The Microsoft Surface Duo can be yours for $549 today (Update: Sold out)

Surface Duo 2020
Surface Duo 2020 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

If you've ever wanted a Surface Duo but have been put off by the price, it's time to get excited. Woot has the 128GB model for a super low $549 and the 256GB model for $619. If you want a list of reasons detailing why the device is worth picking up, check out our Surface Duo review. In short, it's fun, functional, and different.

Update: Woot is now sold out of Surface Duos.

The tiny Surface Duo is great for mobile productivity and standing out in crowds, so no matter what you want your tech to say about you (and do for you), this device has you covered. However, if you want to snag it via the bonkers deal listed up above, you'll have to act fast. Woot's bargain only lasts until supplies run out or midnight, whichever comes first. The clock's ticking!

Also, take note that the device isn't unlocked (hence the "AT&T LTE WWAN (Locked)" in its title). If that's a dealbreaker for you, keep waiting for more Surface Duo deals; they're cropping up like wildfire, and an unlocked Duo bargain is bound to appear soon enough.

Robert Carnevale

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