Why the delay? Microsoft talks about testing Windows 10 Mobile for Insiders

Earlier this morning, we reported that Microsoft was testing a new Windows 10 Mobile candidate for release to the Windows Insider community. The goal is to get it out this week, but as many would expect, this still leaves Insiders yearning for more.

Microsoft's Gabriel Aul has now taken to their blog to give a peek behind the process of testing and releasing Insider builds. For Insiders, there is never a fast enough ring. However, Microsoft has some standards in place as explained, including making sure that basic phone features (e.g. calls, texting, installing and using apps) still work.

As explained, as they fix old issues, new ones can pop up, and the process goes through a few cycles until they are happy enough to release it. Speaking of the issues in build 10512 and the proposed next release (likely build 10536), here is what we now so far about what is fixed:

  • Mobile hotspot functionality now works
  • Quiet Hours\Do Not Disturb has been fixed
  • Pinch and zoom in the Maps app now work as expected
  • The delay in showing the date and time on the Lock screen has been improved

Part of the delay in getting a new build to users falls back on this part:

"Unfortunately, we had to reset our ring progression 3 times over the past several weeks because of 3 issues that would have affected Insiders."

To end on a positive note, Aul tells Insiders:

"The good news is that we believe we have fixes for the issues blocking us from flighting a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build, and we're going through the internal rings now."

In all likelihood, Microsoft should be on track to get Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 (or higher) to Insiders within the week. Of course, as pointed out in the blog post, showstopping bugs can occur. Fingers crossed we get something sooner than later.

For now, head to the Windows Blog to read more about the process in testing the OS for Insiders.

Source : Blogging Windows

Daniel Rubino

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  • Just give me aero effects or blur effects on action centre and a bluetooth folder, I'll be a happy man.
  • Agreed!
    And does quiet hours not need Cortana yet?
  • This...i want badly
  • Quiet hours is easily one of the best parts of Windows Phone for me as a college student.
  • I hear you. For me, though, it's more like 'quiet minute', if you know what I mean.
  • Quiet hours is a joke on windows 10 as it doesn't interact with calander appointments anymore
  • And don't forget the ability to add custom field for contacts.
  • Quick MSFT...you got a window...sp3 is an apple logo with some scrap metal below it!
  • Someone needs to sack Gabe Aul and get someone in with an understanding of the mobile market.
    Seriously, glaciers move quicker than progress on this OS!
  • You should be banned from the insiders club.
  • Your internet privileges are hereby revoked. Crime: Misunderstanding technical issues and being entitled. Sentence: Internet comments ban. Length: 2,000 years.
  • this.
  • In the same period of time that MS fixes some bugs, Apple creates a new OS...
  • Has it occurred to you maybe, just maybe every corp has more than one team doing things?
  • Sure, all corps but MS....
  • Wich new os? Apple isn't using the iOS?
  • TV OS new for Apple TV, Watch OS, iOS and OSX , Microsoft makes tings easier and more coherent .. Apple is making a mess
  • and yet they are up and running whereas the one promised OS is still works in progress...get the point?
  • Yeah, because there is nothing easier than to draw another grid of icons.
  • Agreed
  • I've been going on and on about this. That translucent look is killer, and it would look sexy as hell on Windows 10
  • If only it worked.
  • And again no word 'bout Sammy support. The time has come to think about something tasty, that has fallen off the tree...
  • That's on Samsung, not Microsoft.
  • Before anyone asks HTC promises upgrades for 18 months after release
  • I believe its 2 yrs..but then again we are hoping to get Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft through Insider program, not from HTC.
  • ^That. Samsung has to provide phone images for MS to use with the Recovery Tool. I would love to use 10 mobile on my Neo.
  • Oh yeah?
  • Am I the only one who think that the delay on showing the time ok lockscreen it's good to appreciate a wallpaper background?!
  • Lmao I totally agree, especially with the Bing images.
  • Daniel, you still don't explain one thing.... If this is all W10, then why does desktop not have as many issues getting fast ring builds out?
    Is it ARM that makes it more difficult? Or, is it that desktop still has priority over mobile... I mean, sure these same "1 step forward, two step back" issues have to happen with desktop builds as well.... Desktop builds just don't seem to be held up nearly as much.
  • The interns on the WinMo team aren't as quick at squashing bugs. Hopefully the desktop behemoth will hand over a few staff so WinMo can actually make some progress.
  • Isn't the Windows Phone team the exiled Windows Vista engineers
  • Weren't they supposed to have already done that?
  • Rodney - It's all Windows 10 at the CORE.... Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Mobile are different OS layers on top of the Windows 10 core.  The bugs in Mobile are particular to the mobile layer.
  • Yeah, but if you notice.... All of the apps are separated from the OS.. The core apps are Universal Windows 10 apps... It's those apps, and their bugs, that make up the most annoyances.... If they are so damn universal then why are they so far behind the desktop versions?... Is it because the mobile/ARM version is making it harder to squash bugs in the mobile apps? Do you see what I'm saying❔❔❔
  • thats obvious, the window sphone team is holding the insiders builds to higher standards.. ffs just read the damn post, it says this right in it =/
  • Read this linked WinBeta article. I'll even quote it for you: “Mobile doesn’t have patching, so a bug we want to fix means a re-spin and new build. PC can be patched without new build,” says Microsoft’s own Gabriel Aul, the man in charge of the Windows Insider Program. As it says, to keep the footprint of the mobile OS small, it does not support patching like you have in the desktop OS. So even a small problem often requires a new build to fix because they cannot release patches for an existing build after it has been released to Insiders. This means unlike the desktop OS, going forward they have to be extra careful so as not to let a big bug into the Insider's hands. That's why it takes longer to release mobile builds including the reasoning published in this article.
  • Now, that is a good explanation, and it makes a lot of sense.. Thanks!
  • #offtopic Daniel when is the universal Windows Central app arriving to Windows 10? Please reply!
  • And imore
  • They seem to have an explanation for everything these days. Including no change logs. :-(
  • I feel like we live in the matrix.  Microsoft (and us) are the ignorant masses.  Apple and Google are Neo with the ability to bend time to accomplish things that make our heads spin.  Apple just released ANOTHER round of new iPhones!   So they revised their lineup again, and I'm still waiting for a better preview version of half baked OS so I can run it on my 3 year old 1020
  • True.... It's kinda hard to see progress when it's on such a smaller scale than the others...
  • It's almost getting hard to call Micrsoft a true "software giant" when companies like Apple and Google are going all out with features and new content daily and much quicker than Microsoft. They really need to up their game After these almost 3 weeks of no build they better have integrated horizontal layout for Start screen or something on the left of the screen when I decide to swipe right instead of left. 
  • They need to do a lot more than release an incremental Build of W10M with a few more bug fixes.  Dear Lord, who do they have working on this stuff?  Do they all work 5 hours a day with 2 hour lunches?   Get this sh@# done already.   Their competition is simply running laps around them.   If they don't get a fully integrated and seamless solution for phone, tablet, and desktip (with Continuum) in time for the US holidays, then they are hopeless.  Sorry, I have a lot riding on MSFT financially and emotionally, but I'm losing faith fast
  • Microsoft doesn't give a rat's ass about WM10.. See how quick they were with desktop and supporting apps on other platforms but when it comes to WM & WP they move slower than dripping molasses
  • I just don't want to believe that kabo.  From a strategic standpoint, a strong presence in the mobile world is critical.  They seem to realize that.  It's one of the reasons they are hedging their bets and building for IOS and Android now.   But their own seamless solution is still the ultimate solution.   How can they be not putting all their resources into this?   How can they spend a month and end up fixing a half dozen bugs?   Are there just two guys on the entire WM team working in the basement next to the mailroom?
  • Lol..... That's slow.
  • Soo agree with you, I Bought a Lumia 900 and they let me die with it. Then I bought another Lumia and Im still waiting for a new OS!!! And a reasonable amount of basics apps.
  • You do realise that groogle and crapple haven't changed their mobile OS' s since ever, right? They just added this and that. Windows 10. Has another core, another interface. You can't just compare this things with some random crapp;).
  • I just have to ask: Why do you guys think the progress is slow? Lets be real for a second. Can anyone tell me how long iOS9 and Android 5.0 were in development for compared to Windows 10 Mobile? Lets stop with the silly arguments and get some perspective. Honestly, I think you guys are so deeply entrenched in Windows and the current preview program that you have no idea what goes on at other companies and their own release schedule. I also think this shows how its very hard for some users to accept an open development process like this. Now that MS has pushed the idea of this rolling development that anyone can jump into, suddenly so many people only just continually kick MS in the teeth over progress. Not only that, but it seems like so many people here just want to bash those that work on Windows, calling them all sorts of names, useless being popular. I really, really wish everyone would just drop the bs talk. We all want things finished yesterday, but this is software development. Its not new and its not unique to MS. Since we are getting to see more of the process that is usually kept hidden, suddenly we want to condemn MS. What I want to see is progress and communication. So far, MS is doing that. We know there have been issues they had to address, and now things will move forward again.
  • It doesn't help that MS just fired 2/3 of the people who were involved in Windows 10 mobile.
  • Those were mostly from the hardware division they spent 7.2 billions on. Apple's model of designing the whole thing and have others build it for you is cheaper it seems
  • I think you're the one bending time, able to reach into the future to pick up your phone a year before it was available.
  • Had a 920 for 2 years and then bought a 1020 when it went on sale.  Feels like 3 years ago.  Might even be more.  Can't remember when the 920's hit the shelf at AT&T.     
  • The 920 launched on October 2012 if I'm not mistaken, so if what you say is true, you've had the 1020 for a year instead of 3.
  • Yep that is probably right.  920 was my first Windows Phone.  Moved from iPhone 4.   I gotta admit, I'm starting to regret that decision a bit.  I feel like NOTHING has changed really in those 3ish years.  Windows 10 looks promising, but it's still a mess.  New 940 specs look nice, but they are not even available.  Even when they do get released, they will be less than cutting edge and with nothing special.   I've heard very little about a competitor to ApplePay so I will assume that won't be available in 2015 or maybe even 2016.   So here we sit, in September 2015 with old devices and an old OS (or beta OS) with nothing new.   By the way, what's with trying to prove I was wrong when I said I had the 1020 for three years?   I misspoke, OK.  I admit it.  Shoot me.  I meant to say I've had a Windows Phone for 3 years.   Focus on the theme of the comment LOL  
  • Yeah Microsoft always come late and still that thing is buggy and unfinished.
  • Microsoft still saying exploding tiles coming when????. Nothing new in windows phone still.
  • Can i upgrade directly to this build frm wp8.1?
  • Yep you can .. Gabe had confirmed it
  • Err... When exactly did Gabe mention it? On his twitter? Gosh, I'm so happy we can directly update!! Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Yes. Twitter.
  • I don't think so but I hope they do... I used the WPRT to revert my Lumia 520 to wp8.1 because 10 was super slow on it... Looking forward to using the latest build and see if it's polished enough now, though I don't expect it will, it's still under development. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • when it appears, yes
  • Gabe Aul on twitter "next build should be directly upgradable"
  • Since it's going to the Slow Ring, yes you can.
  • You can upgrade but maybe you shoud do a factory reset after that, things works better after that
  • Did they fix T-Mobile access point (data) issues after a hard reset? I've never been able to do one cause then I loose data, and it only lets me call and text :/
  • No but you just have to enter the info manually just take a pic of your settings under apn before you upgrade and put them back the same way
  • Oh ok, cool thanks!
  • just fix loading and make it stable! also i would love it if they bought back long tiles like in screen shot above for people tile!   the length of time is a little concerning! how long since the last build? must be about another 4 weeks now!
  • 12th is a month
  • When will be the release date of W-10 for mobile? Is take so much time :-S
  • MS is having bigger than usual partner event on October 7th (in my neighborhood). Multiple tracks, one on hardware and Lumia was mentioned. Could be around that time at least announced. Current slow and buggy 'progress' is not promising though.
  • Pretty sure they already said this fall.  Probably around the time of the big event when they announce the new phones.
  • "The delay in showing the date and time on the Lock screen has been improved" hahahah improved?? Just "improved"?? hahahahah
  • Ikr what a mess
  • Seriously they can't fix a lock screen. Lol why did I get rid of my iPhone.
  • It's ridiculous. Windows 10 mobile will become useable somewhere this time next year!