Microsoft wants you to become a walking billboard; releases free Xbox One shirts for your avatars

Xbox One

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One earlier this year, but that hasn't stopped Redmond wanting to get the word out and reach as many potential buyers as possible. This includes those who are subscribed to Xbox Live and own a current-gen 360. The company has released two new free shirts that bear the Xbox One logo. Pretty neat, but only if you wish to either advertise the console, or display your undying loyalty.

If you've pre-ordered the next-generation Xbox then this might just be the icing on the cake while you wait until the console starts shipping later this year.

Grab the male (opens in new tab) and female (opens in new tab) shirts from the Xbox Marketplace. Via: Major Nelsen

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Please don't be a US only thing
  • It isn't! :)
  • Yeh, bring the Action to Europe! MS, U have fans over here that deserve same love, lol!
  • Yeah, I am in Latin America and it's the same :(
  • Microsoft was doing so well in pulling me back in as a loyal customer, until this POS was unveiled. I'm back with Sony when the new consoles come out.
  • That's alright, I didn't want to play against you in TitanFall anyway.
  • Lmao
  • 1+
  • That's alright. It really doesn't look like it compares to the PS4 exclusives anyway.
  • +one (see what i did there?)
  • Haha
  • great, then we won't see you in future xbox articles, right?
  • More than likely. I don't feel then need to troll about things I don't really care about like the other 95% of the internet. Lol
  • You are right now...
  • An avatar shirt controls your decision making? Sad if true.
  • Yeah I also read his comment as this POS avatar shirt made him go PS4.
  • How does it feel to be a part of the clueless hive mind?
  • Our avatars can walk?
  • Shoot, mine dunks basketballs.
  • if you go to your avatar screen on your windows phone while your playing music your avatar will dance!
  • Let me get this straight.... Microsoft have taken all our money that we invested in them and are using it to reward iPhone and Android owners, while giving us the middle finger. Now they want me to dress my little dolly avatar up with an Xbox tshirt, so I can be a giant free walking billboard for them? Here is the middle finger right back at you. Give me a call when you get your priorities straight and make your loyal customers your first and foremost priority. You people (Microsoft) have some balls treating these people like this, then using them for free advertizing. Why change tactics now? Screw the Xbox logo. Offer us little avatar tshirts with Apple or Android logos. Hell, lets just get ahead of the game and have PS4 logoed shirts.
  • Want some cheese with that whine ?
  • I'm sorry...what was that, Alice?
  • Why do you think Ballmer is restructuring Microsoft? Its to prevent that from happening... Rumor has it it'll start July 1st
  • I can't wait!
  • Me either, but somehow I doubt Ballmer will replace himself with someone good.
  • I heard this avatar shirt is a timed exclusive for iPhone. Umad?
  • Pre-ordered my Xbox One. The more I hear about the PS4, the more I didn't fall for the hype. Xbox One has way better launch titles as well
  • I wonder if all our avatar crap over the years will transfer to the One... or if we'll have to get all new avatar crap.
  • I would wear these IRL. let me advertise.
  • +820
  • I can't get it it seems. -1 error
  • Nice just got it thanks for the tip
  • Works in UK. Finally, a freebie that's not JUST for US resistances. I get so pissed off when it tells me that.
  • You're not alone with your frustration with MicrUSoft
  • anyone know if current avatar probs/costumes ect will carry over to XBone or if Xbone will even have avatars still?
  • Works in Sweden. Tjnc for the heads uo.
  • Not interested
  • I'd much rather they made them available on for real people. Put 'em on amazon or something
  • I want a real t-shirt.
  • What do you want MS to give you for free?
  • Wow. There is a lot of hates in the comments. Was it this bad when they offered the little Windows Phone props? Did that push people over to Android and iPhone or something? I don't get it.
  • Some of the guys on here are clearly pre-menstrual :P Free avatar gear shouldn't elicit responses more than "cool, downloading now" or "meh, I don't like it" :P
  • Sure, rub salt in the wound. Microsoft just does not understand how to deal with people that are passionate about their products. Where were all the Windows Phone props and shirts? Hidden and exclusives, that's where. Why? Because they aren't one company with one vision, but rather a bunch of isolated companies with one logo.
  • Eh. Where i can get it?
  • I like my Dallas Mavericks shirt better
  • I am getting a glitch page and I don't know why. I havetried it several times but same page.
  • I do love to wear this shirt, so beautiful are these shirt available for sale. - Scott Safadi
  • Like it, wish there was a titanfall one
  • I can't customize my avatar on my Lumia 521 :c it says store not available or no connection, which I have both of because I can still download apps. I don't know what to anyone?