Microsoft Translator 10 Beta revealed in Windows 10 Store

There's a new Universal Windows App from Microsoft headed our way in the not too distant future. As revealed by a listing in the Windows 10 Store, Microsoft Translator 10 Beta is the next version of Redmond's own language converter.

As of the time of writing we can't download the app on either Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile but the Store listing does at least give us a look at the new app and a few details. Functionally, it appears on a par with Microsoft's current apps. Features include translating using the camera, voice or text, and a whole host of different languages to choose from.

But there's no doubting the visual makeover with a Windows 10 flavor. As the screenshots below show.

As already mentioned (and as we'd expect from Microsoft, honestly) it looks like it's a Universal App so we'll be able to translate on the go with Windows 10 Mobile. Functionality and appearance look identical, just, well, smaller, as these screens show.

While we may not be able to install it, it's good that another first party app is getting the Windows 10 treatment. We've included the Store link below so you folks will be able to download when it's live.

Download Microsoft Translator 10 Beta

Thanks Fahmi for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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