New Xbox LIVE games for 2012: Bullet Asylum, geoDefense Swarm, Tamagotchi & Age of Zombies

We like it when leaks happen. We like it even more when they come from Microsoft and are out in the open. Yes, on the Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone 7.5 page, Microsoft lists a bunch of games, most of which we already have or know about. But in the post, they also slip in a few new titles that get us excited:

Bullet Asylum - From UberGeekGames, Bullet Asylum was first announced for WP7, Xbox 360 and PC way back in late 2010. Looks like the Missile Command meets bullet-hell game will finally see the light of day soon though. We're not gonna lie, this looks awesome.

geoDefense Swarm - geoDefense by Critical Thought remains one of our favorite tower defense games so we're stoked to hear of a sequel not only in the works, but evidently close enough to release that Microsoft is listing it. Swarm is available on iOS and is a proper sequel to the game, so nice to see it coming to our neck of the woods.

Tamagotchi - No word on the specifics here but anyone familiar with those little Japanese electronic-pet games knows what to expect. The image below is from an iOS version from Namco, which may be the port here.

Age of Zombies - This one is from Halfbrick makers of Fruit Ninja, so you know it has to be good. Available on iOS and Android, this is your typical arcade shooter/adventure game. No doubt this will have some great humor and will be an excellent casual game.

No word on release dates for any of the above but we're hoping for sooner than later as these look like some strong titles.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Thanks, Gatlyn, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Finally some good news regarding Windows Phone Apps lol Can't wait to try these games out!
  • Cannot wait for geoDefence Swarm.
    It will be an instant purchase. Also, did anyone else read the subtitle on the Age of Zombies screenie?
  • Bullet Asylum looks like Chromatic on steroids.
    I'm getting it.
  • LOL that was quite literally exactly what i was thinking. When will these be available?
  • Holy Balls!
    Gonna get BulletAsylum and GeoDefense for sure. Will try the other 2 but will probaly get them anyway.
  • I wish microsoft would stop spoon feeding us these games. It sounds like a nightmare for devs too, like hasta la meurte having to wait about 6 months to finally be released, and that enigmo update. Just release them when they're ready, in a reasonable amount :( All of those games are probably ready for release but won't be for possibly months
  • Age of zombies looks fun....will definitely buy it when it comes out.
  • I wouldn't expect more than 3 or 4 games to come out a week as that's about the limit for XBLA, although I wish we could get to the 3 games a week. Im going to buy any game that comes out this year on Wednesday as long as it's not completely ridiculous. Microsoft has a huge network of Xbox live subscribers so they could easily gain some momentum if they build a great library of solid games, some being iOS ports and whatnot and some completely awesome original games based off of Xbox exclusives like Gears and Halo and Fable. But this would all just be a waste without sufficient advertising/marketing.
  • the problem with saying they have tons of xbl users is most are on xbox and quite a few on pc the phone has alot of users that don't care about games and didn't setup a xbl acc, we won't see 3 games a week until the platform really picks up steam and the library of potential live titles gets into a good straide as when xbl first launched on xbox 360 with arcade titles it was 1 maybe 2 a month I remember going 3 months without a title around launch so its about getting developers doing titles and asking them to put it on xbl lineup
  • OK so, what about Sonic CD?
  • We need a good turn based X-Box Live enabled game, like Advance Wars, except more serious.
  • I agree 100%. What happend to all those async games we used to hear about? The whole requests page in the Xbox hub is useless. I cant think of a single multi/async live game.... 
  • i wish they would make ARMED! an xbox live game. however, i fear that will increase the price of the game even more. it's 3.99 right now as an indie game
  • Age of Zombies is so good.
  • Awesome.  ANYTHING Halfbrick is cool in my book.  I would love to see RASKULLS hit the wp7 or anything Raskulls on xbox live.  Love Halfbrick.  What I would like to see is it get to the point wp7 is getting the same titles ios gets, (hint: other angry birds, fruit ninja, EA titles) 
    I agree with another comment above that 3 titles per week should be released if possible.  Library needs to appear more established and it is a MUST to have more exclusives.  Maybe a S'plosion Man/Ms. gunstringer, fable, gears, halo, kinect sports.  If I ran the division at MS I would have games like these in development and contracts worked out so Live will have alot more exclusives that are not just kinect titles.
  • Looks like the Missile Command meets bullet-hell game will finally see the light of day soon though. We're not gonna lie, this looks awesome.
    What a drive !!! are you reading your post before publishing???