One of Logitech's best wireless keyboards, the MX Keys, is $10 off right now

Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard
Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard (Image credit: Logitech)

The Logitech MX Keys advanced wireless keyboard has dropped to $89.99 through the Logitech website when you use the coupon code LOGITECHSAVE10. This deal also includes free shipping. The MX Keys is one of Logitech's great keyboards and does not go on sale. We haven't seen it drop in price at any of the major retailers without a code like this. While 10% off may not be the greatest savings, it's pretty good when you consider it's the only savings.

Logitech MX Keys wireless illuminated keyboard

Logitech MX Keys wireless illuminated keyboard

Has keys designed to fit your fingertips and provide feedback. Smart illumination can actually detect the proximity of your hands. Switch between computers without switching keyboards. Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more.

The MX Keys are built for precision, efficiency, durability, and comfortability. The "Perfect Stroke" keys are designed with a spherical dish on every keycap that perfectly fits the shape of your fingertips, making each one super responsive to every press. Plus, every tap has satisfying feedback so you know when your keystroke has been received.

The keyboard also has smart illumination. This means the keyboard can actually detect when your hands get close to it and then light up accordingly. The lights fade when you leave your desk. It also has automatic backlighting that will adjust to changing lighting conditions. You can manually adjust all of these settings, too, to get it just right for your situation.

Use the included USB wireless receiver for a reliable and stable connection. You can also go with Bluetooth if you prefer connecting that way or your USB ports are at a premium.

One thing that makes the MX Keys keyboard stand out from the compition is how wildly compatible the keyboard is with mutliple platforms and how seamlessly it can switch between them. The keyboard works with Windows or Mac, iOS and Android, Linux, and more. And you can pair it with up to three devices. Then switch between those devices fluidly.

The wireless battery lasts for up to 10 days, or as much as 5 months with backlighting off, and it's easily rechargeable via USB-C.

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