Microsoft will continue to use HERE Maps data but many questions remain

This morning HERE dropped some rather big news on the Windows Phone community by announcing that their Windows Phone 7 era apps will no longer work on Windows 10 Mobile devices past June 30, 2016. As a result, they are removing the apps from the Store to prevent confusion after that date.

There is some confusion, however, about what this all means for Windows 10 Mobile users. Here is a quick hit list of things to keep in mind as well as some questions we have about these coming changes.

HERE Maps will not work on Windows 10 Mobile after June 30

In the HERE blog post the company specifically notes that the apps themselves will "no longer work on devices running Windows 10 mobile after June 30, 2016."

That is much more than just we won't be offering the apps anymore as it sounds like the HERE apps will break after this date (give or take). In fact, some users are already reporting the apps not working (or working intermittently) on the Fast Ring Insider builds for Windows 10 Mobile (Redstone releases e.g. build 14283 or higher).

But why June 30?

Good question. In fact, this is the primary issue that none of us currently know the answer to. Is there an API licensing issue that is timed to expire on that date? Did Microsoft and HERE have a contract of support for the apps that is coming to end on June 30? Is there something in Windows 10 Redstone that irrevocably breaks the old app?

Currently, we do not know the reason, but it could be some, none, or all of those listed above.

What about Windows 10 Maps and HERE data?

The real crux of all of this is that Microsoft and HERE are not going their separate ways. Far from it. The HERE Twitter account responded to an inquiry directly about that noting that Microsoft is still a big customer:

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This means that Microsoft's native Maps app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile will still use HERE data just as it does today and this evidently not changing.

What is the goal HERE?

Many fans of HERE Maps – and perhaps more importantly HERE Transit – are wondering why this is happening. Besides the reasons above, it does seem like Microsoft made a decision some time ago to discontinue having two apps for navigation.

In other words, if Microsoft is building their own Maps app that uses – and still uses – HERE data, why have a separate app that basically does the same thing but is old and doesn't leverage Windows 10 and its new APIs? Just put it all into one, kick ass app and call it a day.

Of course, you are likely to quip that Maps for Windows 10 and Mobile is a far cry from what HERE Drive, Maps, and Transit can do for you today. For some users, that is most certainly true. In the U.S., I would argue it is not. Regardless, there will be a hole left for many users who prefer HERE over the Windows 10 Maps app, and that is a legitimate problem.

WinBeta's Zac Bowden dropped a hint that some big changes are coming to Windows 10 Maps real soon. Although we do not know the details of these features, the timing suggests a Build/Redstone/summer release. We are likely to learn more in just about two weeks at Build.

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Microsoft's real plan may be to deprecate the HERE apps right as they ramp up their own Windows 10 Maps offering with the Windows 10 Redstone release. That is speculation at this time, but not far-fetched either. Clearly, Windows 10 Maps is not a finished product as literally nothing about Windows 10 and Mobile is ever "finished".

The big risk here for Microsoft is whether these alleged changes will be enough to offset HERE especially in Europe where the nav company actually has some clout. That part remains to be seen.

One thing seems clear at this time, however. None of this is a surprise to Microsoft or HERE. These changes appear to be all planned long ago. This change does not look like a sudden "business decision" to abandon the platform but rather a deliberate strategy.

Hopefully, by June 30 it will all make much more sense.

As far as HERE the company seems to be angling for more map licensing and in-car ventures rather than consumer app products. While HERE remains - for now - on iOS and Android those platforms benefit from the juggernaut that is Google Maps. It is not obvious that HERE will continue to develop such apps in the face of a such a challenge nor is it clear if consumers even care about the product.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I recall the one with Spotify first leaving Windows, then not. Then there was Windows ditching Bitcoin, which was also denied later.  
  • Luck doesn't always works dude. This is one of them.
  • Yep, these are the pitfalls of today's hard and fast journalism...
  • Maybe the date is deliberately placed so that the improvements to the windows 10 maps app are released before the retiring of the HERE apps
  • It's clearly a collaboration of some sort, since MS still uses here data. I was actually wondering about this myself the other day, because MS Maps and Here feel so similar (though I still feel more "secure" using Here Drive), so I was wondering why they dont just merge them. With this news coming out so suddenly and the fact that they deliberately point to Windows 10/mobile in such a short time notice makes me even more certain that MS has ironed out a deal that benefits Here, as well as themselves because truth be told, while we on Windows love it and rely on Here, 90% of iOS and Android users dont even know about Here Apps and when they do, they still prefer using the already safe and tried Google Maps/Drive. So it's not exactly popular on competing platforms and since google has no presence on Windows, it makes great sense for Here to work with MS in creating a better native map that continues to use their data. They're reply about MS being their biggest client, is also what I believe is a sign of a nicely ironed out deal, that's going to replace Here apps on Windows on the 30th of June. Dont forget, MS is a service, they have been creating all sorts of apps and successfully launching them on competing platforms, I wouldnt be surprised if this deal turns Here Maps apps into Microsoft Maps that eventually launches on all platforms, while Here focuses on mapping for the car industry. Whatever it is, Im certain it's better for us, especially after that tweet from Here.
  • ^This   I agree that MS Maps using HERE data on all platforms. Its teh way MS are trying to go and makes sense.  Good call abduz i hope you're right
  • So why not wait to announce it until AFTER the update which is supposed to make mends for the loss of HERE is released? Why go through a cycle of negative press about it? Btw. it's not like Windows is in a situation where there is too much choice between apps and too much competition among them. Certainly keeping the apps and giving consumers the choice between them would have been more desirable? Unless of course this is part of a larger reorganization on the part of HERE in order to either position it better to compete with Google and Apple Maps, which are both all-in-one apps, in which case we might be so lucky and see a revamped effort and new consolidated app some day down the road... One can only hope - or perhaps they will be refocusing their efforts on in-car experiences  instead and leave the mobile app market completely. Yes, the data is shared between them, but that is saying nothing. Lots of other mapping apps are buying data from one of the big mapping companies and they all try to find unique ways to add value to the navigation experience, public transit, etc. Microsoft can try and spin it any way the want, but to me this is a loss for the platform as it stands. Btw. I am actually quite fond of the new Microsoft Maps and have been using it almost exclusively since installing Windows 10 Mobile. I never really use HERE anymore, but choice and competition is good and stories of apps leaving is not.
  • ^ This too   Classic MS media screw up - it's like an addiction. There's a chance to say hey we are improving things by merging two things and removing clutter for a more native experience (their posts today aseem to back this up) So the MS way to handle this is - sorry W10M is dead as yet anopther big app gets pulled  - shouted everywhere. Followed shortly after with a whimpering oh yes it will be a good move because are adding loads of good stuff    When will they ever learn?
  • I am not that upset about those apps leaving (eventhough I almost never use the Windows 10 Maps app), but they need to fix the maps app disperately: - I am an Arab, and while searching with the same quiry over Here Drive or Here Maps the app locates it, but not when doing the same in the default Maps app with the same quiry, eventhough things are still written on that default app's map in Arabic (it supports Arabic, but not in search apparently, OR the search algorithm is wrecked). - The maps app is buggy, it crashes, and sometimes it draws a wrong route (especially if you want to navigate to a near place). - The view, and how the map moves with you while driving is not convenient. It reminds me of old games and the fixed field of view. - No 2-d map that follows you while driving. If they fix those issues, I am all in for the default one.
  • I think you're right... If MS's plans are to fix the issues, and add functionality, to there maps users will not care if HERE goes away.. Right now we just don't trust MSMaps.. But, they have potential, as with everything.. UserVoice the hell out of MS! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Yea, cause UserVoice always works... We're still waiting for them to port over the functionality of their own software (such as W8) let alone from 3rd party stuff. Why not have MS Maps ready before dumping the working option? Or have a beta? Or even just confirm that all functionality will be available before the switch off? Perhaps because, as usual, it won't be happening?
  • Nothing in life always works, and nobody said it did, or was perfect.. The FACT that I've been here since MS started using it for mobile, and seen it work more times, than not, is what's relevant... Mathematics, and reasoning, says we should continue to use it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Not using it
  • What do you plant to use now? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Yeah bro that's what I'm afraid of,
    Localization loss here in Middle East with the native maps app in W10M, as MS doesn't care as NOKIA used to do about Middle East.
    Thanks for sharing that info bro, cuz I've never used W10M
  • NOKIA used to care about Brazil too, we were the second biggest market for WP. Now we only have the crap that you call MS here. We used to have every phone with lower prices and produced here, now we only have 640 and 640XL selling here (they couldn't fix my 1020's battery because there was no spare battery). I love NOKIA and even more my 1020, but my next phone will be an S7/S8 edge
  • Same here. Maps is hopeless with any other language than English. It's almost impossible to use in Portugal. Not to mention pain bugs all the time. Can't believe that's the official map app for Microsoft platform. Shameful.
  • Lol. Hopefully it gets better (even for the US) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • HERE apps were updated today. When you open them, there is this message:  "On June 30, 20, HERE maps will no longer be available on devices running Windows 10Mobile. Use the Windows Maps app on your deviceto find your way after that."    
  • Just another reason why not to "upgrade" to Win10...LOL
  • Depends. I haven't touched HERE Maps in about 2 years because it's just awful. Remember, your experience and opinions do not always match the rest of us out there.
  • I've also switched to windows maps, but despite it having the same database, the here maps gives much, much better search results.
  • More accurate, yeah. At least here, outside the US. Well the database is there, it's the same.
  • I've found it to be excellent in the UK.
    I've didn't have any issues with it when on holiday in Vancouver, Portland, LA, Hong Kong. Hopefully they'll enhance the (Bing) Maps app or add additional apps to offer the functionality that HERE Transit and HERE Drive+ provide.
  • :)
  • I'd agree. The Microsoft Maps will do fine once they get true offline support with search. Other than that I do not see the need for HERE maps.
  • HERE was good for the offline maps. The Transit app displayed some routing info that other transit apps didn't and still don't. On one side of the coin, of the 2.7% still on WP, how many actually used HERE maps? But the other side, to those who are downplaying HERE pulling its apps, fewer app options doesn't take WP to a better place.
  • Well if ms make their maps app like here maps and use here maps api in mapping...we would have definitely no problem...
  • The problem is typical... Even if HERE decides to also pull support for iDroid, in the future, it's that they (HERE/MS) didn't decide to do it with those other platform. Once again making Windows appear less significant. The plan should have been to support Windows until HERE decides to abandon all platforms, if that's even the case... The point is that somehow (like clockwork) Windows always at least appears to be second rate for mobile... It's just not good for business. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • True, but there is a difference here you left out: MIcrosoft Maps (the core experience) relies on/is powered partially by HERE already. Android has Google Maps. iPhone has Apple Maps (and Google Maps) It is only on Windows Phone is the default mapping system HERE based making the HERE app much more redundant. In terms of trying to streamline the user experience (as well as likely reduce costs) it doesn't make much sense to continue carrying on all of those apps when you can do it with just one.
  • That's true.. I agree with that. Well, I guess the decision would be put on HERE'S shoulders.. I say that because we could expect them to develop a W10 app that rivals Maps.. More choice for the consumer, and competition.. That's what we as consumers should always hope for. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Bottom line: If iDroid has it, then Windows should have it as well. There should be no app gap. None. It's NEVER gonna be acceptable, no matter how some of us try to justify it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Well i don't understand why ms is not give a full team of developers to each app..i mean they are such a big company..they can give 5 engineers to each app to complete its development..
  • I can't comment on that... We don't know how many developers MS has working on Maps.. And, it may not ever be a case of how many people are working on a single project.. For all we know they might have to many people working on Maps, which may be holding it back... The point is that we don't know the details about that to know if it's even an issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I thnk their developers are worth more to them being pimped out to partners than developing internal apps.
  • Wait a minute.. Why do you say "powered PARTIALLY by HERE"???? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Also, this kinda sounds like what Apple has been accused of in the past.. Dictating what apps are available to users... I mean, Google has great maps, but they don't appear to be blocking any other mapping service.. THE CHOICE SHOULD BE THE CONSUMERS. It just doesn't show confidence in your own product when you want another pulled to ensure yours shines, and is front and center.. Then there's the whole popularity of HERE in other countries where WP/WM is more popular, and where MS's native maps are less popular.. It just doesn't make any sense. MS should be promoting choice rather than proprietary BS. I'm not saying that we have all the facts just yet, rather if this is indeed the case then I don't agree with these actions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I am not sure where you have been, but the reason Windows seems like a second rate mobile platform is because it is a second rate mobile platform. Why are you surprised it is treated like one? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm not meaning to come off as "surprised" it's being treated like a second rate platform, rather if this isn't your first day here you would have perceived that I am TIRED of it being treated like a second rate platform... I only worded my comment as such because we do not have all the details about what is going on here... To question weather rodneyej is naive, or not, is crazy... Lol. You should know better by now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Again, it is treated like a second rate platform because it is a second rate platform. Until that changes, it will always be treated as such.
  • I tried to use the W10m Maps app recently and was a big disappointment, it doesn't feel offline (it hangs when connection is poor) and the driving mode is not as good (IMHO). Also, I couldn't find a free driving mode, like a GPS and Here Drive does, when you don't set up a destination and it just show you the streets ahead and traffic.
    And at least here in Brazil it doesn't have nearly as many POIs as Here(which by itself has way less than Google Maps, sadly)
  • A free driving mode is what I miss the most and something that I suggested in feedback a long time ago. If the Maps app had this, I'd be a happy camper.
  • You know what? I've noticed that as well. Are these maps truly offline?.. They don't seem to be 100% functional offline... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I feel that the maps are offline, but the routing and search are not, like they are with HERE, that only needs connection for traffic update
  • Interesting.. I do believe that's the case.. Sux. MS must fix this. I'm submitting a lot of feedback today... HERE is gone, Maps are the future. Might as well start telling MS what we want. That's what MS wants us to do anyways, and they are expecting, and prepared, for a **** ton of feedback with this announcement. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I was going to say the same, it wasn't that good at least to me. I have been using Microsoft Map that comes preload on WP. But some people think it's the greatest thing since slice bread.
  • If you live in Europe, the Map app is just awful.
  • Exactly. People from the US obviously don't understand how bad the Maps app actually is.
  • Could not agree more. HERE Drive is light years ahead of Maps. I'm UK based, and Here has frequently given me better routes than Google products. Offline functionality is great. If here went as an option to purchase, then I would.
  • Never touched here apps either since I started used Windows Maps, far better for me.
  • Daniel, Did you forget what user base you are dealing with on these boards? Of course every opinion they have and every complaint they have automatically applies to every person in existence in the world! After all, it is all about them and Microsoft is always 100% wrong in anything they do or say.
  • Yup. I'm waiting for the moronic "we need" comments as if that one user speaks for the entire username.
  • So, basically, you're saying people shouldn't voice their opinion unless you agree with it.. I say that because I know if you read an opinion that you agree with you would not complain that it's being voiced..... Think about that. Then think about your comment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • @Daniel,  Exactly, your opinions do not match with rest of us here :P  
  • I think the same applies to you; I have been using HERE Drive, Maps and Transit on a continuous basis since they were first released and find them to be excellent at what they do (very far from awful). Windows Maps on the other hand is unusable for many on Mobile for car navigation because you can barely read any of the text and numbers on a smartphone while driving. HERE Drive on the other hand has a clear navigation display and UI on a smartphone because it was designed to be used that way. I don't see any planned strategy in what Microsoft and HERE have been doing, they are just frustrating Windows Phone users and continuously giving us less reasons to be the loyal customers we have been.
  • I couldn't have said it better myself! I will sorely miss the HERE drive UI
  • I prefer the interface of Microsoft Maps over HERE Drive, although landscape mode takes up too much real estate. The bigger problem I don't know a workaround for is turning off turn by turn directions. Whenever it gives directions it pauses my music(over bluetooth) and hijacks the radio to talk and doesn't auto resume my music. Then when I hit a button on the radio to resume the music Cortana opens...then I'm back to touching the phone to fix it. With HERE I just didn't install a voice and it's all good.
  • Ok, the biggest thing about music resuming with MSMaps is that the music doesn't pause.. Lol. It keeps playing (muted) in the background, so when it comes back on the song is ending, or over.. Lol. I hate that!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Press the ellipses in the lower right and tap the mute button. Navigation will continue, but the voice will not bother you
  • What Maps has that HERE doesn't is that Maps let's you know just by glancing what side of the road your address is on. A very big deal when driving at night. Now if it would tell us audibly like google maps that would be even better.
  • What do you use Daniel as your navi app, is WAZE any good on Windows Mobile?
  • I think Waze is cartoonish.. Lol. Just my opinion. Some people might like that, but I prefer the more formal approach when I'm getting pissed off, getting the wrong directions... Lol. Morgan freeman giving directions would be cool, though. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Yep Dan, MS Maps is great. Well, so long as you don't rely on it for route planning, it's fine. Oh, and so long as you don't need it navigating in car of course, or want it to stream maps online, or get directions offline, but you know, anything to get rid of Here Maps which does do all those things but somehow doesn't feel very Windows 10 whilst doing it. Probably because it works. Still, MS maps is grand for viewing maps. Can't see why anyone has any issues with this move at all...
  • I haven't used it only the transit app which is better then my transit authoritys app which is using Google maps API while their site has been using bing for a few months. Though it does have some extras like reporting data changes like business closers which is hard to find on bings site on mobile
  • What about HERE Drive and City Lens?
  • Drive functionality is integrated into Windows 10 Maps. There are actually new features not present in Here Drive: selection from multiple routes, after-next turn information, and lane hints. Interface-wise, I personally find the new Maps better as well. One thing not carried over are the favorites saved in the Here account, so if you had many of those, you have to re-create them; I hope a migration path is offered in some way. I didn't notice any display of POI (fuel stations, rest stops, etc.) on the map. That's about it for the difference.
  • As always, Microsoft will loose more people because of this. Microsoft thinks the world is only made of USA and thus, the rest will use other OEMs. Many people buy the WP devices because of the quality content where Nokia was king (outside of USA). I know 4 people (me incuded) that bought WP especially for HERE Maps & Drive.
  • Good job, Daniel. WP has too many apps anyway...
  • I use Bing Maps and Navmii so this news doesn't bother me at all. Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • I can't even download HERE maps on my 950... "doesn't have required features"??
  • Just and FYI for the time it's relevent. There are two versions of HERE maps. Make sure you download the one for win10
  • There really is no point to downloading it now since it's being deprecated in 3 months. Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • I prefer w10 maps app
  • It's not THAT bad... I've been using it lately What really bugs me is that it doesn't save your settings.. This is the same problem we had with Bing maps on WP7-7.5.. Then MS fixed it. Now, it seems as though we're right back where we started AFTER 6 YEARS! WOW!. Windows. Lol. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • More "coming soon", who didn't see that coming......
  • xD the only thing I caught my attention in this article was the word " soon " 
  • Well, to some extent everything is "coming soon" at some point, in any platform. Unless it's announced at release, which I take it's not a common practice in software development. Granted, the things that are told to be "coming soon" should eventually come.
  • "Coming soon" is coming soon!
  • Lol. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Reboot. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Hey I use Commute everyday in India. Will be a big loss if Here is gone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • HERE is continuing to license their map data to other companies.
    only the Windows apps are disappearing Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • HERE is still licensing their map data to Microsoft too.  I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped their iOS/Android apps too and instead licensed their data to Google/Apple as well.
  • The companies that bought HERE are Apple CarPlay partners.  I don't see them ditching Apple any time soon.
  • The Windows 10 Maps app will also suggest multiple routes and let you compare them before selecting a route. Then throw in Cortana, who will suggest when you need to leave to get wherever you're going (whether it's to work or anything you have on your calendar with the location specified) and you have much better functionality. For me, though, while I love Cortana telling me when I need to leave to get to where I'm headed (especially when she tells me half an hour earlier than expected due to heavy traffic), I still use Waze (even with all its bugs and quirks that will never be fixed) for actual real time directions. Every once in a while, I give the Maps app a try while driving, and it's definitely improving, but at least for now, Waze still wins. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • See my comment about Waze above.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • This is a loss but at the same time win10 maps gas been fine for me. Didn't really use Transit but Drive was epic(will really miss that). Anyhow looking forward to /build// and hopefully another Insider release to fix the current bug whereby when you action a notification from the lock screen, the pin input(numbers) don't appear.
  • Thanks for writing this Daniel, hopefully there's still be some light at the end of this dark tunnel. Although the tweet being from over 6 months ago is still worrisome, and until we see these rumoured improvements in Win10 Maps, I can't help but worry we're still going to be worse off due to losing a lot of the HERE suite's functionality (including City Lens which you seemed to have forgotten!).
  • Why didn't they just port their iOS app to W10M instead of complaining and saying they have to build a new app from scratch when they don't?
  • Porting is not that trivial and the Islandwood bridge is still being developed with the SDK only matching around iOS6. That limits what you can and can't port over.
  • What APIs would be needed that iOS 6 would have lacked?
  • The wonders of some companies.... Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Actually, it just makes you sound silly, no offense. I can tell you're not a developer because you make it sound like they just they just open MS Paint hit 'Save as' and choose 'iOS" and tada ported! That is not how this works.
  • Now wouldn't that just be sweet!
  • Didnt MS come up with a app which supports IOS apps why cant it be used they made it sound easy just like u described :P  
  • They're probably going to drop their iOS/Android apps too... and focus on licensing their Map data to various companies.
  • This getting suck. Now the only common navigation app between my 1020 and android overseas phone is Waze. And it is internet dependable. Feels like at my wits end to micro manage my navigation apps and syncing favourites already, as well as choosing my primary app. Can anyone help me? 1020 I have Maps and Waze
    Android have GMaps, Waze, HERE, Baidu Maps.
  • My 1020 is w10m
  • Have you tried Co Pilot? It's pretty good too. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Thanks for the tip. It's paid right? I had quite a few bits of bad and disappointing experience with paid navigation apps already. One being support for my region Singapore, Malaysia is quite patchy for some, and for others roads aren't correct at all. Prefer free solutions. Call me cheapskate maybe haha.
  • Well, then suggesting to install a car stereo with built-in navigation won't help you ;)
  • I use Sygic for Sat Nav and going back to HERE or Maps they are too basic. They do a free trial for 7 days as do other full Sat Nav apps in the store.
  • The Microsoft maps app is far superior to here anyway. Same data, but more user friendly, and better functions. I took all the here apps off my phones months ago.
    Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • But the Transit mapping is woefully inferior to Here Transit.  And that's a big loss.
  • I disagree. Here drive is so much better than what maps offers. Period.
  • I'm always amazed when anyone says maps is better than Here Drive. I really don't know how people use Maps. The map view is awful, the routes have been inferior to Maps, the options seem not to work.
  • yea that's true
  • I just tried maps it works very well. I think people are a bit mellow dramatic about all this. Here is great but maps is a great alternative and will get better. Some people just don't like change. But change can be good.
  • Too mellow dramatic. People over react
  • "Microsoft will continue to be one of our most important customers ^P" That tweet was from over a year ago. Things change! And who know if that P at end stands for pun..
  • Less than a year, but it's still pretty old and not really applicable to the current news IMO.
  • So what's a good here transit replacement for the US?
  • Moovit!
  • And seriously, at least in the US, Here was only needed to bridge the gap for a while. Once Copilot And others came along, Here was no longer necessary, or really even preferable. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Sadly there are apparently other users outside the US and UK...
  • I wouldn't care to use the built in maps instead, but I want the same with HERE drive. Does maps offer offline driving navigation?
    Windows on mobile feels so much like a sinking ship during the last few months...
  • It uses the exact same downloaded maps as HERE does. I also find that the MS App is much more battery friendly than HERE. I was in Europe and went back and forth a few times. MS worked great and didn't make the phone hot.
  • Does it have the 3D offline navigation mode that HERE drive has? If not, maybe it's best for me to keep my 930 on 8.1
  • I just hope there is a way to transfer my favourites over to W10M maps.
  • Ugh... This sucks. Maps app on Windows 10 doesn't offer voice navigation in portuguese like Here Drive does... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • It does on the phone
  • You're right, thanks! It should give you the option to change the language in the app though. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Maps on W10m is better than I realised after just trying it now and seemed to pick up transit routes ok here in Singapore. Does feel like a deliberate strategy to wrap up a lot of the Here functions into one app. Hopefully they can continue to develop it to pick up any gaps.
  • Oh, please. My wife and I TRIED to use the default Maps app on her 950....AND GOT SENT ON A FLIPPING WILD GOOSE CHASE. It's horrible. The voice is horrible, the location is often wrong, and the routes almost seem random.  HERE Maps and HERE Drive+ never fail me.
  • My experience entirely. I used Maps to get to a place near where I had been before. It suggested a different route to the one I intended. Took me an extra hour than what I expected. On the way back I chanced my own route, miles quicker.
  • "I know of a couple awesome improvements coming to the Win10 Maps app soon :)" ROFLMAO....Still with the Coming Soon ™ nonsense.....
  • OMG amigo you just make me ROFLAMO
  • The MS maps and navigation are pretty good and getting better but I just wish they would do something to improve location detection. It sometimes takes forever to find your location. And ain't nobody got time for that! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile BETA
  • Honestly at the very moment I cannot live without Here Drive, is my gps navigator of choice and removing it from my phone would simply reduce the value of all Windows Phones. So whatever is the strategy I hope Microsoft maps are going to get the same feature since Here apps were basically native apps on lumias/microsoft phones and at the moment the only result of abandoning those apps would be a significant downgrade of the phones experience.
  • The problem is that this is a recurring cycle of "something bad is announced, and even though MS knew about it ahead of time, their solution/response is not ready". Even if Maps miraculously becomes useful in all countries (and an answer to Transit is included) by the time Here is officially discontinued, the bad press has already happened. If MS knows this is coming, they need to use their marketing department to actually get in front of the news, rather than, as always, waving their hands, and telling us it will all be okay eventually.
  • No syncing of favourites on Bing guys. Basic functionality missing
  • I  am wondering the same! Why there is no sync between Bing maps and Maps? Do I have to create same favourites on every windows device now? 
  • "Here" is only windows nav that work good in Europe.. 
  • Nope, Navigon is... But it'll cost you ;) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Growing pains.
  • On a side note, I feel really sad to say that it was an awesome product and MS could not convince the devs to continue support.
  • I have a feeling it was Apple who convinced HERE owners to dump Win10.
  • Apple doesn't care about W10. Nobody does, except us.
  • Windows Maps has been great so far. I am okay with this, the only disappointment is I liked how Here stored my saved locations. If MS adds the ability to have labels for different collections and sync across devices then I am all aboard.
  • So if we talk practically.. Microsoft is "buying" HERE internally without making noise. If we take it as a best case scenario.. Any thoughts Daniel?
  • I think Here has already been bought, by the German car consortium
  • Who are all CarPlay partners.
  • I HATE the default Maps app.  I absolutely LOVE HERE Maps and HERE Drive+.  I can't imagine Microsoft ever coming anywhere close to the beauty and function of those.  If Microsoft is doing nothing to keep those two apps onboard, then I'm pretty much done with Microsoft smartphones.  I'll stick with my Lumia 1020 (because my 950 is a complete piece of garbage) until it dies and I'll just go back to a feature phone.  Maybe Nokia will be back in that business by then.
  • Of course with incredible Android Phones.. They did a big mistake going with MSFT.
  • Drive so useful for it's worldwide maps. I have (the way overpriced) Navigon for Europe, but when in middle east and US I use Here Drive.
    Main requirement is offline. Online maps+navigation and roaming data not a great idea.
  • What about here city lens? It wasn't mentioned
  • Wondering about this too
  • Personally, Bing Maps was more accurate for me than Here Maps. Here Maps was more accurate than Windows Map. I do love that Windows Maps added multiple routes now, so I can select the actual best route. Now if MS would expand the 3D maps and give the option to be the default, that would be a homerun for me! Much easier to find a place when I can see what it exactly looks like
  • On this date or on June 30....Nothing happen. It was good while it last.
  • One HERE feature we use heavily is Livesight. I don't see Microsoft adding that into their crappy app.  In fact, all Microsoft does anymore is REMOVE features from their systems.
  • "couple awesome improvements coming to the Win10 Maps app soon" - well that's a good news, but the definition of "soon" for Microsoft is little bit confusing. •Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10•
  • Yeah, I don't think they understand the meaning of awesome, improvements, coming or soon.
  • Even more interesting than the map data which could be obtained from many, is the Here vector technology that is used for storage, contrary to the Google tile technology. The vector technology enables local storage with a small footprint compared to Google Maps.
  • Windows Phone 10 no longer be available for anybody after March 29 XD
  • Windows Phone 10 has never been available.
  • Disappointing news. I still haven't figured out a way to transfer my favorites from HERE to Microsoft Maps. I like the multiple routes options and stating which side of the road the building is at, but the accuracy of the GPS while driving isn't good and the estimated times aren't accurate either with traffic. Anyone have a solution to transfer your favorite location from HERE to the Microsoft maps? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Make sure all the WP8.1 devices update before 30 Jun
  • Forgot the 820 that it's out of the Windows 10 mobile upgrade
  • 820 now support windows 10 mobile ;)
  • I think the clue is in the last paragraph. Here is owned by a consortium of BMW, Audi and Merc. So they will focus more on in car navigation. They are not interested in "apps".
  • via CarPlay
  • Lol the default Microsoft map app sucks
  • Of course that will improve maps by the year 2050 , of they seen this coming then how come didn't the same type of applications built in in Windows 10? Just I think that will abandon soon the platform, also as suggestion the next here update don't do the upgrade because in that upgrade will come the timed support.
  • The MS Maps app has improved a lot and I used it a few times but I still prefer Here for some things especially the Transit app when I am away from home, it's great to find tubes and buses and the right stops. When Here wasn't on W10 I had to use Maps but one of the main reasons I went back to Here was it has a lot of saved addresses I have sorted into various groups - if I could link accounts or easily import them to Maps I could probably drop Here from this point of view. Why should I have to waste hours manually adding to Maps when they are based on the same data.
  • Thanks MS for th BS  waiting for Nokia to come back, no Lumia Camera app, No Mix Radio , No Here Maps it could be a loong wait.
  • Sure this seems like all very Windows news but this now means the only cross-platform map service is Google Maps, who will never write Windows Universal apps. So we're stuck with Google Maps on our devices and the Google Maps Web interface on our PCs. SUCKS! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I will miss the app, especially 'City Lense' but in reality, I haven't used it for long lime (maybe a year or more). There should be many people like me and eventually Here app did not benefit from the windows user! Maybe it's also MS's interest that Here app goes away since their own app uses the same source.
  • All this crap that is happening to the Windows mobile platform just want me to go back to Android. But I don't want to but on the other hand I want a phone and apps that actually works and are supported. 6 years of this coming soon and not supported sh*t is coming to an end for me..pretty soon.
  • I have a feeling HERE will be discontinuing ALL their apps on ALL platforms... and focusing on licensing their Map data.  They'll still make the same if not more money that way vs. paying people to maintain their apps that not many people use.
  • I need HERE Transit for the NYC subways. I sure hope they plan on adding something with the same up-to-the-minute timing features.
  • Take a look at Moovit.
  • Hahahaha I think we are all part of a Social experiment. Lets see how bad an experience we can make Windows Phone until the final user stops using it. Every day more bad news yet here we all still are like idiots waiting... #soon hahahaha
  • That was great! Lmao
  • I must be the biggest idiot of all, because I still prefer it to the competition :-)
  • Big changes to maps are coming soon... Exactly in the same way taht "something is gonna blow our minds" ? eh... Please stop
  • Here maps never worked in Japan, so no loss for me. I hope they continue to improve Windows 10 maps; so far it's good but no turn by turn navigation here.
  • Another confusion like spotify Posted from windows central for windows 10 mobile
  • Imagine trying to use Here Drive in Nigeria. You'd realise how lost you are after you've entered the Sahara Desert
  • I appreciate all the work you put into these articles. I just wonder if it might not be prudent to not get everyone worried (Breaking the news first) and then having to clear it all up 2 hours later. Seems like a few articles like this have happened over the last few days.  
  • Microsoft better has a real gem of changes coming in for their Maps App as currently it is no where near as useful as the HERE suit of apps. I am constantly annoyed by the public transport routing options and offered routes it gives me through the Maps App and I always find a better route through HERE Transit. And the shortcomings do not stop there; favs for example are only online available, so dare you being offline and try to find your favs on the map or in searches.
  • MS has its own app, iPhone and Android have Google Maps. HERE Maps R.I.P. and as long as MS continues development on Maps all will be right with the world.
  • Makes sense. I don't care. Here deleted. Welcome Microsoft maps
  • Maybe windows 10 mobile 'proper' will arrive after June 30, 2016.
  • Windows map have an advantage. Calculate alternate routes And a lot of disadvantages lige screen size. However you can not loose an advantage as fast as fix an disadvantage. What if Windows maps is coming to Idrouds, then it will all make sense of why here maybe will become a vendor of maps but not app in the future... Just guessing where that will take us and MS
  • We are here talking about an app that works fairly well at a global level with localisation features. Although Win10 maps may be working fine i few regions like US but it has a long way to go in terms of reliability and localisation in other regions. Guys suggesting Win10 maps randomly to anyone will not help people like me living in India where each state has different language and dialects and Here Drive pronounces street names and other information quite accurately.
  • As long as I can import my favorites from HERE to the native maps app, I'm almost ok with it. Please add a "import favorites from HERE" feature...
  • Ridiculous strategic planning when Microsoft bought Nokia's hardware but didn't buy all the mobile related assets like Here
  • True. Ballmer wanted to buy it. Gates said no. HERE as B2B service, key to future of automotive, service which even MS itself already was dependent of, would have been perfect fit for 'cloud first' Microsoft. Price was about the same as block game MS bought..
  • They tried.  Ballmer wasn't willing to pay the asking price with the bundling of the HERE division. Actually the whole deal almost fell apart over it until Ballmer stubbed his toe.
  • Windows Maps gets the job done for me. I don't see the need for HERE to stay here.. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 on Lumia 950
  • That 7 BILLION Ballmer spent to bring WM up to par just keeps looking better and better... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Same here. Windows Maps works well for me also. It will only get better.
  • Meh. So HERE sees the shift to W10 UWP and doesn't want to maintain an app (which costs $$$), but it will still sell data (which generates $$$). Makes sense to me. Why June 30? End of the fiscal year and they want a clean break.   Interesting rumors about Windows maps. 
  • It's called "entrenchment" and it's part of the grand scheme to conquer the world.
  • Here apps just got updated for 8.1 and 10. Can't understand what arts they going to do. There is no meaning of update of support for 10 is going to be dropped soon
  • th MS maps doesn't have a working campass like HERE maps, there is a lot to be done on this application,  my worst news today!!!!!!
  • They need to have a worthy replacement for HERE Drive (offline navigation) and Transit, both of which I use frequently every day, or unfortunately I'll be out of here. Been a die hard user since WP7, and don't want to leave, but this would tip me over the edge.
  • Microsoft's situation worsens every day without the Windows 10. I read that Microsoft is even thinking of leaving to sell mobile phones in Brazil because of low sales, this in a country that is one of the largest markets. Please launch this system as soon as possible!!!!
  • It would be nice if MS bothered to communicate about what they are doing. Most of our time on this forum we speculate about what MS is going to do. That's where all the frustration and negativity come from, as a user I just want to know where I stand. MS doesn't give us a clue and most of the time we are just hanging on a thread about what our phone will still be able to do next week. MS sucks at managing expectations and by never showing their real intentions we never have a clue where the OS is going. No wonder there is so much negativity on the MS platforms. What goes around comes around.
  • And having just 'updated' Here Drive & Here Maps, Maps works but Drive doesn't work at all. Tomorrow I shall give W10M Maps a go to navigate to a new destination.
  • HERE is and has always been B2B business. While it was Nokia owned B2B was internal affair. Btw after NDS deal, even before Nokia sold HERE, HERE communicated that for Windows platforms it is Microsoft that will be developing HERE branded apps from that point on. Seems that Nadella decided that is not needed anymore.
  • been using here maps ever since I got my first Lumia, and it has saved me many times. I hope windows 10 maps still have the features and data of here maps. then its fine with me and most of us ~DheeraJ~
  • been using here maps ever since I got my first Lumia, and it has saved me many times. I hope windows 10 maps still have the features and data of here maps. then its fine with me and most of us ~DheeraJ~ ~DheeraJ~
  • So... microsoft is ttying to force is to use their (usually ******) apps for window s10 ¬¬ My next phone, with all the pain of my heart: Moto X
  • its not like that. the w10 maps will get proper features and everything will be fine. they told they will be using here data.!
  • This is a black day for Windows mobile users. It's a shame. Had HERE stopped developing maps, it would have been fine. But they are supporting Android and iOS. Really? I cannot believe that this is happening. Microsoft map is a piece of ****. Where are the features like HERE Drive and City Lens in Microsoft maps? So now Microsoft will decide what features should the 1.1% Windows fans should use? If this is Nadella's plan, I will say, bro you ought to go. Bring back Ballmer and Elope.
  • Now I am starting to feel that no one supports Win10M. This is the first time I am saying this. This is like suicidal goal in foot ball. Apple is struggling to make a decent map app for their platform. Windows phone had a killer map service and they threw that in the dustbin. Because Microsoft is so busy in copying Apple that they think that since Apple is struggling with maps, so should Windows mobiles.
  • Not cool
  • +1
  • If it's a"business decision" that Microsoft and HERE have made some time ago and Microsoft is planning on making native Maps app at least somewhat more diverse to substitute for the loss of HERE, then why did they not bring the good news first? Guess it's because Microsoft continues on treating their loyal fans as poorly as they can.
  • I think the end date is related to Redstone
  • The only thing that I find better on the Maps app now is it tells me which side of the road my destination is on and accordingly routes me. HERE never told me that (although this was available on symbian) and sometimes routed me so I was on the opposite side of the road.
  • Ok, but they said "windows phone 7 era apps". There are here apps for wp7, that are not the same ones on wp8. I remember when switching OS I didn't get the same apps. There was a here maps and drive for wp7, and another set of apps for wp8.
  • Microsoft also has anounced that Skype Qik will end this month and not know any reason but its service is good for short video moment when you are far from others.
  • Here and Microsoft partnered to make Microsoft Maps a superior replacement for Here Windows apps. There is no need for Here to duplicate the Microsoft Maps app.
  • My apologies, but why we just cane do one thing?! Give them one star and bad comment about this on store, I did that...
  • It's June 30 because Belfiore will come back then!!11 Well, actually it's the end of Microsoft's fiscal year. That's when MS sacks most of its executives, ends contracts etc. BTW: The current Here licensing deal with MS is only until 2017 IIRC. So it'll be very interesting to see what will happen afterwards...
  • The W10M maps offer voice navigation like Here drive? if that's the case then I'm all set, I don't use the rest of Here apps
  • As long as I'm not able to change the voice on the maps app, I'll stick with Here Drive+. I'm Dutch and have my phone set on English, but I do like to have a Dutch voice for navigation.
  • Receiving updates for all here apps on wp 8.1
  • So does anyone know, can I use Microsoft maps offline like I can with HERE? Like downloading the maps to my phone? That was a huge selling point for me when I bought my first WP device. I have been using HERE almost everyday ever since.
  • Yes. Downloading maps is a feature built in to windows phones. So that will be available :)
  • Microsoft Maps doesn't work at all. Search returns irrelevant results, or nothing. Supposedly they use the same data, but they work completely differently.  
  • Why is the tweet from August last year any proof on that they are using the here data in the backend? That doesn't really make any sense?
  • Why is the tweet from August last year any proof on that they are using the here data in the backend? That doesn't really make any sense?
  • Good thing I'm still using Waze!
  • Windows 10, now with less features than windows 8....
  • The only thing i use in my lumia 1520 is here maps! If they're gonna ditch it, i'll throw away my phone! go to hell!! :-/
  • Ya man...good logic..! WP already lacks a lot of popular apps,more over if Here maps doesn't work...terrible..!!
  • But I will be so much upset if the Here maps or Transit is gone..coz I know windows map does almost nothing to me in comparison to Here maps.. I don't feel comfort even ms will improve their own map..!!sorry..its time to discard wp...!
  • I'm tried of apps, leaving, going to get Samsung galaxy s7 edge, I been with Lumia ever since the 900, galaxy have more apps & features, about to return my 950xl
  • I found the selling of HERE maps quite interesting considering how Google was further strengthening their maps effort and Microsoft basically reducing their Bing Maps effort to a licensing model.
  • No lost. I use HERE on my Android phone for offline navigation. It was useless on my tablet because no Windows tablets have GPS.
  • This may hinder people on 8.1 to upgrade/buy a new W10 phone. Microsoft may loose a lot of the loyal customers who is in the transition between 8.1 and 10 right now. I think those on 8.1 who use HERE daily will not buy a phone with no HERE. Microsoft has some work to do to a) make their own map app as good as HERE and b) convince (8.1) people it is as good.
  • Lost already from Here estonian voice navigation .MUTE AS BRICK!?
    MS is so english speaking - compared to Nokia who was real multinational platform!?
    I am sad and angry!
  • Community manager responding to fan question on twitter in august 2015:
    "thanks for appreciating our WP apps; Microsoft will continue to be one of our most important customers ^P" Daniel's conclusion, march 2016:
    "Microsoft will continue to use HERE Maps data "
  • Honestly, I haven't used Here Maps or Drive once since moving to W10 on my Lumia 1520. In the US the MS Maps app has been fantastic, and miles better than Here Drive/Maps was.
  • I hope they add the "My Commute" live tile feature to the (Bing) Maps app. It's ace being able to simply glance at your start screen in the morning and be alerted to any issues on your route.
  • With Here maps, Transit and navigation gone I have no reason to continue using Windows phone and with the phone gone I'll scrap my Surface also and get an Android tablet with my new Android phone. Great going Microsoft.