Microsoft to bring back the Lumia 930 UK bundle with free wireless charger and speaker

Microsoft is set to bring back the bundle deal with the Lumia 930 in the UK, according to Clove who also unveiled a price drop for the Windows Phone. This bundle will see purchasers receive not only the Lumia 930, but also the MD-12 wireless speaker and DC-50 portable wireless charger at no extra cost. It's a sweet package to get anyone started with Microsoft's mobile platform.

According to this blog post, those who purchase the Lumia 930 will be able to head to the redemption website and input their Lumia 930 IMEI number to receive the goodies. It's worth noting that the website and main bundle deal will be announced by Microsoft tomorrow. This same deal will be available at other supporting retailers (both online and on the high street).

Note that only purchases between August 12014 and November 30 are included. The speaker is listed in four colors – black, yellow, green and orange. There's also limited supply, so do hurry once everything is up and running. As for Clove, the retailer is offering a price reduction on the Lumia 930, which is now going for £399.98, which is always worth considering.

Source: Clove

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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