Office Lens is an application which Microsoft developed that lets you scan a wide variety of text from different documents and it then converts them into searchable electronic files. With this, you can take pictures of presentations, documents, receipts, business cards and much more, then have the app turn it into text which you can then search through.

By utilizing Optical character recognition (OCR) the app is able to take the pictures and decipher them. Understanding that not all situations will provide ideal light, or the most photogenic of subjects, Microsoft has built in a few extra features for those scenarios. For example, Whiteboard mode allows Office Lens to trim and clean up the glares and shadows that the rather reflective white surface will provide. Additionally, Document mode will trim and color your documents to make it easier to extract the text.

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Some example scenarios would include the capture of presentations to then share information with co-workers, taking a capture of a menu or even saving itinerary notes. Making digital copies of important documents is a useful backup option, with the added ability to make changes and even search through text.

The pictures that are taken through Office Lens can be saved not only to your camera roll, but also to Microsoft's OneNote as well. This will allow you to easily find and view the documents across all of your devices.