More details emerge on how the Xiaomi Windows 10 preview will be distributed

Having dropped something of a bombshell early this morning, we've now got a little more information from Xiaomi as to how owners of its Mi4 smartphone will get hold of the Windows 10 preview build. Naturally it'll be a more involved process that for current Windows Phones and will involve downloading and installing a full ROM pack that will be made available through Xiaomi's forums.

"Wanna try out the latest features of Windows on your Mi 4? Stay tuned and we will release the ROM Pack soon in the MIUI forum. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen. "

The forum guys are also running a quick poll and so far there's a good reaction to this news and plenty wanting to try it out. If you have, or are now going to get a Mi4, the MIUI forums are the place to set up shop in the coming weeks. We still don't know when, but it's exciting stuff nevertheless.

Oh, and here's what Windows 10 looks like on an actual, real life Mi4. Hot.

Source: MIUI forums

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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