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New Microsoft patent filing shows a stylus with a tip that can 'sense' colors

Microsoft has been putting a lot of emphasis on writing on its Surface tablets with its Surface Pen stylus. Now a new patent filing has appeared from the company that shows a different kind of stylus that is designed to "sense" and capture the color of a real-world object so it can be translated to a digital display.

Stylus Patent

The patent, which was originally filed in 2014, shows how such a stylus could be used to, for example, "sense" the colors of a red rose with a green stem. As shown in the patent proposal, the tip of the stylus could be placed on the rose to capture these colors digitally.

Stylus Patent 2

After the stylus tip accomplishes this task, the user can then take it to a tablet like the Surface Pro 4 and begin writing on the display. The tip has stored the colors of the rose inside and now those colors can be translated to the same ones on the tablet screen when using the stylus. It's important to note this is a patent filed by Microsoft and should not be considered to be in development as a real product. However, it does show that the company continues to come up with ideas for writing and drawing in the digital space.

Source: Free Patent Online: Via: WalkingCat (Twitter)

  • If implemented, it'd be great for artists. Cool.
  • Yeah, thats a brilliant idea! Brilliant!
  • I agree that the technology is fascinating..
    Something also makes me feel as though this takes the art out of art.... But, it can also be used for technical applications, so I'm not against it.
  • Why? Most drawing applications have a color-picker (dropper?) built in, but you just can't take the color picker outside the app/program. This would put the color-picker (dropper) in the pen itself so that you can clone colors from anywhere.
  • True dat. True dat...
  • If you can take the art out of it then it wasn't art to begin with.
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  • It would be great for web design colors too.
  • As a sketch artist, I think it just makes an artist's life easier. Sometimes light can effect how you see color (unless you have a bright white or a red surface available to calibrate your eyes). This will greatly reduce that error.
  • For people that are color blind also!
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  • I agree. It would defi be useful to someone like me. :)
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  • As I said in the article to Daniel, I always try to educate Window Central when you guys report on patents. They weren't granted a patent for this, they have it pending. What you see here is a publication of the application not a grant for a patent. Another rule you guys should follow for future reporting, Thursdays are for Publication Publishing and Tuesdays are for Granted Patents. As you see in the Publication it was published today Feb. 18, 2016
  • It didn't say that they were granted the patent.  It just stated that they filed for it.  Same as with the earlier news for the 'Mix View' Live tiles.
  • I only post when it is valid, the Mix View article (as it is now updated) said it was an approved patent. I'm not here to be a snob or anything like that, I'm was just simply stating a factual error with the report and wouldn't want Windows Central to be looked as a site reporting stuff without fact checking. So yes they were reported wrong at first but later corrected.
  • Actually the title of the aticle in the web addess is "new-mirosoft-patent"
  • Mister know it all pants.
  • :-D I know you are a regular and post on the comments alot and I'm not here to argue or start anything. I'm just a fellow windows fan myself that knows what he is talking about when it comes to Patents and would not like Windows Central reporting something wrong as they are a news site (which I like to go get most of my windows related news from) and would like the correct information. I'm not a know it all pants by all means I'm just trying to point out the facts and how to distigush between a Patent being granted and a Patent Filling that is just being Published for future reference (this isn't the first time I have called Windows Central on this type of reporting). :-D
  • I know, we know, we know... Lol. But, it's not a new site.. Been here since last decade.. They aren't going to change their ways..
    You should focus that energy on changing MS's ways... Hey! You could start with marketing.. Yeah, rant about that.
  • Nice recruiting message. :)
  • A bigger reason why they should at least get their Patent related news correct. The United States Patent and Trademark Office didn't just come out of nowhere 10 years ago... It's been around for sometime now...
  • Ahhhh, I don't really think anyone is holding WC to seriously to their patent reports.. Everyone know they don't specialize in that area.
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  • I agree. It's an important difference. Personally I think the patent will not be granted since in the past there were already other companies implementing this "invention". Bing it ;)
  • Re: Lenin Paulino,
    Thank you for your posts improving the story. I appreciate the facts. I think one of the reasons Windows Central is a great news site is because they are not careless with the facts and details like the click bate sites are. The proof is, when you volunteered your comment to improve the story, WC made the change.
    I learned something new thanks to your comments.
  • Same here. I appreciated it as well.
  • It's going to be a battle of stylus between Apple and Microsoft..... Waiting for surface pad for artist. Windows is taking over!
  • There's no battle. The Apple Pencil is just a bit depressed.
  • That's not what most reviewers seem to think. The tilt sensor and the shading capability is great. I'm a MS fan myself but let's give credit where it's due. The only thing stupid with the Pencil, I think, is the charging port. If Apple had just used a female lightning port instead of a male one (and use wall charger, that comes with the iPad, to charge) it would've been better.
  • Cool!
  • Cool piece of technology. Is this EVLeaks mind-blowing revelation? Unless, I missed the boat, I haven't read anything more about that.
  • How can a stylus capture colour of real world?
  • It's probably a sensor built into the tip of the stylus that reads light reflected off the object and then analyzes it to detect the exact color. It would probably not work in the dark, and would be optimal in bright settings.
  • but what if it has it's own source of light and then it could work in the dark too
  • Probably a tiny camera. It would be cool if it could actually capture a swatch as opposed to a single pixel.
  • Similar (expensive) devices already exist... See link... But it's pretty ingenious of MS to build similar technology directly into a stylus/inking tool, albeit I can't imagine it would be as advanced/accurate.
  • Yes, it is called "camera".
  • Confused ?
  • That sounds amazing for artists!!
  • Perhaps... But, I'm sure a few "true artist" might cringe at the idea of this being used for art.
    Nevertheless, I agree it's cool as ****.
  • 'True Artist' here. It sounds pretty good to me.
  • Good job!
  • Good job for...having a pending patent? There's no indication any real research or thought has gone into this other than the initial fabrication of the patent itself.
  • Amazing hopefully if this come for production and they implement we will see it on surface 5 or even surface 6
  • Heads up microsoft,  apple will be stealing ahem "inventing" this techology and filing the patent next week.  Should keep **** like this quiet until its released.  Then apple cannot pull the bait and switch on you.  effin rouges.  And now,  they are harbouring terrorists.  Not allowing the United States government to view information on those two terriorsts phones.  Shame on apple.  Apple is the evil empire and needs to be knocked down to reality,  instead of ireality. 
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  • Nah, that's not a stretch at all. And yes it escalated quickly.
  • It is pretty much clear, that the iSheep will cherish Apple for protecting their data. Apart from the statistically 6 iSheep being killed, and their 50 or so relatives.
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  • Why don't put all wearable device's sensor to it. Just put the pen to your pocket, and you can track your footstep, heartbeat, sleep quality, etc and forget about smartwatchs and bands.
  • That would be great for people like me who are partially color-blind.  I can see a color in the real world, but can't then pick it out from the virtual color palette, nor can I tell if I have it right on the screen.  
  • Like the real Photoshop thing!
  • Why didn't Apple think of that?!
  • They did think of that ... a few years from now. "Marty! You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" doc Brown
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  • Wow! Cool stuff.
  • OMG!  Now that would be EARTH SHATTERING!!!!  I dare Apple to "invent" that!
  • apple will "invent' that....2 years time.  and then tout it as revolutionary and the be all end off of things.  eff apple.
  • Yeah, but we gotta blame MS because MS makes great things first, but Apple MARKETS great things first.... MS product don't matter if nobody knows about them... If MS had better marketing skills Apple wouldn't be able to claim these things as their ideas because everyone would call BS.. The fact that the average consumer thinks Apple makes everything first just shows how bad MS is at awareness, and how smart Apple is at taking advantage of MS's laziness.... Can't blame Apple,, as a matter of fact we gotta give it to them. Lol
  • MSFT is a tech company, Apple is a fashion company. Therefore, their marketing differs, and therefore their mass appeal is different. And nobody said, Apple built a convertible first... They say, they were the first to get it right.
  • Apple is in trouble now... Make it 3 years.
  • Lol...... Ok.
  • That is awesome.
  • Holy crap. That. Is. Incredible.
  • Amazing! This would be useful for designers and basically would mean a small revolution  
  • Ever since the launch of Surface with pen, it is a real joy to read about the developments of this device, especially because I am an artist. This piece of technology is absolutely amazing!!!
  • There isn't a lot of things in the real world that are a single colour, this doesn't seem like as useful a tool as people are making out.
  • Anything that gets artists and designers across to Surface is awesome for Microsoft. After all it's the artists and designers that put the devices they use everyday into advertising and media to inform the masses what's cool and hip to use. If they can get a critical mass of designers and creatives over to Surface and Windows, it will be a big marketing win for Microsoft.
  • wow wow wow
  • Microsoft on an innovation spaceship
  • Super usefull in architecture and interior design! Bring it!
  • MS needs to fix the jagged line drawing issue. Combine with this new feature and they could at least be up to par witih the Apple drawing experienc on the iPad Pro.
  • "iphone pad pro". Let's be honest. Not a computer.