Newegg's new PC assembly service may be your best shot at scoring a rare GPU

Newegg Assembly Service
Newegg Assembly Service (Image credit: Newegg)

What you need to know

  • Many PC components are in short supply worldwide.
  • Newegg may have a way to help you get a hold of them.
  • It'll involve ordering a new PC assembled by Newegg.

You already know the trick for getting a hold of the best graphics cards in the current market. It's as simple as buying an entirely new prebuilt PC with an RTX 3060 Ti (or whatever rare part you're after) in it. Newegg may be capitalizing on that mindset by offering priority access to rare parts if you have the company assemble a new PC for you (via Tom's Hardware).

Newegg's PC Builder helps users see what PC parts are available to purchase, as well as gives build assistance. Want a prebuilt PC under a certain price point? Looking for an AMD build? These are the sorts of questions the PC Builder will help you answer.

However, Newegg's taken things a step further and now offers a full-on assembly service. For $99.99, you can pick out your parts and have someone else assemble them, meaning you'll get a fully functioning PC right out of the box when it arrives at your home or place of business.

It's a useful feature for those not interested in assembling rigs themselves, but its FAQ page indicates the $99 surcharge may have an additional, more discreet benefit: Priority access to rare PC components. There's one very interesting FAQ answer that highlights the potential perk.

"Products considered in-demand or a 'hot item' product with limited supply can only be purchased with PC Builder Assembly Service or you cannot go through the checkout process," the page says.

Even though there aren't direct examples listed after the phrase "products considered in-demand," one can imagine what parts such a clause is referencing. The only remaining question is whether you'll be willing to shell out extra cash for a bunch of other components, all assembled and shipped to your address alongside the one you actually want.

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