The latest episode of our Xbox and Microsoft podcast, the #OneCast, is now available and accessible through major podcast distribution services. On this week's episode, we discuss what Build 2016 has in store for Windows users, gamers, and what changes the Xbox One could see going forward. The rest of the episode is jam-packed with a range of topics, including HoloLens, our final Hitman impressions and the Universal Windows Platform.

This week's episode is available from the following sources:

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OneCast is our Xbox and Microsoft podcast, hosted by the staff of Windows Central. A new episode of the OneCast is recorded each week, with topics surrounding Microsoft news and the gaming industry.

This week's discussions

  • 00:00:00 - Hitman episodic woes
  • 00:12:00 - Quantum Break, the road to review
  • 00:33:15 - Lumia and Surface marketing (in Quantum Break and beyond)
  • 00:46:45 - Final preview on Quantum Break and April's Games with Gold
  • 00:52:40 - Build 2016 discussion ('Ask #OneCast' winner: Mats Persson!)
  • 01:03:15 - Universal Windows Platform for Xbox One speculation
  • 01:21:45 - HoloLens TED talk
  • 01:28:20 - New Windows 10 features?
  • 01:33:30 - Crazy Predictions
  • 01:38:00 - Weekly 'Ask #OneCast' contest!

This week's hosts

Ask OneCast giveaways!

Every week we'll be discussing an Xbox or Microsoft-related question from the audience, so make sure to submit them via our Twitter accounts (@mattjbrown and @JezCorden) using the #OneCast hashtag, via email, or in the comments below. If we select your question, this week, you'll win an Xbox One or Windows game of your own choosing!

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