Nokia Monster Purity Pro headphones finally appear on Amazon with that expected high price

Nokia’s Monster Purity Pro ‘over the ear’ headphones have been a hot item as of late. Not for sales but for questions in regards to availability. The headset was announced way back in September and since then, we’ve seen many Nokia releases come and go just not that one.

Now at least is listing the super pricey wireless devices for a whopping $350. You can of course order them today but until Amazon gets that stock filled, you won’t receive them.

Seeing as Amazon is now listing them and Nokia just announced Music+, we have a feeling that Nokia is going for a big audio push here in a few weeks—coincidently just in time for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Purity Pro headphones are an upgrade of the Purity HDs released last year (see our mini-review) but feature some new innovations. For one, these are ‘over the ear’ as opposed to the Purity’s ‘on the ear’ style. That means for noise reduction and comfort, the Pros should win out (although being slightly larger as a tradeoff). The bigger deal here is the built in NFC and wireless Bluetooth streaming, which should make pairing and playing to any connected device that much easier.

The one downside we foresee is Nokia’s Dolby Headphone and EQ settings on Windows Phone 8 Lumias not working. They're geared for a wired setup. The good news is that these headsets do come with a wired-option, so even if their long-lasting battery dies you can still use them.

Other features are also impressive:

  • Wireless headset with the luxury of choosing to use the wire
  • Extreme ease of use. Unfold headset to power on.
  • Ultimate voice quality supplemented by Active Noise Cancellation
  • Innovative integration with Nokia Lumia Phones, Software and Tap to pair.
  • Design that makes a statement

Then again, $350 for headphones is a lot of money…heck, it’s more than their Lumia 620 smartphone. But for audiophiles and those who want the most in convenience these may be your option.

Hopefully we’ll get our hands on a pair at Mobile World Congress to see if they’re worth the money. In the meantime, until Amazon gets stock, you can start to save your pennies.

Source: Amazon; video via the Nokia Blog;  Thanks, EBynum, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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