New Facebook Messenger Beta app available through Microsoft Store

Messenger Beta Windows 10
Messenger Beta Windows 10 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new version of Facebook Messenger Beta is available through the Microsoft Store.
  • The app is powered by Electron and similar to Facebook's Messenger apps on iOS and Android.
  • The new Messenger works on x86 and ARM processors.

Facebook's new Messenger app has been in beta for a few weeks for some users. Now, the new version of Messenger (Beta) is rolling out to more people through the Microsoft Store according to a new report. Aggiornamenti Lumia shares on Twitter that the new Messenger is rolling out now.

The new Messenger is powered by Electron, compared to the old OSMeta version of Messenger. As a result, the new Messenger is much closer to feature parity with the iOS and Android versions of Messenger. It has a fresh, clean look, options for dark, light, and system modes, and includes options like attaching files.

The new Messenger is available for devices running both x86 and ARM. We've installed it on both, and it appears to work on both architectures.

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We reviewed the new Messenger and are impressed. While it isn't perfect, it is a significant step forward from the older version of Messenger. Aggiornamenti Lumia's phrasing of "rolling out" implies that the update might take some time to reach everyone. If you don't see the update, check back in after a while.

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  • and how much ram usage?
  • When using touch (but not the horrible tablet mode) you can't snap it to the side... It just goes off screen...
  • enjoy electron magic
  • Had a day more to use it. Touch interactions with it are a complete and utter trash, there are so many bugs it physically hurts.
  • Says it needs camera and microphone access to do a video call but there's no allow button in app or in the app windows settings.
  • How do I get selected to participate in the Windows 10 Messenger beta?
  • No ARM version. It's 64-Bit only. I don't know where you got this idea from, it even says x64 only in the Tweet you're using. I'm now using the Surface Pro X and have to use the web app :(.