Open your door from your phone with the Eufy Smart Lock Touch on sale for $140

Eufy Smart Lock Touch
Eufy Smart Lock Touch

Arms full? Balancing groceries, a kid, the package left on your doorstep, and a hundred other things while trying to get in the house? The Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch keyless entry door lock makes things a little easier for you, and you can get it on sale for just $139.99 today at Amazon (opens in new tab) courtesy of Woot. This is a $30 discount off its normal price and the best price we've seen since last year's Black Friday sales. You can actually save an extra $10 if you don't mind the Nickel plating (opens in new tab). Either way, Woot deals tend to expire quickly, so grab one while you can.

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Eufy Smart Lock Touch keyless entry | $30 off (opens in new tab)

Matches the best price we've seen this year and features a whole bunch of ways to open your front door. It's even smart enough to lock the door behind you, giving you peace of mind when your arms are full.

The Eufy Smart Lock is all about making getting in your house as simple as possible. Once you have this thing installed, and it is easy to install, you can get into your home through the front door in four different ways. Instantly unlock the door with the fingerprint reader, use a regular key just like you probably do now, type the code into the electronic keypad, or use your Eufy Security app on your phone to unlock the door via Bluetooth. One or more of these you'll find more convenient than the others, but it always helps to have a backup plan especially if you want to invite guests over who can't open it via fingerprint, for example.

You also don't have to worry about accidentally leaving the door unlocked or anything either. It has a built-in sensor that can detect when your door is closed. After you come into the house and close it behind you, the device will lock the door automatically. This is great whether you're in a hurry or just absent minded, and it makes things a lot easier when you don't have the free hands to take care of it yourself.

You won't have to worry about the lock in the rain, either. It is IP65 rated so it can withstand water and dust and lasts all year round no matter the weather.

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  • Only those four? You can't just wave your phone in front of it like a magic wand to make it open?
  • There are smart devices i will use, like smart lights and smart sockets, even a smart thermostat, but I will never have a smart lock. no, thank you, prefer the good old key .
  • Lol agreed. They just don't seem all the secure. From a LE perspective, it's one thing to see that someone physically broke into your home. It's another animal to not have proof of forced or otherwise illegal entry, if someone hacks the lock.
  • Umm.... They have a history in the app of the door opening and who opened it. It's great for kids. You should also pair these with a doorbell cam so you can have the security you seek. Smart locks are awesome.
  • The history is fine if the person who opened it is known, but anything connected to a network can be hacked, it is all very well someone hacking into my Philips hue, all they can do is turn the lights on and off, if they managed to hack into my cameras, they will just see the steps outside, I would not have cameras inside. But if they hack into a smart lock and open it, they can get entry into my house. There are two people who have a key to my house, my next door neighbour, just in case and me.
  • This has a key option as well. Smart locks are great, especially when you still have the key option as a failsafe. I used to have an August lock.
  • The fingerprint option is fantastic and if I owned my own home I would have that on my front door definitely.
  • The one good thing I suppose is that if you lose your keys, you can still get in.
    the one above would not fit on my door anyway, I need what they call a ‘lift to lock’ multipoint lock, not what I would trust one.