Minecraft Dungeons guide: How to find and collect all the secret chests

Minecraft Dungeons Beta Secret Chest
Minecraft Dungeons Beta Secret Chest (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you've ever played any dungeon-crawler or a loot-based game like Diablo, you should know what to expect with Minecraft Dungeons. Observant and curious players can be rewarded with hidden chests filled with emeralds and gear if they take the time to look around as they play through the game. Here's how you can be sure to find every secret and chest in the game.

How do I find and collect the secrets in Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons Beta Secret Chest

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

With a bunch of weapons and armor to choose from, it's best to grab all the loot you can get your hands on. Minecraft Dungeons has secret chests on practically every level for players to find. Some of them will be out in the open, and some will be hidden. Some will require parkour or mild puzzle-solving, while others will be easy to get to if you find them.

Here's everything you need to know about finding and collecting secret chests in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Chests can be pretty much anywhere. While a lot of chests may be hidden away off the beaten path, quite a few are out in the open, taunting you to take them. One of the first chests you run into is just sitting right off the path, over a small ravine.
  • Use the map to your advantage. Minecraft Dungeons features a map overlay that lets you survey the layout of the area. You can use the map to spot paths you might have otherwise missed, and make sure you're not forgetting everything.
  • Explore every path. Using your map, scout out every possible path, and explore them. Most of them won't result in a delightful hoard of treasure (else it wouldn't really be that secret), but if you're diligent, you're bound to find one or two chests in every area.
  • Use the dash ability. Minecraft Dungeons doesn't have a "jump" button, but it does have a dash that you can use to quickly evade the attacks of enemies, like creepers. It's also surprisingly useful for traversing small gaps and cliffs that might otherwise prevent you from getting a chest. Aim carefully!

Minecraft Dungeons Beta Pig Chest

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)
  • Pigs with chests. Remember treasure goblins? Well, Minecraft Dungeons has pigs with chests strapped to their backs instead. These guys can spawn randomly (and rarely) as you play through the game and usually have a ton of good loot, including emeralds, gear, and food for a quick heal-me-up. If you spot one, quickly track it down and kill it before it can get away, and secure that booty.

No secrets between us

In the quest to defeat the Arch Illager, every upgrade can mean the difference between success and failure. That means finding as many chests as you can is vital to your victory, even if it means taking small breaks in the middle of battle to fight a harmless pig to the death, or taking the path less traveled by. If it gets you to a chest, it's probably worth the effort.

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