New Surface Pro now up for preorder, including 1TB storage option

Microsoft's new Surface Pro won't be available until June 15, but you can now preorder yours at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab). Starting at $799, the Surface Pro is up for grabs in six different configurations, including a high-end option with 1TB of storage.

Surface Pro may look pretty similar to its predecessor on the outside, but there are a number of enhancements that make it stand apart. The most obvious upgrade is the move to Intel's seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors, but battery life has also been greatly improved with up to 13.5 hours of usage. The Core i5 version is also now completely fanless, while the Core i7 model now uses Intel's Iris Plus Graphics 640.

Other tidbits include optional 4G LTE support (due later this year), a redesigned kickstand that can open much wider, and slight exterior design tweaks.

The Surface Pro will launch in a total of 26 markets, and it's up for pre-order along with new Alcantara Type Cover colors and Surface Pens. If Microsoft's latest has your interest piqued, you can grab yours now starting out at $799 ahead of its June 15 ship date.

See at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Dan, all the reviews on the Microsoft Store say that the LTE version will be shipped later and this pre-order version doesn't have LTE. Any updates on that? I couldn't find any LTE option at the site.
  • You're correct. I should've made that clearer in the initial copy, but I've added an aside to clear that up. Thanks :)
  • All those "reviews" on the store are just people who are trying to scare people away. How can they review something that hasn't even shipped yet and was announced just a couple hours ago? It will ship, it will be another month or so, and if people really need it they can wait a more couple more weeks.
  • That's why I ignore the reviews for the most part. Don't look at the star rating, but read through it. If it sounds retarded, it is.
  • I'm still going to call it Surface Pro 5.
  • I too shall join you! "Surface Pro 5".....what now Microsoft???? come and get me!
  • His mama named him Clay, Imma call him Clay!
  • It seems like the Type Cover is included with each device now, and is not a separate purchase. Can you confirm that?
  • 100% Not true... Whats in the Box: Surface Pro Power supply Quick Start Guide Safety and warranty documents
  • Pictured but not included... Tricky MSFT
  • Actually, no. And more, they've also removed the pen from the box, too. So whereas before you'd pay for an i5 8GB version $1299+$129= $1428 before tax, now you can look forward to paying $1558 before tax because the pen is now separate and $99, and the keyboard has bounced to $159. I love the new Surface Pro's upgrades, but the price increase is totally unjustified and unwelcome.
  • First MS makes the effort to make the Surface Pen better than ever, then it tries to scare every non-artist away from it by nearly doubling the price to €110 and by no longer including one with the Surface. As a bonus, the new keyboard went up in price to €180 as well. At least the Surface price itself stays stable-ish, that's something I guess. Ah well, guess my three year old dream of owning a Surface won't come true just yet.
  • Yep. Another example of Microsoft taking three steps forward, one step back and then tripping over their own feet.
  • **** Microsoft and their ridiculous pricing. I'm just going to get a different brand as my next PC because these prices are ridiculous, the equivalent spec levels are the same price as the Surface Book almost.
  • I would love one, but just cant justify spending that much when I really don't need it.