n7player Music Player is this week's Windows Phone myAppFree Deal

n7player Music Player is a relatively new media player alternative for Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices. The app is still in the Beta stages but offers gesture-based controls, support for multiple playlists, access to your full music library and more.

The n7player usually runs $1.99 in the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store with a trial version available as well. However, over the next twenty-four hours you can pick up n7player free through the myAppFree campaign. In just tinkering with n7player this morning, it comes across as an interesting music player, maybe a touch on the basic side but, worth giving a try.


Some of the key features of n7player include:

  • Plays all major file formats including mp3, wav, mp4, wma, ogg, and aac. It also plays flac, 3gp and amr files, which is supported from Windows 10
  • Automatic album art downloader
  • Artist surface - unique and intuitive way of browsing your music
  • Gesture controlled, one of a kind multi-touch user interface with all your music available at your fingertips
  • Last.fm Scrobbling - activate it in settings and login
  • Easy accessible currently playing song
  • Fully supported Side-By-Side view
  • Easy playlist creation - just save your queue as playlist
  • Manage your playlists - create, edit, save
  • Quick Search - with content filtering
  • Innovative and pixel-perfect design
  • Integration with system media controller
  • Classic Music Library - filter your music by artists, albums, or tracks

n7player is also Windows 10 Technical Preview ready and offers language support for English, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and German. The developer does note that n7player is still in the Beta stages with new features in the works. Based on the change log listed in the Windows Phone Store, the developers have been busy updating and improving things.

If you are in the market for an alternative to the native Windows Phone music player, n7player may be a music player right up your alley. Being a myAppFree Deal now would be the time to give it a try and save a little along the way. The deal is good for the next twenty-four hours and instead of paying $1.99, you can get n7player free for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

If you try n7player, let us know what you think of the music player in the comments below.

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  • Gonna give it a try
  • Bought it the day it was launched for WP.
    Amazing UI, I must say. Works like charm on my 930. Never used any other music app ever again :)
  • Can. Anyone help me .. I just cannot open my store .. When ever I go to open it an error comes with error code 805a8011 ..
    So I am unable to download anything from store .. Its just not opening .. Plz someone help me .. Plz ..
  • Are you on Windows 10 TP? You can ask your question in the forums for a solution :)
  • No I am just in wp 8.1 in dev preview
  • Wait I thought this app was on Android only
    Nevertheless great news Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Android, WP 8.1+, W 8.1+ and iOS: iPhone & iPad ^^
  • It's fine, when windows centrals team has great musical taste,, rock on ;)
  • I have an ELO album on vinyl, and Pink Floyd's Animals and Meddle on cd :D
  • :D I have Led Zeppelin's I , II , III , IV , and Soda
  • That's why I liked Sam so much. He was listening Eminem ;)
  • Can it replace Perfect Music & Core Music Player?
  • Perfect Music is waaaaaay better !
  • & I think Core Player.. Perfect music has annoying ads.
  • and what about zbox or musicpro?
  • I loved MusicPro but its creating problem with the app "Wave master", so i had to unistall it. I tried to contact the developer but he's not responding neither to me nor to the developer of Wave master. Otherwise i loved that app. zbox never thought about it...
  • It can replace any music player -_-
    Really! :)
  • Beautiful UI..
  • I have about 300 albums in my phone, and this player is downloading all the album arts whereas all my tracks contain 600x600 album art pic. I wonder who thought of this great idea.
  • But in some cases its downloading the wrong art..
  • Exactly I have some EPs / bootlergs and regional music of which the app either downloaded wrong art or download no art.
  • & also it removed album arts of some songs which already had. Bugs bugs.....
  • Regarding album arts, it should do that: 1) try grabbing album art from thumbnail (usually it is the one embedded in a file); 2) if failed, then try getting the ones that is named like "cover.jpg", "album.jpg" etc. from the file directory (only when there is only 1 album in that directory); 3) if failed, then try downloading it. Btw, it will show "downloading album arts" text message regardless of the state (1/2/3), it's a little translation issue.
  • I know for a fact that all of my music files already have album art thumbnails that I've chosen embedded into the tune files, but n7player still reports that it is "downloading" album art. I do not know if it is downloading from my own tags, or from some external source on the internet. I do not want any of my music folders changed or written to by n7 player. If there is no way to turn this "feature" off, I plan to uninstall the app. 
  • I am pleased to report as a follow-up to my posting here yesterday, that I sent the n7player developer an email message describing my concerns about having anything written to my music files. The developer quickly responded to my concerns with a detailed explanation on how this universal app works and provided his assurance that nothing is copied to my music library. The tags within my files WILL NOT be overwritten. All of my existing tags and album art will be utilized. I am relieved by his prompt and detailed response, and I will now allow n7player to load on both my Windows phone and my Windows PC. I look forward to exploring the continued evolution of this new app that is still in beta state. I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with the quality of customer support provided by the n7player developer.
  • Hi 70% of my files are purchased from iTunes in m4a format, they do have album art. But I saw in my router log that WP device is using bandwith where n7 (which I suspect as it was the only app running) was showing downloading album art. Please check the app if it can extract album art metadata from m4a files.
  • I think he was being sarcastic.
  • I would really like more of these music players to support Xbox Music pass files since Microsoft opened up the APIs.  Will someone make a better Music Pass player than Xbox Music, please?  
  • Could you post a link for that opened API doc? That is a little troublesome, because it is not available here in Poland :/
  • sure. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn546696.aspx  
  • Have u seen the music player on windows 10 dude its awesome u wont need a third party music app
  • What's so awesome about it? It's basically the same as the current one. Besides the look, I see no difference.
  • Music preview is fast and smooth thn xbox music also.
  • Oh snap! Just realized that he's playing Lazerhawk. Good stuff right there.
  • WOW!!! both apps are surprisingly nice . The UI and the live tiles are awesome   instant replacement of xbox music in PC and phone xD   +1 for lazerhawk gonna play Perturbator now \m/
  • can the developer add OneDrive integration?
  • Dev here. We have the OneDrive integration ready on the test bed. It should go to the production in about 1 week! :)
  • Thank you for the very best support :)
  • I have a suggestion, I have a huge offline connection and it's very annoying to scroll down the lower alphabet songs/albums, provide jumplists, and also it isn't detecting existing album arts, and please provide some customization options and it would be great if it has the option to edit metadata like in extreme music app
  • Hey Mr. Dev, could you help me please? N7 keeps telling me it's updating my library, but it never really start, on Lumia 925...
  • Extreme music is awesome app
  • The app looks nice. Not really functional. The best music player would be Music Hub Tile. It's the stock Windows phone 8 music player. You can leave it suspended all day and still wouldn't take up any battery(stock app) and has zero resume time. What do you guys think?
  • Good point. I didn't even consider that. Technical specifications are just as important.
  • Well, we have some user comment that the app is taking extremely low battery when playing music. Also, the app shouldn't influence the battery in any way when on background.
  • I tried the app for a while and only found it hard navigating around. I have plenty of music of various artists and I'd have to scroll through all of them to get to something specific. It would also be nice if the music player in the app didn't say "N7 player" all the while. :| All in all,great work for a music player. Would be lovely if we had jumplists in the app. Thanks! :)
  • The stock music app isn't able to find artwork for more than about 20% of my collection which is a deal-breaker for me. OTOH, both N7 and Audiotica had no trouble finding artwork and band photos for 99% of it, even things I had digitised from vinyl. And whilst resume time on the stock app has improved, it is still not noticably better than any 3rd party player I've tried. In fact, one of the other reasons I started looking at othe rmusic players was how long the stock app takes to resume (after I discovered MPA Tool to add my artwork).
  • Hey there!
    I'm talking about this app - https://www.windowsphone.com/en-in/store/app/music-hub-tile/3faa2f9e-6b8...
    It takes no time to resume,considering I'm using a 512MB device. I used MPAtool to get all artist images and enabled Artist Images on Lockscreen during playback and that did the trick.
    I usually use Music+ to get music (it comes with album art) so I didn't have any problem there.
    Music+ , Music Hub Tille,MPAtool .  These three are all you need. I leave Music Hub Tile suspended all day and it still doesn't take any time to resume.
    I had to uinstall N7 as I found it hard to scroll all the way through my songs to find something specific. Jumplists would be really helpful. 
    All in all,the Dev has done some neat work with N7! :) 
  • You don't see the problem with requiring three apps to do what should be possible with just one? And the dev of the Hub app seems to have made a few enemies, judging from the reviews. I don't know about songs (I'm not a teenager ny more) but the way N7 displays artists and their albums makes it a breeze to get to what I want to listen to faster than any other music app I've seen.
  • Pink Floyd ❤
  • +1000000000
  • It looks like, everybody can play music on n7player. For me I can see songs/albums on mixradio, but not on n7player.
  • Can this app access OneDrive music libraries? (just saw that the dev responded to this point earlier.... They are working on it)
  • I liked the UI so I downloaded it on both my L1020 and my Iphone, and if Wp version will be like the IOS version, I will only use this music player ;-)
  • I listen to songs on my ipod, so i dont hv a single song on my phone! About time i did, 1st album will b the gray chapter-slipknot! \m/!
  • This music app looks beautiful! Though I hope it should just read album art already embedded on music files rather than downloading. Also artist photo background on now playing and at page would be nice too.
  • I like N7 Player a lot but I think it is pipped at the post by Audiotica. Audiotica seeks to recreate the desktop Zune experience and does a pretty decent job of it, I reckon. What I like about N7, though, is how quickly I can navigate to what I want to listen to. What I didn't like was how long it took to get itself organaised after I installed it, so expect a bit of a wait while it finds all your music. I'd also point out that I am 56 and the music shown on those screen shots is way too mainstream for anyone who was around at the time. I assume that whoever's music it is is much, much younger and never got to hear anything beyond the Top 10 from the time. I used to like ELO's early albums but that looks like their commercial sell-out stuff from teh late 70s/early 80s.
  • Different UI.  But nothing that will get me to leave Xbox Music.  It's new and shiny at first glance, but still missing things that I can't live without in Xbox Music.  But glad to see many here like it.  Supporting those who support Windows Phone is a very good thing!
  • Doesn't support Xbox music files.. "SonicXbeat Pro" works great.. It even support Xbox music files.
  • This looks just fantastic
  • Why no lyric support?
  • It is a beautiful app. Works well for me. Really snappy. But it didn't seem to get my DRM in the library, which I bought via MixRadio. You should also give a button on the home screen to directly go to the music library rather than having to go through the ellipsis menu. Other than that, I just love it. I always loved that blurred background which Spotify has, and this app gives me just that. Good job!
  • In which folder should I put my flacs? Can't detect those that I downloaded. Lumia 920
  • I have only one question; how do i add playlist?
  • Even less features then xbox music
  • On Windows 10 the new Beta store still shows it at £1.49 but the old store has it for free 
  • I downloaded it today but it it is not scanning and finding music from the music folder. It shows the music files which is outside the music folder. any solution?
  • It keeps "updating my library" and never really starts. What can I do?