Now you can add the Bing image of the day to your Microsoft Band with an app

The Microsoft Band may be still in the consumer testing phase, but developers are sure pushing forward with ideas. One of those is evidenced in the app Pimp My Band, which keeps adding new and useful features to customize your favorite health tracker.

Today, version has landed in the Store and although a small revision, it does add one cool feature: Bing image of the day. This addition is on top of this week's earlier update that added non-English language support.

Bing's background photos have become as popular as Google's occasional doodles. Indeed, it makes using Bing an optical pleasure each morning, so extending that function the Band seems natural. In fact, like many things about the Band, we are not sure why Microsoft does not yet have this built in. Luckily, we can now do it ourselves.

The function is found under the Wallpaper section, and all you have to do is select it to bring up today's image. However, we should note that Pimp My Band cannot update your Microsoft Band automatically each day with a new picture (the app will even tell you this). So if you want to a new one each day, you have to take the 30 seconds to refresh it manually yourself using this app.

Fingers crossed that Microsoft someday incorporates Bing's image-of-the-day into all of their products, including the Band. For now, we recommend the free Pimp My Band as an alternative.

Download Pimp My Band for Windows Phone 8.1 (Free)

Clear My Band and Find My Band

It is worth mentioning that the companion apps to Pimp My Band, Clear My Band and Find My Band also picked up refreshes this morning. Clear My Band just wipes out the notifications history on your Band with a touch of a button, while Find My Band will light up and vibrate your tracker in case you misplaced it.

Both updates are simple bug fixes or adjustment of the name, so there are no new features or anything to get excited about. However, both apps are very useful if you own a Band, so it is worth the reminder in case you are new to the Band world.

Download Clear My Band for Windows Phone 8.1 (Free)

Download Find My Band for Windows Phone 8.1 (Free)

Thanks, Richard S., for the tip!

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