New Microsoft patent filing shows a stylus with a tip that can 'sense' colors

Microsoft has been putting a lot of emphasis on writing on its Surface tablets with its Surface Pen stylus. Now a new patent filing has appeared from the company that shows a different kind of stylus that is designed to "sense" and capture the color of a real-world object so it can be translated to a digital display.

Stylus Patent

The patent, which was originally filed in 2014, shows how such a stylus could be used to, for example, "sense" the colors of a red rose with a green stem. As shown in the patent proposal, the tip of the stylus could be placed on the rose to capture these colors digitally.

Stylus Patent 2

After the stylus tip accomplishes this task, the user can then take it to a tablet like the Surface Pro 4 and begin writing on the display. The tip has stored the colors of the rose inside and now those colors can be translated to the same ones on the tablet screen when using the stylus. It's important to note this is a patent filed by Microsoft and should not be considered to be in development as a real product. However, it does show that the company continues to come up with ideas for writing and drawing in the digital space.

Source: Free Patent Online: Via: WalkingCat (Twitter)

John Callaham