We like it when leaks happen. We like it even more when they come from Microsoft and are out in the open. Yes, on the Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone 7.5 page, Microsoft lists a bunch of games, most of which we already have or know about. But in the post, they also slip in a few new titles that get us excited:

Bullet Asylum - From UberGeekGames, Bullet Asylum was first announced for WP7, Xbox 360 and PC way back in late 2010. Looks like the Missile Command meets bullet-hell game will finally see the light of day soon though. We're not gonna lie, this looks awesome.

Bullet Asylum

geoDefense Swarm - geoDefense by Critical Thought remains one of our favorite tower defense games so we're stoked to hear of a sequel not only in the works, but evidently close enough to release that Microsoft is listing it. Swarm is available on iOS and is a proper sequel to the game, so nice to see it coming to our neck of the woods.

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geoDefense Swarm

Tamagotchi - No word on the specifics here but anyone familiar with those little Japanese electronic-pet games knows what to expect. The image below is from an iOS version from Namco, which may be the port here.


Age of Zombies - This one is from Halfbrick makers of Fruit Ninja, so you know it has to be good. Available on iOS and Android, this is your typical arcade shooter/adventure game. No doubt this will have some great humor and will be an excellent casual game.

Age of Zombies

No word on release dates for any of the above but we're hoping for sooner than later as these look like some strong titles.

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, Gatlyn, for the tip!

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