Microsoft wants to give Windows 10 File Explorer some love, according to new job listing

Windows10x File Explorers
Windows10x File Explorers (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • A Microsoft job listing indicates that Microsoft wants to make the File Explorer experience more modern.
  • The listing is for a full-time position as a software engineer.
  • The listing is to join the team that works on improving the File Explorer.

Microsoft wants to deliver a modern File Explorer experience, according to a new job listing. Windows Latest first spotted the job listing for a software engineer at Microsoft. The position is for a spot on the team that "[leads] the way on creating and improving File Explorer user experiences." The listing specifically mentions Windows 10 and Windows 10X, so it seems likely that Microsoft wants to improve the File Explorer experience on both versions of Windows.

The listing reads, "Join our team of unique individuals as we merge our rich history of familiar experiences with modern innovations to create the worlds' best PC!"

The responsibilities section of the listing states that the software engineer "will be responsible for designing, implementing, testing, and monitoring top-level UI surfaces across Windows 10 and Windows 10X." It later adds that the software engineer will develop in C++, Win32, and WinRT technologies.

Windows 10X currently has two File Explorers. This is in part to make sure that certain programs can function. Additionally, the more modern of the File Explorers is more touch-friendly, which is important for devices like the Surface Neo. You can check out both File Explorers and many more elements within Windows 10X in our hands-on with the first Windows 10X developer preview build.

You can check out the full job listing on Microsoft's career webpage (opens in new tab). The listing includes required qualifications, preferred experience, and more details about the job listing.

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  • Considering the importance on the Explorer and the time we spend organizing our folders, this should have been done from the 1st day Windows 8 landed on the market.
  • File Explorer for Windows 8!? Really!? The whole OS lacked Desktop and the need for a File Explorer.
  • Um Windows 8 is actually a desktop OS but with separate Metro UX that launch automatically at startup. When you past the Start Screen, you still have the regular Desktop with File Explorers and some new features as well. But what he meant is that Windows 8 didn't get the opportunity to create a Metro File Explorer or redesign the new File Explorer forward.
  • Lol, there was more work done to File Explorer in Windows 8 than anything since, ironically enough.
  • Hopefully, modernizing File Explorer will not involve gutting it of functionality and making the UI cartoonishly large.
  • If they could have an option for a simpler File Explorer, with large icons and completely navigable with a game controller, that would be pretty cool, especially for people that have their Windows PC hooked up to a TV, for gaming, HTPC uses, Alienware UFO users, etc.
  • Full gamepad support for File Explorer would be pretty sweet. At least they can also make it available for Xbox as an option and this is useful for HTPC.
  • Don't forget about the Win 3.1 version of the file explorer that is for sure downloadable from Microsoft Store even for Windows 10X.
  • That would be the last straw for me. I would move to Linux. Microsoft giving Windows 10 File Explorer some love will only ruin it. Anything made into modern has turned into garbage.
  • I've heard 2020 is the year of the Linux Desktop... 😂
  • It's also the year soccer becomes the next big sport in America. I mean, look at how many 8-year-olds play it!
  • Isn't that one slower though? (could be that I am mixing that one Modern File explorer up)
  • This should have been done long time ago and multi tabs to view multi locations from the same window as well.
  • I hope they will improve / modernize the menu's/settings/buttons but keep most of the layout that shows the files & folders. And add a touch-friendly version of the 'details' view (I mean a bit more touch-friendly than the tablet mode one) and that also previews images when glancing over them or such.