers to buy a Microsoft Made Tablet. Microsoft needed
    this product to sell to low income & medium income People. they will probably some day sell
    a 500 dollar package bundle that includes the Type Cover and basic Tablet Pen if this PC
    Tablet does MS Office Well, Netflix, and does web searches Well it will be worth 400$
  • I really think people who have no intention of buying the device should not suggest to Microsoft. Microsoft needs a core m3 or i5 , a SSD , a big battery , pen support . An arm tablet is a waste of money , the basic requirement of a windows tab is for browsing , media , office and playing games like lol and even higher end games when required .
  • I don't think a cheaper surface tablet is a dangerous game. What is dangerous, I think, is if microsoft is carless to only slap windows 10 on it with improving the half baked features and missing features of tablet mode and tablet experience. I think that's careless and I then don't see the value of the cheaper surface device
  • At long last , a very affordable surface running the standard version of W10 is an excellent idea .