Why the delay? Microsoft talks about testing Windows 10 Mobile for Insiders

Earlier this morning, we reported that Microsoft was testing a new Windows 10 Mobile candidate for release to the Windows Insider community. The goal is to get it out this week, but as many would expect, this still leaves Insiders yearning for more.

Microsoft's Gabriel Aul has now taken to their blog to give a peek behind the process of testing and releasing Insider builds. For Insiders, there is never a fast enough ring. However, Microsoft has some standards in place as explained, including making sure that basic phone features (e.g. calls, texting, installing and using apps) still work.

As explained, as they fix old issues, new ones can pop up, and the process goes through a few cycles until they are happy enough to release it. Speaking of the issues in build 10512 and the proposed next release (likely build 10536), here is what we now so far about what is fixed:

  • Mobile hotspot functionality now works
  • Quiet Hours\Do Not Disturb has been fixed
  • Pinch and zoom in the Maps app now work as expected
  • The delay in showing the date and time on the Lock screen has been improved

Part of the delay in getting a new build to users falls back on this part:

"Unfortunately, we had to reset our ring progression 3 times over the past several weeks because of 3 issues that would have affected Insiders."

To end on a positive note, Aul tells Insiders:

"The good news is that we believe we have fixes for the issues blocking us from flighting a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build, and we're going through the internal rings now."

In all likelihood, Microsoft should be on track to get Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 (or higher) to Insiders within the week. Of course, as pointed out in the blog post, showstopping bugs can occur. Fingers crossed we get something sooner than later.

For now, head to the Windows Blog to read more about the process in testing the OS for Insiders.

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