Office 365 suite now available on the Mac App Store

**Updated January 24, 2019: Well, that was quick. The entire suite is now available on the Mac App Store as anticipated. The original story follows.

Microsoft announced last year that its Office 365 suite was headed to the Mac App Store, but the following months showed no movement on that front at all. However, things look to be changing now, as Apple has started advertising the suite's arrival in some countries.

In Switzerland and France (via MacRumors), the App Store now features a message announcing the arrival of Office 365, stating:

We are proud to announce that Microsoft Office 365 is now on the Mac App Store. Your subscription to Office 365 gives you access to all functions on all platforms. To subscribe, sign up for any Office Suite app and update your subscription. Discover all the apps in the suite, and start creating and collaborating!

Parts of the Office 365 collection of apps have already been available on the Mac App Store for some time, including OneNote and OneDrive. Office 365 could also be downloaded and installed outside of the Mac App Store, but its addition will give subscribers one place to update and download each app alongside all of their other apps.

For now, it looks like the full suite is still missing from the store, despite Apple's announcement. We'll update this post with more when the apps become available.

If you're looking to subscribe to Office 365 and give the new apps a shot, it's worth noting that Office 365 Home is currently discount to $80 at Amazon compared to $100 at Microsoft for a yearly subscription.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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