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Nokia sneaks in 1080P support for Glam Me app in latest update

By now it seems to be an open secret that Windows Phone 8 will be getting HD 1080P support in GDR3, a small OS update due in November.

That version of the OS is expected to debut on the Nokia Lumia 1520, a device reportedly being announced on October 22nd in Abu Dhabi and later released in the US in early November. Likewise, Verizon Wireless is supposed to get a similar 1080P Windows Phone 8 device dubbed the Lumia 929.

This morning, Nokia has updated their selfie photo app Glam Me to version The app was recently treated to a nice overhaul back in July and today’s update seems quite minor, at least according to the changelog:

New in version 1.6:

  • Support for higher display resolution

Call us crazy, but we were already under the impression that Glam Me, which was first revealed at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, already supported 1280 x 768 display resolution. In fact, comparing version 1.6 to version 1.5 reveals no visual differences.

That new support for higher display resolution sounds like 1080P support to us--either that or just a huge coincidence, considering the timing. It remains to be seen just how much reconfiguration apps need to have to support 1080P on Windows Phone, but presumably some camera apps will need slight adjustments here and there. Could Glam Me be the first of these updates? We’ll have to wait and see what else happens over the next few weeks as Nokia prepares the stage for their next series of devices.

Anyway, if you need a top notch self-shot app, you can head to the Nokia Collection to update Glam Me to version 1.6.

Via: Windows Phone Central Forums (dexxx87)

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Come to me, 1520, can't wait till November.
  • I want this phone badly due to its screen size (documents would be awesome at that size). I'm on T-Mobile though and no rumors of a variant. I wonder if AT&T will unlock it like they did the 1020 so I can bring it over... Here's to hoping... jejeje
  • 1520 is coming soon!
  • I think it's coming before GDR2 AT&T kkkkkkk
  • IF the 920 is to get an update from AT&T, GDR 3 will have the updates from GDR2 as well. I am not convinced that AT&T has any plans to upgrade the 920 since they are trying to push the 928 and the 1020 now.
  • I hope they release that 5 inch version worldwide. 6inch is too big for many people. I would buy 5 inch one and with 1080p, SD800 it would be a nice upgrade from my 920.
  • "6inch is too big for many people" That's what she never said.
  • Actually I've heard that's too big many times, maybe that's just me though
    As for phones, 5" is the max for me. I find the 920 about big enough, but I guess with a slimmed down profile (like the 925) I would find it easier for one handed use so I reckon I could go up-to-5 if the bezel was trimmed a bit as well. 1520 with 6" is a tablet and just too much for everyday for me.
  • Wish Nokia would re-release the Lumia 800 with "revamped" internals... I would buy that in a heart beat... the larger the screen, the less private a phone becomes..... personal opinion... I really like how the 800 looks...To me it's THE signature phone...
  • 5.5 max for me :P
  • Sd 800 ?
  • Snap Dragon 800 buddy..
  • They're going for a multiphone strategy. Several phones to meet different requirements - this is why I like Nokia. They know what they need to do to succeed in the market. If they weren't so late into it, they'd already be on top.
  • Yeah, not everyone wants thesame phone. Kudos to Nokia for bringing us different devices to fill everyone's (or at least most) needs.
  • Well on the app page on the store it doesn't mention on the pre-requisites the 1080p support... could be only internal support
  • That's a Microsoft server-side thing though, very different.
  • Daniel, do you have any insight on what'll happen to these Nokia apps after the MS integration? I love these Nokia apps and hope they keep updating them..
  • No idea, sorry
  • I hope they put a better front camera on 1520 cause 920 is kinda poor. HTC 8x is better. If it weren't for HTC's poor support and only 16 gb of memory the 8x was gonna be my phone.
  • So will the 920 on AT&T get passed up for this update as well?
  • 920 has been EOL'd since last week. They no longer are supporting it
  • Gravity Guy has also received an update :/