New Microsoft ads showcase user scenarios for Windows and Surface

Microsoft has put up new videos, which look like part of a new series, on their Windows and Surface YouTube channels. The ads illustrate user scenarios of using Surface 2 and Windows laptop.

The Surface 2 ad - The New Surface: Teacher – has an old-fashioned school teacher who prefers chalk and erasers but is witnessing change now. As he showcases few features like Office, Bing Smart Search, battery life, and keyboard, he ends with, “Change is looking good after all”.

The other ad - The New Windows: Paramedic – shows a paramedic who needed a laptop for her pre-med classes that runs Office and has a keyboard, while a tablet for leisure in her downtime. She chose a ‘Windows 2-in-1’, the Lenovo Yoga 11S.

Interestingly, both ads end with a similar tagline. The Surface one ends with ‘One device for everything in your life’ and the Windows one ends with ‘One experience for everything in your life’. Nice connect!

Source: YouTube 1, 2

Abhishek Baxi