The Microsoft Surface Duo 128GB is down to a shockingly low $389

Surface Duo 2020
Surface Duo 2020 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Just when you thought Surface Duo deals couldn't get any steeper, they fell off a cliff and crash-landed into sub-$400 territory. That's right: The Duo is down to $389 right now!

The big caveat is that it's locked to AT&T. As long as you can stomach that, you're primed to snag the 128GB model for less than it's ever cost, meaning you can get in on the Duo at the lowest possible entry price until next week rolls around and it goes on sale for even cheaper (probably).

Before you buy, consider that this could be a good trial run for you if you're interested in the upcoming Surface Duo 2 but aren't sure you want to shell out full price for Microsoft's unusual device's newer iteration. A classic Duo at $389 could be a way to dip your toes in the water without having to bear the full financial load of what will soon be Microsoft's latest and greatest.

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  • How many years of support are left though?
  • About two. It debuted September 2020. At this price, it makes for a great mobile entrypoint for XBGPU O_O
  • I wonder if At&t is the main cause of these fire sales. Seems like it's only the the locked version at bargain basement prices while the locked version stays around $700.
  • Probably not? I think having AT&T as the only carrier to initially offer the thing meant there is a greater glut of those models that need purged. Unlocked models can go anywhere--any carrier or country--so there's probably less desperation of excess stock. Even if there are more unlocked models out there the theoretical customer base is many times greater. MAYBE it's AT&T offloading unsold stock though. IDK what the supply chain to a place like BuyDig or Woot (who had a majorly discounted offer recently as well) looks like.
  • Almost tempted to pick a second one just for the sake of it!
  • I spoke with an associate at my local att store last week and was told they haven't made one sale on the duo, and they have had one on the floor for demo since release. I wonder if he was being honest or just doing his usual persuasion towards iphones. They did the same with windows phones
  • Well, part of it is the fact the Sales reps don't push to try and sell it, in my opinion. As you mentioned, they want you to buy the more popular devices. Additionally, even with Windows Phone, they never talked positive about it, but could never give a good reason at the time why it wasn't a good phone. In its early stages, it had most of the apps people would use, or an app in place of the one they used. Despite that, the phone came pretty feature packed out the box, compared to iPhone or Android during that time.
  • I personally couldn't care less what an AT&T rep tells me. They're specialized retail employees, not experts in their field. I've gone to AT&T and Verizon and Best Buy's mobile department and consistently known more about what I wanted than the staff did. When I got my LG G8, the AT&T staff didn't even know that it was coming out the day before it launched. When I bought the thing at Best Buy, the sales rep said they didn't have it when they clearly did. When my sister got her Lumia ICON, the Verizon rep almost sold her a Lumia 928 because he didn't know the difference. Those people only get the minimum on train g and rarely know more than the general public. If you want something that isn't the overhwlemjng market leader (Samsung/Apple flagships), you're probably not going to get meaningful info or help from most of the carrier employees.
  • That's exactly the point. The most popular devices maintain their positions, at least in part, because incompetent sales staff don't know about anything else and just keep steering people towards them. You may not care about what AT&T staff say but a lot of people do, and those staff help to prevent devices they don't know about or have their own biases against actually selling to people who would like and/or benefit from them.
  • Still at full price in UK £1350 ($1877).
  • It looks like they ship to the UK, just trying to work out if it can be unlocked!
  • Still too expensive.
  • Are you high bro?
  • No, he's right. The software is a mess (I blame Android for most of that though) and the specs are below what even budget devices offer. The only reason to buy this is if you have money to burn and like curiosities. I'll gladly pay $1500 for a Duo 2 that has an 888 processor, 12 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage, 5G, and cameras on par with the iPhone and Galaxy series, but I wouldn't buy a first gen Duo unless it was about $100. I'd even pay $2000 if there was a Duo 2 with all that and Windows 11 instead of Android.
  • To blame Android for the poor performance of a phone with a notoriously buggy software build is…questionable.
  • I meant more that Android was not designed with dual screens in mind, the poor implementation is Microsoft's fault.
  • The software is nowhere as bad as it is made out to be. I've been using it as my daily now for over 2 weeks, and honestly, saying that it's a 'mess' is an exaggeration. A few animation stutters once in a while. Never once crashed on me, and I use it all the time. It is very useable, not as catastrophic as many are parroting all over the internet.
  • Exactly. "A classic Duo at $389 could be a way to dip your toes in the water without having to bear the full financial load of what will soon be Microsoft's latest and greatest." Or to more accurately put it, waste $400 in addition to the ~$1500 that the next version will cost that will fix some of the problems with the original bringing your total cost of ownership to ~2k. No thank you.
  • I don't think you can reasonably argue it's too expensive. Rather, it's in an all-or-nothing place. If you are AT ALL willing to buy it, the price is great. However, we're maybe 2 months from the second-gen offering's announcement (and maybe availability). If you're willing to consider the second-gen offering at launch (an you're OK with it at about $1,500), then there is no real reason to consider this. You'd be spending $400 to use this for maybe a couple of months. They're already somewhat minimalist with software support, and the thing is going to age quite badly because its hardware is so limited. If you're unwilling to spend full price on a Duo, you're still in an awkward spot. Buy this now, and you need the second-gen to go on sale for more than $400 off to break even...or deal with reselling the first-fen when few will really want it. It's a device that is tough to justify at anything other than a "giving it away" price, since the new one's launch is so close and it's such a rough product with a large number of basic features missing.
  • I'm betting they give a decent trade-in for the first Gen duo when the second goes on sale. Similar to what Samsung did for the Fold.
  • Would jump at even half the UK price so this is a steal.
  • Here's the thing - does ATT treat this as a phone or a tablet? If a phone, you'll be on the hook for $40+/mth with a carrier that likely isn't yours for what undoubted for most people will be a second phone. It would be nice if the author of this article revised it to provide this information. Given its specs, if it's treated as a phone, it's not worth picking up an extra line even if they gave the device away for free.
  • It's a phone for them, I would imagine. They sell it on AT&T Next plans. You're better off having a mobile plan with tethering, as opposed to having a second line. That said, I don't know if AT&T would allow you to do a data-only plan and treat it like a tablet/Hotspot, in that regard. They...might?
  • The past few years AT&T has been good unlocking devices that are paid in full. Is that still the case? I haven't tried to unlock a device in a long while. But has anyone had any luck getting one of these unlocked?
  • Never even considered this device given MS's consumer device track record. Five Lumia phones later I have to say I am a bitter mobile space consumer and I am just hang on to my One Plus 8T for a few more years before going back to iOS.
  • Let the bitterness go man. These are just tools, not a life or death matter.
    Microsoft tried their best with the Lumias and W10M, didn't work out. Every other company goes through the same. It's okay to try again. Failing once, twice or even ten times does not mean one will always fail going forward, else I don't think anything worthwhile would have been achieved in the world!
  • That's actually a silly attitude to have. In the case of Lumia devices, they were running a different OS so, when they were discontinued, we were forced to move to a completely different ecosystem and that was quite a big deal. The Duo is in quite a different situation, because it runs Android. If Microsoft does discontinue the Duo line then, the next time you are due to upgrade your phone, you just buy an Android device from a different manufacturer and you're good to go, with the same OS and all the same apps without having to repurchase anything. There's really nothing to lose by buying a Duo, even if Microsoft do discontinue it. If you don't want the device because you don't like the hardware or you have issues with the software or it's too expensive then that's fine, but the fact that Microsoft might discontinue it isn't really a reason not to get it.
  • It seems the right price for a beta-test product with a two year old processor and the previous version of Android.
  • Huh says not available