Microsoft is working on a new Surface Hub

Microsoft first revealed the Surface Hub in January 2015, although it didn't start shipping the mammoth collaborative toolset until March 2016 after initial delay.

Despite the fact that the last significant Surface Hub news came five months ago, Microsoft today is building momentum around version two in a surprise pre-announcement:

Surface Hub created an entirely new device category, and we're thrilled with the strong momentum we have seen across the globe. We're working on V2 and will share more in the first half of this year.

This announcement is one of the first times Microsoft is not only acknowledging a new version of the Surface Hub, but it's also well ahead of any planned press-event or shipping details.

Coming in two sizes – 55-inch and 84-inch, priced at $6,999 and $19,999 respectively – Microsoft is giving current companies a small heads-up that a new version is on the way so they can begin planning around the tools and ecosystem (and budgeting).

There is no word on what specifically will be new in Surface Hub V2, but refreshed hardware, improved display, inking and things like Microsoft Teams support on the software front are expected.

So far so good with Surface Hub

Microsoft was quick to tout the success of Surface Hub, noting it has now sold Hub to more than 5,000 customers across 25 markets. That's double the amount sold as of December 2016 when the company revealed it had sold Hub to 2,000 customers, which Microsoft said at the time exceeded expectations. (There's no firm number on actual units, sold, but Microsoft has mentioned companies on average buy 50 units).

The company also noted that over half of the Fortune 100 corporations have purchased Surface Hub and 60 percent of Surface Hub sales come from large enterprise customers.

Update: This article originaly noted that "more than 5,000 units" have been sold, but it has been corrected to "more than 5,000 customers".

Microsoft is promising on a Surface Hub OS upgrade for existing devices to try to keep parity with Surface Hub V2 and that more in-depth integration with Microsoft Teams and Office 365 will continue.

Collaboration has been a significant focus of Microsoft lately with Teams, Whiteboard, Skype, and Office 365. Surface Hub serves as the primary hardware for that initiative and Redmond appears to be having success with it.

Expect to hear more about Surface Hub V2 "in the first half of this year," which could hint at a Microsoft Build's May 7 timeframe.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • did you mean 2,000 customers not units?
  • He meant 2000 units. Considering the main consumers are Fortune 100 companies around the world, these companies likely purchase 2 - 5 Surface Hubs a piece. So, 5000 units isn't that hard to fathom.
  • yeah, but the link is to the previous article where it was 2,000 customers - just checking is all
  • And where would those companies find one?
  • Correct. It's more than 2,000 (2016) and 5,000 (2018) customers not units. On average, a Surface Hub deal involves 50 units. The article has been corrected.
  • I stand corrected. That was my mistake. Made an assumption based on MS expectations of not selling many units, especially considering price points.
  • Expecting 'Microsoft is set to unveil Andromeda, a foldable device from Surface' on this site ;)
  • Why not democratize this...bring the price down to $2000...(after all 55" 4K monitors have come down to $500) you can sell two million in the first year...and ramp up from there potential market ...every conference room and possibly every classroom...
  • I used some of demo devices and enjoyed having meetings on it here, in Belgium. Lots of companies that I approached were highly interested, even when arriving to the price point.
    Surface Hub is clearly outstanding and has some technologies that could be implemented on other Surface devices (like magnetic charge for the pen for example). Everything is made to make visio-conference, team building and presentations more easy and more simple than before thanks to the automatic change of camera to keep your face in front and not your back, the automatic suppression of user files when disconnecting from the device or even the integrated Whiteboard that arrived lately on Windows 10 for further interaction between Surface Hub and other devices ^^
  • The Surface Hub would be a great platform for Cortana to be showcased. I wonder if companies that buy these devices use Cortana at all?
  • Who would talk to Cortana in a meeting with a straight face.
  • I played with one yesterday as Microsoft had a Surface event on campus for the departmental people that buy technology.  I thought it was pretty cool and useful and I could see a use for it in some of our conference rooms.
  • My company has one; it is really an awesome and useful device.
  • We have two, they are really awesome. Only the pricetag keeps me from buying another 8 (one for each meeting room). But also they said "price not negociable" for less than 50. So it seems like it's selling quite good.
  • In 2016, it was 2,000 customers with average of 50 devices per order. I remembered we called this product a success based on 100,000 devices sold.
    Now, it is reaching to 5,000 customers. I am sure more devices must be sold. The device is not cheap, but it is so awesome. Let's hope Surface Hub v2 is a great follow-up. Microsoft can go all out with this product without the need to keep the cost down that much. Otherwise, we would not see 100 point multi touch, 3 pen support at the same time in the first generation device. Let's see what the Hub 2 brings ;)
  • Is it foldable? Can it make phone call? Does it come with Uber app?
  • Are these dumb questions?
  • Fold for easy storage
    Calls for conferencing
    Uber for the delegates at the bar He might be on to something.
  • Foldable - Why would you fold a Converence Room Installed device? Phone calls - Yes, just link your Skype to your company phone  system