Just when you thought Surface Duo deals couldn't get any steeper, they fell off a cliff and crash-landed into sub-$400 territory. That's right: The Duo is down to $389 right now!

The big caveat is that it's locked to AT&T. As long as you can stomach that, you're primed to snag the 128GB model for less than it's ever cost, meaning you can get in on the Duo at the lowest possible entry price until next week rolls around and it goes on sale for even cheaper (probably).

Surface Duo Product

Microsoft Surface Duo 128GB (Locked, AT&T)

Microsoft's Surface Duo can be yours for an all-time low of $389. It'll be locked to AT&T, but as long as you're cool with that, you can snag the 128GB model for a record-low price. The coupon that brings the Duo down to its current tag expires August 4, 2021, so act fast if interested.

Before you buy, consider that this could be a good trial run for you if you're interested in the upcoming Surface Duo 2 but aren't sure you want to shell out full price for Microsoft's unusual device's newer iteration. A classic Duo at $389 could be a way to dip your toes in the water without having to bear the full financial load of what will soon be Microsoft's latest and greatest.

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